Spider's Kiss

Spider's Kiss gives you -2 on attribute and +2 to another. (depends on your choice in quest)


A Web of Desire

Spider's Kiss is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • This quest is acquired from quest A Web of Desire
  • Depends on your choice, this talent gives different boost. See the above quest for details

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    • Anonymous

      Based on what the Spider in Ryker's house sais, if you already got the Spider's kiss, when asked for another kiss, the spider's kiss seems to be a form of incubation...
      Because she sais she "has enough babies already" when she tells you 'no'.

      • Anonymous

        You can gain 5k experience per character if you opt for the kiss. There is no harm in it, if you disliked loosing any attribute, you can make it up by changing it in the mirror on the ship or by selecting a different approach while leveling up. But 5 k experience is worth it plus after receiving the experience you may kill the spider for more experience. 1st option gives +2 to strength & -2 to constitution. 2nd option gives +2 to intelligence & -2 to constitution. 3rd option gives gold & -2 to constitution. 4th option gives +2 to wits & -2 to constitution. Last option gives the idol of birth (at a cost of -2 constitution), an item which will automatically revive you if you die.

        • Anonymous

          Useless. You can always go to the ship and respec. -2 to get +2 is something that you can do by yourself at the mirror on the ship

          • Anonymous

            If you go to the mansion in the grave yard and talk to the spider upstairs with pet pal and also spider's kiss talent. She will recognize the spider's kiss and not attack you? I'm not sure if she attacks you if you don't have it or not because I did

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