Spear of Horrorsleep


156-164 phys.
32-33 earth




50% set Sleeping
20% set Slowed
Skill: Dust Blast


14 Finesse



Spear of Horrorsleep is a Weapon in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Found within the nightmare realms, this unique spear has the ability to cloud the vision and the dreams of any it strikes.


spear of horrorsleep


Spear of Horrorsleep Location/Where to find

  • It sticks in a dead lizard inside the The Arx Lizard Consulate portal realm after the Arena in the House of War area.


Spear of Horrorsleep Notes/Tips


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    • Anonymous

      Is the weapon available only on the DE? Playing the classic version and the weapon doesn't seem to spawn lodged on the dead body.

      • Anonymous

        Can't seem to pick this up. I can see it on the dead lizard but there is no way to collect it. Tried apportation and nothing.

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