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Shriekers are an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


"T-they were Sourcerers once, but after whatever... perversion the Magisters subjected them to, they're death incarnate. If they c-can see you, they can kill you - instantly." -Exter


Shrieker information

  • Shriekers, like Silent Monks, are source-purged Sourcerers who have been mutilated and attached to crosses by Magisters to serve as a defense system. They are crazed and resigned to their fate, with no possible way of bringing them back. The only way to release them from their torment is to kill them.
  • Shriekers are created after a still-living purged Sourcerer is left to rot, decompose and lose themselves to insanity, their bodies becoming sickly green and decaying to the point that not even healing magic can save them. Once they are decomposing it's already too late - they will inevitably turn into the embodiment of death and cruelty that is the Shrieker.
  • At the Abandoned Camp in the Hollow Marshes, several Sourcerers can be found strung-up to wooden crosses, decomposing and able to do nothing but await their fate.
  • Shrieker attacks cannot be dodged, and deal 666,666 air damage.


  • Status Effects:
    • Galvanised Galvanised - Character is invulnerable to regular damage. However, they can be destroyed by Source Vampirism.
  • Talents: None
  • Abilities: Instantly kill any character after a short period of time (when within a certain range).
  • : 100% :100%:100%:100%:100%


Shrieker Locations

  • The Ruined Castle in the Hollow Marshes.
  • The docks just beyond the Abandoned Camp in the Hollow Marshes.
  • The docks in the Black Pits on Reaper's Coast.
  • The entrance to the Temple of Tir-Cendelius on the Nameless Isle.


Shrieker Drops

  • Cloth scraps and a random essence item.


Notes and Tips

  • Using a Purging Wand is the fastest and easiest way to kill Shriekers due to it having a casting range larger than that of a Shrieker's attack range. Source Vampirism, acquired later on in Act II, can be used instead of the wands, but has a much shorter range requiring you to close the distance to a Shrieker - using stealth so as not to get killed in the process.
  • Since Shriekers deal air damage, it is theoretically possible to survive an attack with 100% or higher air resistance.
  • Shriekers look almost exactly the same as the Gheist, albeit without the strange metal mask covering their cloth hood.
  • It is possible to kill Shriekers without Source Vampirism using the Flay Skin spell. They still retain much of their resistances even when nullified however, meaning you would need very high damage spells in order to kill them.


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    • Anonymous

      In Act 3 on the way to the temple, if you use spirit vision when approaching them the shriekers will aggro the ghosts of the black ring they killed *permanently*. My game is unmodded and playing on 1/23 til now, they attack the ghost but since the ghost cannot be damaged the attack simply makes alot of noise and flash. I can walk past the shriekers since they do not seem to switch aggro once choosing a target.

      • Anonymous

        I FIGURED IT OUT! If you can get the timing right, You can KILL A SHRIEKER! JUST USE FLAY SKIN AND THEN A REALLY POWERFUL ATTACK THAT IS ABOVE 300 - 1600 damage, depending on their health. To put it simpler, multiply their health times 2, and find an attack that is a bit higher than the answer, and your shrieker is dead...

        • Anonymous

          It's strange that the Shriekers are said to be purged of all their Source like the Silent Monks, yet to kill them, you have to purge them of all their Source. I get that Larian were going for having a unique way of disposing of them, but it kinda contradicts itself, when there's no Source left in them and you kill them by purging/Source Vampirism.

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