Seeking Revenge

Location The Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16
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Seeking Revenge is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. You find Gareth and Bishop Alexandar at the top of the Elven Temple ready to fight. Which side will you choose?



Important NPCs



Seeking Revenge Objectives

  1. Find Bishop Alexandar and Gareth at the top of the Elven Temple.
  2. Pick a side.



Seeking Revenge Walkthrough

At the top of Elven Temple, Gareth is in a standoff with Bishop Alexandar. Depending on your choice, several scenarios can happen.
However, know now that if you did not convince Gareth to abandon his quest of revenge during Burying the Past, you will not be able to succeed any Persuasion checks (47 in stat + 7 persuasion failure, tagged as impossible in system). It's also worth noting that Ifan will not engage in his conversation with the Bishop until after the encounter with Gareth (and if you intend to kill him, you can always do it now).

If you successfully persuade Gareth to stand down, he will return to the Lady Vengeance and wait for you there. You will gain 70,225XP for successfully persuading him and the quest will end. Depending on the dialogue choices made previously with Gareth, certain speech checks may not be available (for example, only Strength and Memory speech checks may be available, if you stopped Gareth from taking revenge in Burying the Past). It should be noted that this path, while satisfying, does not give the most XP or rewards.

If you decide to defend Alexandar against Gareth, or decide to simply walk away and do nothing, Gareth will attack you. Kill him for 40,125XP and the quest ends.

If you decide to attack Alexandar with Gareth, Delorus (if he survived back at Fort Joy and you led him here earlier), will try to persuade you not to attack Alexandar. Ultimately though, if you want to attack Alexandar, there is only one choice here: you will have to fight Alexandar and his bunch of cronies, along with Delorus. Slaughter them all; a well-placed thunderstorm spell here will instantly kill your enemies here if your critical chance and intelligence is high enough. Delorus gives only 100XP (since for some reason the game doesn't update his level; he remains at level 9), Alexandar gives no XP, while the 5 magisters/paladins are worth 40,125XP each, making it a total of 200,725XP. Once they are all dirt in the ground, Gareth will talk to you and reward you with a choice of Divine-quality loot. The quest is complete at this point. Remember not to eat Alexandar's head as an elf if you want to complete "The Sallow Man" quest (by eating the head, you can learn how to enter the council, but there is a better way to do so, listed below)!

If you killed Alexandar, before you leave, you can also cast spirit vision and speak to the spirit of Alexandar, and as long as you have a persuasion skill of 5 (lower skill levels may require more investment in the specific stat), you can simply pass any of the speech check options and learn how to enter the council from him, without having to do his quest of killing the Sallow Man. You will earn 80,300XP for learning how to enter the council this way.



  • If you are planning to side with the Black Ring, you will have to kill Alexandar either way, so simply finishing them off here with the help of Gareth nets you the most rewards. You can then loot his body and give his head to the Sallow Man to learn how to get into the Academy (or you can just get in there through the southern entrance).
  • If you are planning to side with the Magisters, you can let Alexandar live and fulfill his request of killing the Sallow Man. However, note that he will turn against you later on in the Arena of One.





  • 70,225XP for persuading Gareth not to attack Bishop Alexandar OR
  • A total of 200,625XP (+100XP if Delorus is there) and a choice of Divine-quality loot for killing Bishop Alexandar and his cronies with Gareth OR
  • 40,125XP for defending Alexandar against Gareth, resulting in you having to kill Gareth.

    • Anonymous

      26 Jul 2019 21:38  

      I feel dirty. Best way to cheese this fight. Start the conversation, in the mean time, as some may mention, set up the fight with your other characters not in dialogue (meaning put them in high ground, place them etc). Then, if you have a pickpocket character, try steal and get caught by one of the guards not in conversation dialogue. This will trigger a fight with the remaining NPCS. only challenge is to kill them with three of your characters (as one will still be in dialogue). You'll basically have cleared everyone except for the bishop and magister roe. Bishop will most likely try to resurrect characters but i noticed he doesnt after the first one. Perhaps the timer is a lot longer. Fight at this point is trivial.

      • Anonymous

        31 Jan 2019 05:34  

        If you help Gareth kill Alexander, he becomes 'free' and decides to blow you off. He "disavows you and parts ways." That's it for Gareth then, but I'd rather have him around for later, though he was some small help killing Alexander, though not much. Followed ice with fire spells which negated each other, and had no protection spells so we had to buff/save him. So he could flip us off? Nah, I'm going back to sending him to ship like a good little soldier, since I have high persuasion. Which skill is used is irrelevant if your PER is high enough.

        • Anonymous

          08 Jan 2019 19:27  

          How to cheese out the Alexander fight: Make one of your teammate start the talking sequence, then start planning for attack, most likely get a ranged unit on top of the other side of the battlefield on a platform to do great overlook job Alexander, that lady with the shield, Delorus and your teammate will remain untargetable during the conversation. Now start the fight by hitting enemies that can be targeted There are 3 of them, because only Alexander and the shield lady is boss grade enemies, the encounter become much more easier. Replenish your health, source point, resummon your pets you can even save your progress and then you can finish the conversation and only fight 3 remaining enemies with all your skill and full HP. The range character on the platform is actually too far away, if enemies come that close they will count as leaving the battle, so no one can touch him/her, only you can shoot them but no one can get near you. You can also pop in and out stealth for Assassination in Huntsman skill as you will be counted as out of the battle once you are not shooting. Greatly increase your damage.

