Stewart is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Stewart information

  • An elf kicked out of The Divine Order because of his race but continues to serve the order out of loyalty.
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Stewart location

  • Stewart first appears in Driftwood at Reaper's Coast



Notes and Tips

  • Related to the Quest "The Missing Magisters". Can be talked to for 3000XP if you chose to believe they've got a false culprit.
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    • Anonymous

      07 Dec 2018 10:03  

      Dies at the hand of the cook in the tavern if told about the hidden ring you find inside the kitchen. No xp and will make cook attack you too.

      • Anonymous

        31 Dec 2017 05:30  

        He is an incompetent that defied his own race. Above all this, he wanted to take all the credits of the quest. Little bastart. Fu** him.

        • Anonymous

          28 Oct 2017 09:25  

          The little***** steals the credit if you tell him, shame there can't be a compromise. Like say he helped in the investigation rather than let him take all the credit or by taking the credit ourselves.

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