Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

Sprout temporary wings to fly when you move, allowing you to ignore ground surfaces. Incompatible with Spider Legs.

 Sets wings for 3 turns. Allows use of the ability Fly.

Requires Polymorph 2cldwn6
Costs 1 Memory

polymorph-skills-dos2 Polymorph

Spread Your Wings is a Polymorph Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Spread Your Wings location

  • Set by Kvyn's Heart (chest, Arx)
  • Set by the Vulture set when it's complete
  • Permanently set when passing the Path of Blood as a pure character


Spread Your Wings' skill

  • Flight
    Fly to a nearby point.
    1 AP
    1 Turn Cooldown


Spread Your Wings effects

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, Life Essence, and Sinew
  • Scroll costs 1 AP to use
  • Flight is  affected by range bonuses (Far Out Man, Farsight)
  • AI cannot use Spread Your Wings, but can use Flight if they have Spread Your Wings pre-set to them
  • Will be affected by clouds in the path, even if it looks like the character is not touching them
  • Ignores surfaces when moving, but not while staying still, as the character is standing


Spread Your Wings trivia & strategies

  • If a character without magical armour flies over a character with Medusa Head active, they will be petrified mid-flight, but will still continue flying towards their target. If the target point is outside Medusa Head's range, they will be unpetrified
  • Compared to other travel skills, Spread Your Wings is one of the worse ones. The flight trajectory can be blocked by obstacles, unlike all other jump skills where they simply warp where they want to go. In addition, to use Flight once, you have to use 2 AP: one for Spread Your Wings and one for Flight. Being affected by clouds in most cases is not a big deal, but can become fatal if you have no armours, i.e. jumping over a cursed steam or blood cloud, which give the Decaying status. The only benefit to Spread Your Wings is that for three turns you can use Flight every turn, but it might not be as necessary as one may think


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