Sparking Swings

Sparking Swings

Receive Sparkstriker status. This causes your melee attacks to create a spark projectile that bounces off the initial target to hit the closest enemy.

 Set Sparkstriker for 3 turn(s).

Requires Pyrokinetic 1cldwn5
Requires Warfare 1
Costs 1 Memory

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Sparking Swings is a Pyrokinetic Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Sparking Swings Spell Book Location



Sparking Swings Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Works great with Dual Wielding, because each hit shoots a spark.
  • Scales of level, Int and Pyrokinetic. 




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Summoner of Sparks



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    • Anonymous

      03 May 2019 14:07  

      Looking at the game files, Sparking Swings deals the exact same damage as Fireball and the spark projectile has a range of 13m. When playing around with this skill, I happened to be using a weapon with cleave and hit two enemies with a single attack, generating two spark projectiles.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jan 2019 08:21  

        ...does this***** really scale with int/pyrokinetic? I'm looking at all of these mergable skillbooks, and they all require exceedingly weird builds to utilize well. Like, it would make sense that the damage from this would scale off say, warfare and strength (if it were to be useful) but instead it scales off...*****ing int? sigh.

        • Anonymous

          23 May 2018 19:02  

          Spark swings with talent
          Savage Sortilege and firebrand with high 'two hander' for crit damage is a very powerful combo mid-late game.

          • Anonymous

            14 Oct 2017 00:54  

            it last for 3 turns or 4 bounces so if you hit 4 targets with a whirlwind it will bounce 4 times to each enemy and then you lose the buff it also scales only with level and pyrokinetic

            • Anonymous

              22 Sep 2017 04:22  

              This is one weird skill, I have no idea of how it works at all; not only this skill doesn't consistently trigger from the 3 first basic attacks (not sure if it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong), it can work at a decently long range or not work on a pretty close enemy.

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