Slane the Winter Dragon

(In Game)
Icy Beach - Near Witch's Cavern

Slane the Winter Dragon is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Slane the Winter Dragon information

  • Upon first encountering Slane you will find him bound to the ground by a set of chains, which can be destroyed through attacking them. The dragon will not be able to speak with you until you do this.
  • After some dialogue you will be asked to retrieve the Witch's purging wand, as it is the only way to free the dragon of it's souls captivity. 
  • Radeka the Witch wields the Purging Wand, and must be found in the beachside cave to the South of Slane's location. Kill her and the extra enemies summons to loot the wand from her corpse.
  • Upon returning to Slane with the wand in inventory, you may speak with him again and either offer to give him the Purging Wand or decide to keep it for yourself. (NOTE NEXT TWO BULLETINS)
  • Handing the wand over results in his gratitude, and a loot choice. Slane will be of use later as he will destroy the Shriekers to the north of The Abandoned Camp upon your party approaching them. It's very possible to die while standing in the Shrieker's range waiting for Slane to fly over, so watch the "tendrils" connecting to you, they indicate you're in the instant death zone. If the Shriekers are already dead, you instead get Encouraged status for 50 turns and Chilled status for 10 turns for the fight with Alexander. Get straight in the battle or the Encouraged status will wear off and be wasted.
  • Refusing to give Slane the Purging Wand results in combat.
  • Slane the Winter Dragon is Level 9.



Slane the Winter Dragon location

  • Slane the Winter Dragon first appears in southeast area of the island, not far from Witch's Location and Gargoyle's Maze. He will be on the beachside, with frozen surfaces surrounding the area.



Notes and Tips

  • Ranged Physical Damage and Bleeding will win this fight. Scoundrel sever tendons does great damage when he moves around. Keep your physical damage dealers spread out.
  • Killing Slane the Winter Dragon awards 6000XP and drops probably the best one-handed weapon in Act 1: Fang of the Winter Dragon
  • Defeating Slane the Winter Dragon grants a "Dragonslayer" achievement on the Steam Community.
  • Also tends to drop unidentified Epic and Rare gear.
  • If the party gives the Purging Wand to Slane, it will receive 2100XP and he will briefly turn back into a lizard (his original form).


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    • Anonymous

      11 Sep 2021 14:42  

      You can pickpocket the wand back after giving it to Slane (but maybe only as long as he remains in his dragon form).

      • Anonymous

        11 Apr 2021 22:43  

        Slane is not a good guy. He says explicitly he was in love with the Witch and for a small trifle she wielded a purging wand against him. He admits to being in a relationship with that vile necromancer. Kill him and loot. That is the reason you get 6k exp and better loot.

        • Anonymous

          14 Jan 2021 02:25  

          drop deadfog under him, turn in the wand, ram 111111111111 get reward fast and press k then boom he dies.


          • Anonymous

            29 Oct 2020 11:56  

            Literally just kill him by firing shooting him with wands from far distance. Dude died just like that. Easy achievement 10/10

            • Anonymous

              05 Sep 2020 12:15  

              It's a shame that killing him yields significantly better rewards than helping him. Would prefer not having to choose between levelling and gearing my characters or staying true to their personalities in a role-playing game.

              • Anonymous

                18 Jan 2020 12:04  

                Completing the quest gives you one of the worst rewards I've seen. I mean you save this big dragon from eternal torment and he gives you something you would loot on a simple magister. Also he's too full of himself, aggressive and doesn't help you at all. Kill it! Do it!

