Soul Mate

Soul Mate

Bind yourself to target character, copying any healing and Armour restoration that you receive to them. Clears Frozen, Stunned, Knocked Down and Petrified.

 Set Soul Mate for 3 turn(s).

 Requires Summoning 2cldwn3
 Cost 1 Memory
 Range 13m

summoning-skill Summoning

Soul Mate is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



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Soul Mate Requirements



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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Ranger

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Druid



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    • Anonymous

      29 Jan 2019 10:26  

      Very useful addition to have for removing debuffs if you are struggling with enemies breaking through your armor regularly

      • Anonymous

        27 Sep 2018 12:36  

        In DE this seems to scale with your hydro for a second time. I always heal more when I use soul mate + self heal than just healing a target

        • Anonymous

          09 Feb 2018 10:29  

          If you were to set decay on an enemy, and had a high level in Necromancy, would your necrohealing damage the enemy, and if it did, would this heal you?

          • Anonymous

            06 Oct 2017 21:50  

            Being healed by poison as undead will heal the target character regardless of race. Note that the amount of healing is negligible.

            • Anonymous

              24 Sep 2017 13:16  

              I tried this skill in combat, but it did not seem to work for: Living Armour, Fortify Scroll or Armour of Frost Scroll. The ally receives healing, but not the armour. It did however work for Rallying Cry (also a Summoning Skill). Does someone know if this is a bug or does it work as designed?

              • Anonymous

                15 Sep 2017 18:08  

                Can you use this on an undead or zombie character, and then heal yourself normally? Or will this damage them?

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