Scarecrow fight

Quest Giver
Location Reaper Coast
Suggested Level 12
Next Quest ???
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Scarecrow fight is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

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Scarecrow fight Objectives

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Scarecrow fight Walkthrough


Detailed walkthrough goes here.



Tips & Tricks

  • Use spells that nullify the terrified effect, such as clear mind or enrage.
  • Fire based damage works better than any other element.
  • They have a high magic armour but low physical armour.
  • Healing spells damage the undead scarecrows

    • Anonymous

      06 Jan 2019 22:09  

      I one shot the main scarecrow using the arrow spray skill on my phys ranged Ifan ben-Mezd, at point blank range all 15 arrows hit.

      • Anonymous

        25 Dec 2018 12:51  

        I got stuck on this in honour mode because one of my party members instantly died in the first round. For some reason I couldn't clear terrified off my glass cannon with enrage or peace of mind and was down to two party members, so here's how I worked it out: 1) Teleported the main crow towards the paladin camp to keep the adds at distance. 2) Used Mosquito Swarm for physical damage as this isn't affected by evasion. 3) Hit the crow with Onslaught and got enough hits through the evasion aura to kill it. You can get this as a weapon skill from Lohars quest reward.

        • Anonymous

          12 Dec 2018 01:57  

          Solo mode just pre pot potion of strong will by combining a fire ele with an empty bottle and use spider legs to enweb him as he will use evade after wards and when he is enwebbed his evade had no effect so just spank the pain guy, rinse and repeat on little turds too

          • Anonymous

            04 Dec 2018 14:40  

            Reminder that peace of mind is useless unless you're saving an ally. Their aura instantly removes it and gives them terrified. Took us too many tries in tactician mode and were a level or 2 above their own, the fight is bull*****even if tacitcian mode is meant to be hard, but not bull*****Case and point; do not feel bad if you cheap them, they deserve to be cheaply killed.

            • Anonymous

              23 Nov 2018 05:20  

              I was able to win this fight at level 11 using the following party and strategy: Party: Main Avatar: Lizard/Enchanter/Elementalist build ( Ifan ben-Mezd: Ranger/Venomous Sentry build ( The Red Prince: Knight/Eternal Warrior build ( Sebille: Shadowblade - uses scoundrel and necromancy skills It's important to have access to the Clear Mind spell for at least two characters, or purchase this spell as a scroll. I setup my avatar, Sebille, and the Red Prince on the wooden platform, and made Ifan talk to the scarecrow. I immediately cast Clear Mind on Red and Sebille, then initiated the fight. The terrifying scarecrow ALWAYS casts Uncanny Evasion first, then Flight right after to the platform. Having Clear Mind on my damage dealers allowed them to immediately focus on physically assaulting him. The elementalist was able to do further physical damage through Restoration and Healing Ritual. This brought the scarecrow's HP down to single digits. I then had Ifan focus sniping him from afar. Due to him having higher accuracy, I was able to land at least 1 hit and kill him, thus putting an end to the terrifying aura. Then, I cast dome of protection since I have a custom lizard character, and focused on chipping away at the rest of the scarecrows. BTW, Clear Mind does NOT clear terrifying status once you've been afflicted by it. You have to keep up magic armor, otherwise, once you have this status, it's over. What really pissed me off is how low the enemy stats were, yet Lapidation and their physical attacks pretty much cleared off both my magic and physical armors. Frustrating, and took me 7 tries, but once I took the above strategy, I was able to beat this pretty quickly.

              • Anonymous

                20 Sep 2018 21:29  

                Put my ranged fighters on the deck next to his field, had sword fighter talk to him. Cast circle of protection to keep up magic armor during fight then focused fire on restless scarecrow. Enchanted scarecrows are annoying but without the boss around to terrify my party, aren't too bad to deal with.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Sep 2018 08:29  

                  Talk to him and then swap to another character and attack, it will let you fight the adds with your other party members without aggroing the undead scarecrow. He's considered an ally as long as you stay in the chat with him and he gives your party a +4 leadership bonus if you stand near him.