          • Anonymous

            05 Dec 2018 17:39  

            Tried 2 different things in the Definitive Edition in order to max EXP: 1.) Most XP for me so far i) Started talking and persuaded Gareth, didnt finish the talking so (Gareth was convinced on leaving but i had to finish dialog to let him do so) ii) Started a fight against one of the Magisters on the elevated platforms. Resulted in a 4? man fight without Alex, Gareth, Delorus and Magister Roe. (4x20k xp) iii) Won that fight. Switched back into the char who did the talking and let him finish. No aggro for me but the 50k xp for the "not-fighting-Alex" solution iv) After Gareth left i started fight (via dialogue) with Alex resulting in another smaller fight (the rest of the guys + Alex resurrects one but u dont get xp of it v) After 2nd fight was won i used shadow vision and persuaded Alex to help me. Another juicy 140k xp Sum up 1 Version: 120k (6x20k xp, yes Delorus gives 20k) + 50k for "pieceful solution" + 140k via ghost of Alex for a total of: 310k xp (I guess u can just fight them after Gareth left for the same result on xp) 2.) Attack Alex together with ur buddy Gareth i) Results in 120k + 20k for violent quest solution (+a prolly useless item reward of legendary!! (not divine) tier) + 140k from ghost alex Sums up to a total of 280k. Never tried to kill Gareth instead nor letting Alex alive. Baseline: Do plan 1.) cause almost none random legendary is worth 30k.

            • Anonymous

              27 Jul 2018 10:27  

              1st playthrough, I accidentally found the academy secret entrance before doing anything else on the island. I found Alexander there. After back tracking to the elf camp, the door elf tells me Alexander is chilling there but he wasn't, just a dead Gareth. :(

              • Anonymous

                17 May 2018 08:49  

                I had persuasion 6 and I was able to persuade through all the dialogs, helped Gareth kill Alexander (epic fight) and he wasn't glitched. Remember to cast Spirit vision if you decide to kill Alexander to continue with the follow up quest.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Apr 2018 03:48  

                  Was able to convince Gareth to stand down... However, playing Fane as my MC, for some reason Alexander is stuck as "red" (instant aggro) to him. Even lowering my weapons (for Delorus) does nothing, it stops the fight for half a second before everyone reaggros again.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Mar 2018 02:48  

                    I passed the Memory Check here with Sebille (I don't have Ifan in my party), with only 11 MEMORY but with 5 PERSUASION. Contrary to this article, I also persuaded him to stand down when he was burying his parents. Quoting Lucian with him seeks to work most of the time. I used my 18 memory Fane with 0 persuasion and I lost the check. In this quest, having a high persuasion matters most.

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Feb 2018 02:29  

                      If you talk to alexander's spirit with Ifan nearby, his quest will trigger and he will ask to speak to the spirit - This will let you side with Gareth for all of the XP and advance Ifan's quest.

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Feb 2018 04:04  

                        I didn't get a divine quality reward for killing Alexander with Gareth, only legendary :\ I'm disappointed

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Oct 2017 01:58  

                          "a well-placed thunderstorm spell here will instantly kill your enemies here if your critical chance and intelligence is high enough."
                          Information like this is useless if the difficulty level, critical chance and intelligence aren't specified.

                          • 23 Oct 2017 04:19  

                            I let alexander live because my main char Ifan wanted too hear why they decimated the elf forest and because maybe he was just a brainwashed moron, but it turned out he was a insane bastard who believed commiting genocide was justified.

                            So i ended up killing him.

                            • Anonymous

                              15 Oct 2017 08:21  

                              I also can't finish the quest. I killed alexandar, gareth ran away. Have no idea how to finish. Oh well just another bugged quest, you get used to it after going through 20 other bugged quests.

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Oct 2017 20:08  

                                I can talk Gareth out of it with the Red Price at like 50+ strength and 4 persuasion.

                                My concern is for Ifan's quest. if I fight with Gareth I get the most exp and a divine reward, but Ifan's quest doesn't update to reflect that. If I send Gareth away and then let Ifan do his thing, no exp for killing Alexander "myself".

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Sep 2017 07:14  

                                  Tried it with about 13 str and 5 persuade and it worked. My guess is you have to persuade him to chill out during the previous act also?? Or my game is bugged lol

                                  • Anonymous

                                    25 Sep 2017 14:17  

                                    Where does Gareth go after I killed Alexander?
                                    I cannot find him at all.
                                    I joined the battle straight away lol did not like the magisters one bit so I joined in on the revenge.
                                    Did break a number of quests though because I did also kill Sallow Man but neither of these quests close now.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      25 Sep 2017 10:49  

                                      I finaly made it work! seems the strenght one doesnt work no matter how high stat you have..
                                      I used Ifan and the Memory one, 10 Memory and 5 persuade and told Gareth that he could still honor his fathers promise and it worked! Try it guys!

                                      • Anonymous

                                        22 Sep 2017 19:06  

                                        Tried with 73str/46 memory + 7 persuade and it didnt work.... Mb it is bcz i comlete quest with his parenth by killing Magister and after that he became a bad guy... I wasted on that **** more than one hour and nothing workout

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