Septa the Ineffable

Septa the Ineffable is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2. It is a crab (with a lisp) that explains to your party how it is a powerful sorcerer that also has been born with "the Source".



Septa the Ineffable information

  • Requires Pet Pal talent to converse with it



Septa the Ineffable location

  • Septa the Ineffable first appears in Fort Joy Getto on the beach near coordinates (X: 135 Y:171)



Notes and Tips

  • Septa's title "The Ineffable" is a reference to the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom from the website
  • Drops claws if killed.

    • Anonymous

      25 Mar 2018 01:02  

      How is it that no one has pointed out that, if you kill Septa before escaping the fort, and then talk to the crab named Empyreo the Stalwart south of the Temple of Zorl-Stissa, he gives you the unique item "Septa's Shield"

      It's pretty good, it's lvl 17, has 816 physical armor, +10% blocking, 454 magic armor, +3 Strength, +1 Retribution, requires 14 Constitution, and has a rune slot.

      • Anonymous

        12 Oct 2017 01:01  

        Peace of Mind:
        Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, Fire Essence, and Crab's Claw

        That is pretty funny.

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