Spear of Braccus Rex



2-3 Earth

11-12 Physical


+5% Chance

+150% Damage


Petrified for 1 turn (10%)

Slowed for 1 turn (10%)


Finesse 10


   All In





 Spear of Braccus Rex is a unique spear in Divinity Original Sin 2.


"A spear from a bygone age, encrusted with the long-dried blood of Lord Withermoore."



  • Deals 2-3 Earth and 11-12 Physical Damage
  • Has a +5% chance to Crit
  • Deals 150% damage on a Critical Hit
  • Has a 10% chance to set target as Petrified for 1 turn
  • Has a 10% chance to set target as Slowed for 1 turn
  • Requires Finesse 10 or higher
  • Classified as a Level 3 spear
  • Grants the All In skill



  • Inside the Forgotten Cell in the elven cave of Fort Joy
  • Speak to Mody to play a game of hide and seek; find him and he'll reveal the location of the cell
  • The spear is lodged inside of Lord Withermoore, requiring Strength 12 to pull out

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    • Anonymous

      got telekinesis so i wouldn't have to waste points on strength to do strengthy stuff. obviously, i'm the fool for thinking it could move objects.

      • Anonymous

        You can also attack the spear with a weapon to destroy it. I don't plan on using a Strength character, this was the quickest way to continue the questline without having to prepare/craft potions or buff food.

        • Anonymous

          You can eat a Dinner (just cook a piece of meat at a fire) and that gives you two Strength and you can get the spear that way too.

          • Anonymous

            When you rest you gain 1 Str, 1 Int and 1 Finesse. you have a few seconds, use encourage then you should have a total of 12 str on all your characters. You can then remove the spear

            • Anonymous

              Complete Murderous Gheist and obtain Migo’s Breast Plate, then use Encourage to raise your current strength to 11 and put it on, then use Encourage while wearing it to pull the spear out with a character with a base strength of 10 (current strength of 12).

              • Anonymous

                To pull it out I tried to boost my Strength by using a Strength Potion and Encourage, but it seems you can only do it if the Character has 11 Base Strength.

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