Summon Condor

Summon Condor

Summons a condor that will aid you in combat.

 The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

 No Summoning requiredcldwn6
 Cost 1 Memory
 Duration 10 turn(s)
 Range 15m

summoning-skill Summoning

Summon Condor is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Summon Condor Spell Book Location

  • Players can acquire this skill directly when speak to Featherfall in Stonegarden (X:582 Y:198) and pass the required persuasion checks. Pet Pal is required as well.



  • It has 3 skills:

    Fly to a nearby point.

    Range: 13m



    Peck and claw at the target, dealing [X-Y] piercing damage and setting blind.

     Set Blinded for 1 turn(s)
    Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from Intelligence.

     Resisted by Magic Armour

    Range: Touch(2m)



    Deal [X-Y] air damage and clear surfaces in a cone (except cursed surfaces).

     Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from Intelligence.

    Range: 7m



Notes and Tips

  • Range: 15m.
  • The skill will be given to the character that successfully convinces it to be its new master.



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    • Looting the body in front of him doesn't matter. We looted when we first came into Stonegarden and still got the vulture later on, when we found out it was a thing. You need to have Persuasion ~5 , and the Pet Pal talent. That is all, if you follow the dialogue you want to eat his master (like I said we had already looted the body like 10 hours gametime before) and act like it's making you powerful like the Master was. (sorry can't remember the exact dialogue)

      • Anonymous

        If you want to do this quest, do NOT loot the body in front of Featherfall before talking to him. He will get mad and none of your characters will get the option to talk to him. Didn't know that there was a SKILL attached to him, so when he got mad at me I didn't really care. Course now I'm nearly done with Reaper's Coast, so there's no going back for me. Next playthrough I guess (I had the same issue with the black cat - I didn't even notice when it died, and never knew there was a skill attached to him until I was long off the island.)

        • Anonymous

          good ability to go along with the cat my main is rocking this i'll spec him into summoning at some point aswell.

          • It's kind of*****, assuming you're invested in Summoning. It has no armor, so gets CC'd by everything, deals mediocre damage and cannot be used alongside the Incarnate.

            • Anonymous

              I've gone to the tower, im assuming its the tower with drawf spirits ontop yet cant see any bird names Featherfall, any help?

              • Anonymous

                You can find unlock this ability by talking to "Featherfall" who is at the top of a tower in Stonegarden (directly NW of the Stonegarden Graveyard waypoint).

                Unlocking the bird requires some level of persuasion. I was able to do it with 5 in persuasion and 15 in memory.

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