Scarecrow fight

Restless Scarecrow
Quest Giver
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 13

Scarecrow fight is a "Quest" in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Important NPCs

  • Restless Scarecrow
  • 4x Enchanted Scarecrow
  • Lohse


Scarecrow fight Objectives

  1. kill the scarecrows


Scarecrow fight Walkthrough

North of Driftwood is a talking scarecrows on a field. It recognizes the demon lingering in Lohse.
Talking to them will lead to a fight.

The fight is terrifying. Literally, as the big scarecrow has a Terror Aura.
Come prepared, this is one of the hardest fights in Reaper's Coast (if done without cheese).

Undead Scarecrow

The Restless Scarecrow will turn into an Undead Scarecrow once the fight starts.

  • Level 12 Undead
  • 448 HP, 106 Phys. Armor and 521 Magic Armor
  • permanent Terror Aura
  • Casts Flay Skin, Uncanny EvasionSource Vampirism and several Earth attacks
  • very mobile (can jump)
  • has high initiative and AP

The four enchanted Scarecrows which join the fight have 359 HP, 71 PA, 354 MA and are weak to fire.



Tips & Tricks

  • Potion of Strong Will
  • Use spells that nullify the terrified effect, such as Peace of Mind or Enrage
  • Consider the use of the underground tavern herbs and Peace of Mind to play first: the main scarecrow has 47 Initiative.
  • Or skip talking to them and attack first to get a free attack in, ignoring initiative.
  • Fire based damage works better than any other element.
  • They have a high magic armour but low physical armour.
  • Healing spells and scrolls deal a lot of damage to the undead scarecrows
  • Teleport the main scarecrow (down)
  • use high ground
  • or get the nearby Paladins involved in the fight, they will win
  • Killing (main) Scarecrow in DE earns 5400xp, while killing smaller ones earns 2700 xp each.

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    • Anonymous

      23 Mar 2021 01:05  

      Taking Potion of Strong will on all of your characters before the fight begins changes it from one of the hardest fights on Reaper's Coast to one of the easiest. Recipe is empty potion bottle + any quality fire essence

      • Anonymous

        09 Jan 2021 23:21  

        I just had to jump on here and comment for the first time. I first tried this fight with 2 Lone Wolf characters and got destroyed. I decided to restart the game with 4 new characters(about the 10th time I've done so). When I got back to this area I was avoiding fighting these guys and finally decided to give it a try at level 12. I cast enrage on my "barbarian" character and attacked first without talking. He crits for 500+ on the main Scarecrow. Scarecrow then moves instead of attacking and my barb crits again, kiling him. I then wipe the floor with the next 3 before the final one gets a hit in on my barb. Total damage to my team....~200hp. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good ;)

        • Anonymous

          21 Nov 2020 23:23  

          One of the hardest battles on tactician difficulty for sure(If you're going to kill all scarecrows that is). The main scarecrow has insane initiative, mobility, AP and almost untouchable on first round. Good luck getting full exp on this one.

          • Anonymous

            01 Sep 2020 20:18  

            found a way to beat it with my lev 8 lone wolf hunstman .. i buff her with encourage with my human companion and peace of mind pre. then start the fight with pindown. it will go thru armor and makes sure the main guy doesnt use aoe terrify. he will still use evasion thingy but will be stuck there. i make sure i remove all the other guys armors are down in my turn and go invis.

            then my 2nd guy will use earth quake and knocks everyone for next turn. then my main huntsman will kill the main guy after his evasion (for 1 turn) expire and gets executioner and other other guys should be easy from there.

            • Anonymous

              24 Jun 2020 20:29  

              Just... walk with any of ur characters to the paladin camp and all the paladins will come to help (like 6 or 7).
              I send my rogue to the scarecrow (my other characters where on the camp), talked the scarecrow and when the fight begun run of to my partners, then suddenly all the paladins went to kill scarecrows.
              I was like: "whut?"
              Come here to see if it was a bug, but i think it was on pourpose?
              I just pressed end turn on my characters and won all the exp ._. the easiest battle on the game...

              • Anonymous

                28 Apr 2020 10:32  

                Dragging the fight or teleporting anything to the paladin encampment will most likely ensure victory. And they have a smith to repair your weapons.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Apr 2020 10:32  

                  They don't have immunity acid, but while one of them had acid and 10 hp: no damage :D They don't have charm immunity and when i charmed one of them: still attacking me :D wtf

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Apr 2020 16:12  

                    Engage in conversation with the main scarecrow, then teleport him away(I sent him near the paladins) if done right he won't aggro, all the other scarecrows will however, giving you a chance to fight the minion scarecrows seperate to the main one, you will be one character down but I found this worked to my advantage!

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Mar 2020 18:21  

                      Playing with two lvl 11 lone wolf characters on Tactician, chameleon cloak both of them 1st turn to wait for the evading aura to wear off, kill him with my warrior turn 2

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Jan 2020 23:41  

                        most reliable way to fight him: >Have someone with the Torturer talent, Teleport, Adrenaline Rush, Worm Tremor and Earth Tremor >Have that character stand on the wooden elevation nearby and teleport the big scarecrow as far away as you possibly can. Far Out Man helps a little bit but probably isn't necessary >Pop Adrenaline Rush and then use Worm Tremor on him, he is now Entangled for 3 turns >Kill the adds on the upper level while another character stun locks the other two >The other scarecrows exclusively target your magic armor with Earth damage, so bring Earth resistance if you can, Leadership helps too >If the Torturer character has the other crippling geomancy skill he can keep the big scarecrow locked for an additional turn, giving the sniper free shots >If he ever starts making his way back up, either teleport him again or drink every magic armor potion you have Those are my tips, managed to get the kill on him in Tactician Mode but didn't try Honor mode yet. GL to HM players attempting this ***** of a fight

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Jan 2020 20:04  

                          BEWARE of this fight; it will end your honour run like it did my first one. What I get for playing HC my first time through the game, I suppose, but this fight is seriously BS. The terror aura incapacitates any character without Magic Armor. Rez effects like Golden Idol of Rebirth will not save you, as they don't provide Magic Armor. You'll simply be terrified again until everyone is permanently dead. If you don't want to cheese this fight via stacked Corpse Explosion or barrels, I highly recommend being overleveled (14-15ish), stacking Magic Armor, and immobilizing physical CCs like spiderwebs or geomancer spells. It can be done without cheese, but it is definitely one of the hardest fights in the game, and probably the highest risk fight on honour mode.

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Jan 2020 23:27  

                            found a rather funny way t odeal with it with 2 lonewolfs Tactical (Hunt/Necro + War/Necro) snuk up behind with ranger and arowsprayed phuge phyz dmg- but it wasnt encought to bring the main scarecrow down he hid in 90%evasion (leaving me with 10% hit chance) So I shackle of souled him killed the scarecrow taht was 2nd in iniciative and let my warrior srike my ranger (none of the scare use phyz dmg) so he socaked it with armor while killing the fearing SoB +1 scarecrow killed by ranger (1 balistic from high-ground + finishing shot combat than went smooth 3 scarecrows vs 2 lonewolfs no need to kite ... to cheeze just cheat-death on ranger since they hit him with everything

                            • Anonymous

                              02 Jan 2020 15:01  

                              Oil Barrels! We stacked up about 7 around him and just blew him to hell with a fireball... The rest of my team picked off the underlings one at a time... to be fair it took a few failed attempts until we decided to wire him up! The explosion was insane...

                              • Anonymous

                                19 Sep 2019 17:28  

                                Just teleport a bunch of corpses near this ***** before the fight and blow him to smithereens with 1 ap rofl.

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