Speaking in Forked Tongues

Location Stonegarden
Suggested Level 12
Next Quest None
Previous Quest None

Speaking in Forked Tongues is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Speak to the burning chest in Stonegarden cemetary and find a way to open it.



Important NPCs


Speaking in Forked Tongues Objectives

  1. Move the chest from the fire.
  2. Speak to the chest.
  3. Find the password.
  4. Open the chest.



Speaking in Forked Tongues Walkthrough

In Stonegarden, you can find a lizard chest in between two fire-breathing statues. Move it out the flame so you can speak to it.

Let a lizard speak to it (the Red Prince will do), and you will learn it requires a password to open. The password can be learned from the salamander at Ryker's mansion, but it has to be a lizard character with both the Pet Pal talent and the "Scholar" tag. Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter can be used if there is no lizard character in the party. With enough persuasion ability, you can also pass a speech check to make the chest open for you. Finding the password from the salamander gives 9650XP though.

Alternatively, if you have an Elf in your party there's a limb you can eat from a lizard corpse that will infuse you with the memories of the song/password. It is located near the broken statue and requires Wits to find. This is probably the easier way to complete this quest BUT if you do so, you will forfeit the rewards associated with the "Stranger in a strange land" quest, since the limbs are from the spirit of the lizard who wants his limbs burned. Opening the chest will grant 3875XP and complete the quest.

Warning: If you lockpicked the chest before getting the quest, you can no longer talk to the chest and finish the quest normally, however you can then destroy the chest to force the quest to close.


Tips & Tricks

  • Teleport the chest out from the flames
  • Smashing it gets the loot but does not solve the quest, noble lizard with petpal does not qualify to get the password.
  • A Scholar elf may learn a song from gravekeeper, which can open the chest (?)
  • Consul Zur's leg can be found at Ryker's basement, eat it will taught you the song/password. The leg can be found on the table on X:596 Y:787, make sure you use alt to see if it's the right body part and if it's rotten or not. (to be verified for me its was under the table on X:585 Y:782)

    • Anonymous

      18 May 2019 08:07  

      The salamander wouldn’t tell me the password, even though I talked to it with the Red Prince that has pet pal...

      • Anonymous

        Speaking in Forked Tongues [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]08 Mar 2019 04:46  

        If you picked the chest, and lost 20,000 xp doing so, you can still finish the mission by talking to the lizard thing as a lizard with pet pal, then go back to the chest and destroy it while its in the flames. You will achieve full xp for the quest as well as remove it from your quest logs

        • Anonymous

          21 Oct 2018 12:49  

          If you lockpicked the chest before you got the quest and you can no longer talk to the chest, the way to close the quest is to move the chest out of the fire, rightlick Attack it and destroy it. the quest closes then

          • Anonymous

            27 Sep 2018 15:21  

            I wouldn't mind getting Pet Pal if the points weren't so few and far between. Of course, I'd prefer mnemonics, or attribute/talent points, or leech, or comeback kid, or extra vitality for my tank (lizard character with the scholar tag) via warfare, or... ...I still have a squirrel chasing after me in spirit form but I've yet to talk to him because he's too snooty to speak with Ifan and I've wanted things other than Pet Pal on my main. Like loremaster, this should be a one party member and done thing. I'm not putting it on Ifan, Red Prince, and my main.

            • Anonymous

              25 Sep 2018 01:48  

              If you wanted to talk to the salamander, as a lizard with pet pal, do it before you kill Ryker, bc after I did that the salamander didn't give me the password

              • Anonymous

                16 Sep 2018 22:04  

                I wonder if the name of the chest, Thrice Bound, is inspired buy the Kingkiller Chronicles which features a similarly named and just as complexly sealed Thrice Locked chest

                • Anonymous

                  12 Sep 2018 11:03  

                  In the Definitive Edition, using Fane´s mask doesn´t work, I used it with Sebille for the Scholar tag. I needed to respec the Red Prince in order to get the password.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Sep 2018 16:34  

                    You HAVE to talk to Xiuh before killing Ryker. after you kill Ryker Xiuh will refuse to talk to you. Then your only option will be to lockpick it witch atm don't close the quest

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Jan 2018 02:31  

                      I am not sure if there is really leg of Consul Zur is not at Ryker's basement. It may have been looted outside in Stone Garden and got mixed up with all the body parts in Ryker's Private Chamber.

                      Just respec any lizard (or undead as lizard) with Pet Pal and speak to Xiuh will be a better way of getting the password to the chest and close the quest.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Dec 2017 13:31  

                        I should have done something wrong. I was not aware it was a quest (the close chest) so i teleported out of flames, and when i couldn't open it i left for later. I did the Ryker's quest, killing him, got the source point, collected anything from his house, killed xiuh (as he refused to speak with me aka Fane with pet pal talent), then i get back to the chest. I opened without any password (it didn't ask), but i can't close the mission. So my advice: do not follow my path, do not kill Xiuh it's worthless. :)

                        • Anonymous

                          31 Oct 2017 23:32  

                          You can it it without schoolar tag, but if you use shapeshifting when you must eat and speak with chest in elf form.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Oct 2017 18:58  

                            I can confirm what another post said. There's a Disembodied Leg on a table down in Ryker's basement that, when eaten by my Scholar elf, granted the password for the chest. This is not the same leg you dig up for the "Stranger in a Strange Land" quest, and the quest won't update after you eat the leg. But when you next speak to the chest, the option will be there. I don't know if you need to eat the leg after speaking to the chest for the first time, nor do I know if a non-Scholar elf can do it.

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Oct 2017 16:32  

                              This is a silly quest, I have Fane in my party and I just lockpicked the chest. No password necessary. But the quest didn't close after I looted the chest.

                              • Anonymous

                                26 Oct 2017 13:49  

                                The silly thing about this quest is that lizard characters need "Pet Pal" to speak to the salamander, Xiuh. If he's speaking ancient tongue, a language which you know. But I suppose Larian gonna Larian

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Oct 2017 13:28  

                                  When you speak to Xiuh the salamander, one of the dialogue options is "Visitors? Ask who comes to see Ryker." That doesn't follow from the previous statements as there was no mention of visitors. Very weird.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    26 Oct 2017 05:38  

                                    Even if you talk to the chest first with a non-lizard, you will write in your quest journal that it requires a password. Hmm, how did you know? Weird.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      15 Oct 2017 18:30  

                                      I found Consul Zur's leg in Ryker's basement. That leg taught me a song and finally I could open it.
                                      You should open the chest in elf form, not lizard form (If you use Shapeshifter)

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