Stranger in a Strange Land

Quest Giver
Location Stonegarden
Suggested Level 10+
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Stranger in a Strange Land is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Spirit of Vilnx Creeva



Stranger in a Strange Land Objectives

  1. Talk to the lizard ghost.
  2. Throw his remains onto the fire.
  3. Speak to the lizard ghost.



Stranger in a Strange Land Walkthrough

Cast Spirit Vision at the Stonegarden Waypoint, and you will see a Lizard ghost nearby. He will ask you to dig up his remains and burn it in eternal fire. If you dig up his remains and eat it as an elf, you gain his memories but he will curse you and the quest will end.

Instead, place the remains of the Lizard at the lizard part of the cemetery, where there are 2 lizard corpses and two dragon head statues continuously breath fire on the ground. Simply throw the remains onto the fire and the ghost of the lizard will appear, thank you, and give you a reward.

Reward XP: 7725



Tips & Tricks

*If you eat the leg as an elf (or transformed elf), you gain poison wave.

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    • Anonymous

      06 Jun 2021 10:02  

      Anyone else have the gluttonous habit of eating remains way too fast to complete a quest like this or just me lol

      • Anonymous

        18 May 2021 05:55  

        I had the same bug that a lot of people are seeing, where if you didn't use spirit vision and talk to the lizard before burning his remains, then the quest won't complete. If I go to the quest in the journal and click the "on map" button, it gives me a dialogue box titled "Warning" with the message that "this flag is in another area. You can't see it yet"

        • Anonymous

          26 Apr 2021 22:02  

          So I did this quest a little while ago and I burned the remains in the Eternal Fire but the quest wont close. I don't believe I used Spirit Vision first which is probably what did me in. However, my journal even says that I burned the remains so I know I did that part properly. It also says I now have to return to Vilnx Creeva. I tried using Spirit Vision at Creeva's grave after the fact but he doesn't show up.

          Is there any way around this or did I royally screw this up and just have to move on?

          • Anonymous

            20 Jul 2019 16:08  

            Warning: if you take the remains to the fire and place them there without at first speaking with the lizard, you won't be able to complete the quest (I found the remains before talking with the lizard and just checked me journal and somehow magically knew to burn them, but now I cannot find the lizard ghost to complete the quest).

            • Anonymous

              05 Jul 2019 16:13  

              No bug, you just have to put the lizard leg in front of one of the dragons breath to close the quest. At first i just put the leg into the fire and it didn't work because of that!

              • 09 Jun 2019 17:06  

                I put the leg in, it burned, the spirit appeared. The quest didn't complete. I spoke to the spirit again - with each party member just for good measure - still listed as an active quest. I did have the spirit vision ability before doing it, too.

                • Anonymous

                  28 May 2019 09:50  

                  I thought it was a good idea to eat the leg as a human just for the fun of it, guess my character became a Cannibal since Fort Joy. I dont care about the XP anyways, i am already overleveled.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Mar 2018 02:00  

                    The quest seems to bug if you throw the corpse in the flames before getting spirit vision, making it uncompleteable.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Nov 2017 13:25  

                      Be careful not to feed the remains to the spider in Ryker's house! I did that and now can't complete this quest

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