Spider-Silk Gloves


Mage Gloves


Poison Resistance
Inflict Poisoned on Contact


Scales with level

Spider-Silk Gloves is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Spider-Woven Gloves

Spider-Silk Gloves Information

  • Obtained from The Weaver on the second floor of Ryker's Mansion.
  • Must have Pet Pal and Spider's Kiss talents, which opens the option to trade body parts to The Weaver. A total of 4 body parts are required to obtain the gloves. Telling her you have the body parts without actually giving them to her will cause her to become hostile and attack you.


Spider-Silk Gloves Requirements

    • Requires Intelligence 13, stats scale with level, but always has Poison Resistance and Inflict Poisoned on Contact.


Spider-Silk Gloves Notes/Tips

  • The Weaver also accepts Meaty Stew and Raw Lumpy Giblets in place of body parts. Other raw meats may also work.


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