Stingtail is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Stingtail information

  • Lizard Pyromancer
  • Is a Pyromancy vendor, for base level pyromancies.
  • Stingtail is the one that stole Griffs "oranges", can be convinced to give them up to any character with two points in persuade, as his highest skill is fairly low. 
  • If you tell Griff that he stole the oranges, a unique NPC "Silence" will be seen attempting to murder Stingtail on Griffs orders the next time you go to Stingtails shack.
  • You can save Stingtail from death if you attack and defeat Silence, and this will not cause Griffs crew to become hostile. 
  • Stingtail advances personal quests for both The Red Prince, and Sebille through allowing them to converse with him. However at the end of Sebille's converstaion with Stingtail should you allow her to speak with him, she will kill him instantly.



Stingtail location

  • Stingtail first appears in Fort Joy Ghetto, talking to Camp Boss Griff.
  • Shortly after his conversation with Griff, he will move to a spot along the south side beach, where he sleeps until disturbed (X: 182, Y: 77). Remaining within this location ever after being awoken.



Notes and Tips

  • Pyrokinetic Skill Book Vendor
  • Is related to quest The Imprisoned Elf
  • Occasionally after being killed by Sebille he will not drop his skill books. This has been solved through ensuring to speak and trade with him, or attempt to steal from him before he is killed.

    • 19 Jan 2018 20:46  

      Stingtail actually first appears in front of Griff, when you first walk into that part of Fort Joy. They will be having a conversation about deliveries and such, and you can speak to him as the Red Prince for some extra dialogue. He tells you to meet him outside Fort Joy, but even if you don't talk to him, eventually he will leave on his own.

      Even Sebille is actively stalking him from nearby, and casually walks alongside him as she goes to her usual recruitment location.

      • Anonymous

        12 Jan 2018 05:44  

        In my game the rogue girl killed him after red prince sleeps and shares a dream with him. Is the red prince storyline affected by this?

        • Anonymous

          29 Nov 2017 18:46  

          If like me you are wondering how to even trade with him on the left of dialogue box there is a trade button (hand with coins falling in it)

          • Anonymous

            05 Nov 2017 06:18  

            I killed him and got all his books. Went to a save and killed him again and got no books. Went to a save and killed him again and got one book. Interesting.

            • Anonymous

              17 Oct 2017 03:38  

              are you *****ing kidding me, I searched around like an idiot for fire spells for almost an hour because I only started with haste, but now I can't get any at all until I get off the *****ing island all because this *****ing stoner lizard wouldn't talk to me and I had the psycho elf ***** kill her. Genius *****ing game design indeed.

              • Anonymous

                20 Sep 2017 00:39  

                Great game design - have one of the main plot lines abruptly get the fire spells merchant killed! Pure brilliance!

                • Anonymous

                  17 Sep 2017 08:50  

                  Buy from him before you do Sebille's quest. I was a fire mage and i met with Sebille before i met with him. So i missed out on early fire spells...

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