Silence Broken

Quest Giver
Location Arx Harbour
Suggested Level 18
Next Quest  
Previous Quest The Silent One

Silence Broken is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.  Exorcise the demon from the possessed girl originally found on Bloodmoon Isle.



Important NPCs

  • Possessed Girl (Iris)
  • Mael'Thaeras



Silence Broken Objectives

  1. Find the possessed girl near the harbor in Arx Outskirts.
  2. Talk to her/the demon and learn that she no longer knows her name.
  3. Find the girl's true name (Iris) in the school.
  4. Use her true name to force the demon out of her.
  5. Defeat the demon to close the quest.


Silence Broken Walkthrough


After the shipwreck and while making your way to the city, you'll learn from some fleeing folk that a little girl with a blue flower on her hair was seeing running towards the harbor. It's the possessed girl (until you reach Arx, she can be found, unresponsive in the below deck area of LV). Go towards the harbor, past the burning building and take the right path down to the beach, not the road to Arx. She can be found amidst some ruins, surrounded by corpses at co-ordinates X:358 Y:170. As you approach you can hear her trying to fight the demon in her head.

Talk to the demon and suggest that the girl is strong enough to fight him and break free. He'll laugh at that and reply that she's no-one, she doesn't even have a name! Back away at this point and go to Arx. To find the little girl's name you have to go to the closed school overrun by junkies. In the reception area there is a note on the floor, near the door to the dorm. From it you learn that her name is Iris (the note mentions also the cat).

Go back to the possessed child and try to talk to the girl through the demon. Several persuasion test options appear, choose the one that mention's the girl's correct name: Iris. The demon will jump out of the girl at this point to fight you, accompanied by four minions. Kill the minions first for more EXP or nuke the demon down to end the fight quickly, as they will disappear once he's dead. You get some xp for killing the demon but the drops are average at best. After he's dead talk and comfort the girl, then ask her what she plans to do now. She says she'll enjoy some time being alone in her head and that she's go look for her cat. As a goodbye gift, she'll give you 8 source orbs (and you also get the xp for completing the quest at this point).



Tips & Tricks

  • A pure character (able to pass Lucian's test) may be able to complete this quest without finding the girl's true name.
  • Kill the spawned minions first for maxium XP.
  • Iris gives source orbs as reward plus 58175 XP before leaving to look for her cat & starting a new life.

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    • Anonymous

      07 Oct 2020 06:48  

      I wish there was some special dialogue for persuading Mael'Thaeras to possess Lohse then meeting all the other demon's in Arx. It'd be creep cool to hear them recognize one of their own in Lohse and announcing it.

      • Anonymous

        01 Oct 2020 07:24  

        In DE, to maximize XP, wait for the 3 additional demons to spawn before killing Mael'Thaeras. Next, be sure to kill the 3 additional demons prior to killing Mael'Thaeras, or they will vanish on his death without awarding XP. Following this approach will allow you to get 38,800 XP for each of the 3 demon spawn plus 38,800 XP for Mael'Thaeras. Completing the quest awards 58,175 XP, for an overall total of 213,375 XP for the quest.

        • Anonymous

          28 Jul 2020 01:36  

          I tried to kill my party member that was possessed, per the comment below, and it turned into a whole party wipe instead of a fight. So, uh, don't do that.

          • Anonymous

            10 Jul 2020 02:24  

            I found her where she's supposed to be on Lady V. Yet as soon as I moved to Act III, she was nowhere to be found? Is this intentional or is my game bugged? Also, as soon as I moved to Act III, the storage chest where I put most of my valuables on Lady V was lost. Any advice on this?

            • Anonymous

              01 May 2020 05:25  

              I believe there is a bug here: If you don't talk to the girl before going and reading the note in the schoolhouse, you will not have the option to tell her her name. This is in spite of having the note in your inventory and reading it to know her name. Make sure you talk to her before you read the note in the schoolhouse.

              • Anonymous

                11 Feb 2020 02:52  

                If you coax the demon to enter you instead of the girl and then cast Peace of Mind on your possessed character you will have normal control but a permanent Demonic Invasion debuff. To fix this, CTRL target that character with another party member to kill them. Then the demons will jump out and fight you. Kill them and res yourself.

                • Anonymous

                  24 Jul 2019 01:41  

                  If you offer yourself as a host to the demon, it will accept and proceed to turn your speaker against your own party. I charmed the possessed character and he returned to my control with a permanent "Demonic Invasion" status. This also bugged the quest with no way to close it. Haven't experimented any further, so have at it.

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Jun 2019 01:44  

                    Just as another way in DE as loshe (idk about others did not test) you can also persuade the demon to posses you rather than the girl. You then need to fight loshe, if you kill loshe the demon will be forced to hop out and will summon its minions and battle.

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