                • Anonymous

                  25 Sep 2019 22:53  

                  My cheese strat: Remember that quest where the skull tell you not to open the chest. Have someone with telekinesis stack up all the plant blobs together and move it to him. You will have to take the long route towards the abandoned camp to bring it to him tho. It only takes 3 ticks in real time to kill him.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Feb 2019 04:48  

                    If you wish to cheese Slane incredibly easily, all you have to do is have one party member lure Slane to the ramp leading up to the Abandoned Camp, and up that hill is a stone platform you can have Archers, mages, Summoners, ect all stand on. It helps keep your squishy targets further from him, so he needs to waste time getting there. Another thing, positioning a summon correctly on that platform will allow for an incredibly long sight range for abilities like Mosquito Swarm, which can be used repeatedly on Slane while he is waiting for your character to make their move. It's incredibly cheesy, but if people struggle with the fight, the option is always there.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Jan 2019 16:32  

                      If you choose to kill him instead, put on the cursed chest armor "Heart of the Tyrant" on one character (but not the other pieces, which remove the curse). That character will be immune to the chilling effects of the area.

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Nov 2018 15:22  

                        So uh...if you already received the "call to arms" quest and recruited gareth's helpers (I recruited kerban and duggan) before this quest, it poses a problem. I tried the "attack slane while another character is talking to slane" trick, and Duggan didn't like that. -20 attitude and started a fight between Gereth's 2 helpers and my party. Q__Q"

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Sep 2018 22:54  

                          1. Give him the wand but don't press [end] 2. Attack him three times with a second character 3. Once he stands up and has an enemy outline, press [end] 4. Kill him for his loot after receiving quest exp 5. Watch him help you with the shriekers after you just killed him

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Sep 2018 05:16  

                            If you give him the wand and don't exist chat just attack him with another character he will Dodge every attack but he will go into combat as a lizard and give you xp for quest kill AND kill all the shriekers.

                            • Anonymous

                              09 Sep 2018 10:42  

                              (Though Anonymous I'm the same person who posted the last paragraph) Added detail I forgot to mention, when I selected to kill him I killed him before killing the witch. So perhaps it was seen as an act of mercy?

                              • Anonymous

                                09 Sep 2018 10:37  

                                This is what I found. Not killing; - He kills two Shreiker's for you. - He gives you not much more than 2k exp and some loot, one of which you can pick. - You generally just feel like a good person. Killing; - You save a purging wand. - Upon death you gain 6k exp and much better loot then what he offers as thanks. - Unsure if it's a bug, just a thing in the definitive edition, or normal, but I gained +5 attitude for all party members including The Red Prince and Sir Lora. (Looked by right clicking and clicking 'examine') I checked if perhaps I gained more attitude if I went with freeing him but I actually got nothing for anyone. The fact you also never see him again in the game nor does he actually do anything for you or the story other than kill things that aren't that big of a problem, assuming you're not dumb with the wands, the devs really made it not feel worth just letting him go. Plus there's even a steam achievement for killing him. Even if he was just an NPC you could chat with again, romance, or simply have a shop would be nice but no. You could argue that the loot becomes useless later down the line so why bother killing but then you could just sell it, plus he gives you more than double the exp than saving him which is tasty.

                                • Anonymous

                                  31 May 2018 23:30  

                                  If you save him and give him his source back he'll kill all the shrierkers at Abandoned Camp area.

                                  Killing him gave:

                                  6000 xp

                                  Unidentified Epic Dagger (with various names, one I got was Longshank).

                                  Unique Sword - Fang of the Winter Dragon

                                  2x Unidentified Rare Rings

                                  Skillbook Dazing Bolt

                                  Medium Flame Rune

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Jan 2018 19:05  

                                    i did it on Tactician thanks to the Dome Of Protection.6000 xp and good loot..Then again tactician isnt meant for an Origin Character other than custom.Their source powers are awful other than Fane perhaps.
                                    Magic doesnt work well on Slane because he has permanent Soothing Cold..Physical damage is required.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      26 Dec 2017 15:54  

                                      Rupture Tendons (Scoundrel skill) absolutely wrecks Slane. I applied it with my rogue, then Slane used Dragonfall to attack my max-range archer before using Fly to get back into melee combat with my rogue. The rupture knocked off around 2/3 of his health when he used Fly.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        09 Dec 2017 00:41  

                                        Is this dude like an OC insert from crowdfunding or something? I find it a bit strange how the MC kind of gushes over him.

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