School's Out

School's out
School Classroom
Location The Arx
Suggested Level 18
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School's Out is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Coming across a schoolhouse in Arx, you find its mistress in need of some help. Would you help her?



Important NPCs



School's Out Objectives

  1. Speak to Beryl Griff.
  2. Speak to Sister Schori and convince her to leave.
  3. Report back to Beryl and inform her of your success.



School's Out Walkthrough

At the southeast corner of Arx, you will find a schoolhouse (co-ordinates X:410, Y:240) that has seen better days; it is now occupied by junkies. Speak to Beryl Griff and share some information about Griff (the very same one back at Fort Joy) with her and you will gain 19,400XP. She will then ask for your help in reclaiming the schoolhouse from the squatters.

Here, you can also speak to the little girl, Trina, and if you successfully pass a speech check, she will mark the location of the Thieves Guild on your map. This grants no XP and is completely optional, though.

Unlock the locked main door or kitchen door or enter through the side gate, and speak to Sister Schori. Pass a speech check to convince her to leave. You will gain 58,175XP.  Killing Sister Schori will result in no reward/XP for finishing the quest.

In any case, return to Beryl and inform her of your success, and you will earn 38,800XP. Here, you will have the option of asking for a payment reward, an information reward, or simply refusing any kind of reward.

  1. If you pick the "payment" option, you will gain a Craftsman tome that teaches you a few rune recipes.
  2. If you pick the "information" option, she will tell you that Lord Kemm is hiding some secrets underneath his mansion.
  3. If you say that no thanks are necessary, you will receive nothing.

After picking one of the options above, the quest ends and you will receive a choice of Common-quality loot as a reward.





  • 19,400XP for sharing some information about Griff.
  • 58,175XP for convincing Sister Schori to leave.
  • A choice of "payment" or "information" rewards (detailed above) upon reporting back to Beryl.
  • 38,800XP and a choice of Common-quality loot upon completion of the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      04 Mar 2018 10:27  

      I told Beryl that Griff was dead. Then having shoo'd away the squatters, she wouldnt talk to me. Quests bugged?

      • Anonymous

        13 Oct 2017 21:29  

        A few things I have noticed for this quest.

        - It shows a journal update if you give the Elf that is lying down drudanae. He asks to see your map and makes a mark on it, but I don't see any new map locations. This is possibly bugged, or the location may already be marked for me.
        - There is a youtube video where the persuasion is a success using constitution, and she just agrees to leave.
        - I brought the Wailing Mandrake from the garden over, and the squatters all seem annoyed. I will keep it here for awhile, and am hoping it may shoo them away after a period of time.

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