Steam Lance

Steam Lance

Releases a stream of Blessed Steam that heals characters in its path.

Restore [75% of total heal value] Vitality for 3 Turn(s)

Requires Hydrosophist 3cldwn3
Costs 2 Memory
 Range 13m

hydrosophist-skills-dos2 Hydrosophist

Steam Lance is a Hydrosophist Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Steam Lance location

  • In a locked chest inside Dallis' Statesroom aboard the Lady Vengeance. You can get this Skill Book during the quest Lady o' War.


Steam Lance effects

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, Source Orb, and Chub Fish
  • Healing scales with level and Hydrosophist. Damage additionally scales with Warfare
  • 25° cone AoE
  • Is not affected by range bonuses (Far Out Man, Farsight)
  • Will deal damage to allied undead
  • Restores enemies' status effects, but doesn't heal them
  • Douses fires, both surfaces and characters
  • If the cone hits normal steam, the bless effect spreads to it, too
  • Cleanses Chilled, Frozen, Diseased, Infectious Disease, Decaying, Plague, Infested


Steam Lance trivia & strategies

  • Rather cumbersome to use considering it's large AoE and how it hits undead allies and cleanses status effects from enemies. The healing effect is the same as Restoration's, and the fact that it uses 2 source points means that it should probably be left out of a caster's spell arsenal.
  • The scrolls, however, can be far more useful, as they also cost 2 AP only
  • It's useful when multiple characters are afflicted by decaying, and you need to heal them quickly



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    • Anonymous

      Note that the healing. Heal-over-time status it gives is unique to this skill. Thus it can be combined with regeneration and healing statuses

      • Anonymous

        If you'd rather have a blessed water surface you can use condense or winter blast to do so. Can useful given how much fire and undead this game throws at you.

        • Anonymous

          It will also bless any other steam clouds it touches. You can create huge blessed clouds that will heal you or damage undead.

          • If you cast it into necrofire surface, it won't be affected, it will be a necrofire surface and blessed steam. It does NOT remove necrofire status.

            However, if you cast it into necrofire **cloud**, it will be removed (replaced) by blessed steam.

            It removes:

            Also tested it with: bleeding, poison, shocked, stunned, slow, knockdown, shackles of pain, blind, necrofire, atrophy, rupture tendons, cripple.

            Need somebody to test it with curse.

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