                  • Anonymous

                    12 Sep 2018 02:11  

                    They killed Sibel and as I was fleeing they got Ifan, they have him in a vegetative state. Cursing him and killing him but not allowing him to die. Tis a sad fate.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jul 2018 23:30  

                      This fight is hell. It took me 15 or so tries - point being: don't give up! I beat it on tactician with a group of 3 spellcasters and a warrior (and a physical damage summon) at level 12. Clever use of teleports, source skills, and knockdowns allowed me to kill the main scarecrow. As others have said, peace of mind scroll works, but be warned: only use it on a character immediately before their turn, otherwise the "terrified status" will be reapplied. Having a warrior with a super high initiative will allow you to knockdown the main scarecrow on your first turn, so try to find initiative gear or pots. Good luck!

                      • Anonymous

                        20 Feb 2018 06:50  

                        It's bugging the crap out of me. im looking at the D2 cast and don't see the name but I'd swear that pumpkin head is Bill Nighy. Maybe it's just adopted mannerisms in annunciation?

                        • Anonymous

                          02 Feb 2018 21:35  

                          This page is worthless. "Make sure to use fire damage!" "Oh by the way they're pretty much impervious to magic." "Use spells to reverse terrified. Which ones? Who knows lol" come on yall the game's been out for months.

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Jan 2018 11:05  

                            I just summoned a Bone Widow before the fight and the first attacks by the scarecrow leader focused on her, send her away panicking. Leaving my four characters to kill it in the first round (mostly with spells, because evade.. Necromancy helped a lot).

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Nov 2017 03:14  

                              im a little over leveled for the fight so im not sure if that had something to do with it but i cast aid on him without talking to him cuz he was "restless" and first aid gives the rested buff and he just fell over dead before i could talk to him but i just found him while im finishing up some things in the reaper coast area so im around level 16-17 i might of just one shot healed him

                              • Anonymous

                                25 Oct 2017 19:24  

                                There is a small hill type area to the left of the scarecrow spot (basically btwn the scarecrows and driftwood). Move ur folks up there, and send one with high mobility to start the conversation / fight. As soon as it's that chars turn, run (Phoenix dive, flight, etc) that character up on the hill. Take out the main scarecrow as quick as possible to negate terror aura. Keeping magic armor up obviously helps till he's down. If others get too close, teleport them away with gloves / spell. Also incarnate champ is beastly for this fight (or almost any fight).

                                • Anonymous

                                  12 Oct 2017 03:34  

                                  Terror Aura is way easier to dealt with comparing to Evasion Aura, just split your party and keep regenerating Magic Armor on those who stand at the front

                                  • Anonymous

                                    08 Oct 2017 08:08  

                                    What I did, I had a couple accessories that gave restoration skill, if you don't have it you can use scrolls. The easiest way (in terms of speed) is use whatever character you have with high hydrosophist points (increase amount of healing) on the scarecrow - healing can't be evaded. This will melt away his physical armor, then with my undead mage (necromancer + summoner) I cast shackles of pain, then drank a 330 hp potion dealing 330 damage to me AND the scarecrow. Then you can easily finished him off with your remaining teammate restoration skill/scroll. Another method is similar to BroekenNova's idea of casting peace of mind on the talker since buff don't decrease while talking.

                                    • 29 Sep 2017 16:48  

                                      Well guys, What I did (piece of cake), was while he was talking to my speaker, with the other characters (all have 2 Aerotheurge + Teleport) I teleported him WAY away of the fight site, i dropped him around where Siva's hanging (Just in Case, the magisters around there will join the fight and attack the Scarecrow). Also, again while talking, I used Peace of Mind on the talker (Buffs don't decrease while talking). So the big Scarecrow won't fight (away from the fight site) and the others are not that hard, just heal + teleport them together + Use flammenwerfer on them like Hans would.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        19 Sep 2017 21:04  

                                        I beated it at lv11 by teleporting the scarecrow boss to the other hill and focus fire on it. I recommend getting a few Peace mind scroll or skill to clear the terrorfie status on teammate.

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