Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

Sprout temporary wings to fly when you move, allowing you to ignore ground surfaces. Incompatible with Spider Legs.

 Sets wings for 3 turns. Allows use of the ability Fly.

Requires Polymorph 2cldwn6
Costs 1 Memory

polymorph-skills-dos2 Polymorph

Spread Your Wings is a Polymorph Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Spread Your Wings Spell Book Location



Spread Your Wings Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, Life Essence, and Sinew
  • Incompatible with Spider Legs.
  • Grants the skill Flight, which ignores attacks of opportunity:
    Fly to a nearby point.
    1 AP
    1 Turn Cooldown



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