Source Points in Divinity: Original Sin 2 grant very powerful Source Skills that the player can use. Source Points are very rare. Players will receive their first Source Point slot after finding a statue of the Divines and porting to the Hall of Echoes. There is one in The Vault of Braccus Rex as well as one behind the Voidwoken in the Hollow Marshes. Players will receive their second and third Source Point slot in quest Powerful Awakening.



How to Get Source Points

  1. In Divinity Original Sin 2, there are some areas covered with Source water. When a character with an empty Source Point slot stands on a surface of Source water, they will absorb the surface and gain a Source Point. For example, in Act I, there are multiple pools of source water in The Hollow Marshes  and another in the Necromancer's Tower.
  2. Some skills can also grant you source points, such as Source Vampirism.
  3. Absorb souls from soul jars. You can find soul jars in the quests Withermoore's Soul Jar and The Cursed Ring
  4. Source fountains are a renewable means of replenishing source points. They can be found in the Decrepit Ruins in Act I, under Meistr Siva's house in Act II, and in Arhu's prison in Act IV.
  5. You can find various source orbs and source potions later in the game.



Notes about Source Points

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Extended Statistics
Accuracy  ♦  Air Resistance  ♦  Damage  ♦  Dodging  ♦  Earth Resistance  ♦  Experience  ♦  Fire Resistance  ♦  Initiative  ♦  Magical Armour  ♦  Movement  ♦  Physical Armour  ♦  Poison Resistance  ♦  Water Resistance


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    • Anonymous

      I am a beginner here, I thought source points replenish itself after each battle. Sadly that is not the case, so I guess using one source spell is like revealing your trump card for when you are about to die. In short: The developers implemented source spells to help weaker players out and is by no means necessary for the majority of players. I can wholeheartedly and thankfully dismiss everything in regard to source points and spells.

      • You can drop one of the four teleport pyramids next to the fountain of source (usually looks like a giant glass bottle of source).
        Then wherever you are just drop another pyramid (as a return point), teleport to the pyramid next to source fountain, refill on source and then use the teleport to pyramid that you dropped as return point.

        • Anonymous

          There is a source amulet, appropriately named "Source Amulet" that gives you 5 extra source points. Any source you use will be drained from the amulet first and then it'll drain from your main 3-point pool. And any source you consume after your main 3-point pool is full will go into the amulet for later use. You can get it from the Toyseller in Arx.I killed him and looted it from him - don't know if you can get him to give it to you or not.

          • Anonymous

            Looks like a Bethesda way to do things. I would not want that, source would lose every bit of what makes it special and become a "buff resource", which would be a shame. On the other hand, i kind of understand, from playing through the Joy Act, that Source is a power inside every Sourcerer. Some have it, some don't. It is told that many sourcerers were brought to Fort Joy after a Source "accident", where their power unleashed uncontrollably and unwillingly. That's why they have collars. But then, i fail to see the need for your party to unlock "Source Points" and find external source pools. Wasn't Source a power contained in one's own body? I understand they did that for balance purposes but i feel it breaks their lore. Probably, i would have prefered a system where using source comes with a cost. Either some time to have it back and reuse it (in which case developing your power would allow you to use more of it before it drains out) or grant an "Exhausted" status of sorts after you use too much of it. And i would have loved more Source related spells and abilities. Some relying only on source, the way Bless does.

            • Anonymous

              Wouldn't it be kind of cool if the Source Points served as an adjustable resource with which the player can buff their skills? This way they can use most of the skills more freely without fearing to waste Points.

              • Anonymous

                i can definetly use more then 3 source points in a fight. the possibility scales with enemies in a fight, from which bodys you can draw more source, even while alive if its a source mage.
                Of course high aktion point cost for some skills render them nearly useless in most situations.

                • Anonymous

                  To be brutaly honest, I do not like the source point concept who's just a gameplay limiter. Another thing that makes it pointless is the fact that the sourcespells are not worth the costs. Unfortunately it is clear that they will never undo the cost requierments for any of the skills (bless is rendered useless by the cost) probably because some of the higher ups decidet that nonsense.

                  • Anonymous

                    After gaining the second point you'll get an ability which allows you to use the purging wand drain ability as much as you want for 2 points. Makes it so that you can actually use these several times in a fight.

                    • Anonymous

                      Its kinda "you have a lot of powerful skills (like in DOS1 late skills) but you can use one of them in a fight" . Seems pretty wrong to me.

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