Summon Dragonling

polymorph 18 7AP2

Summons a newt to help you in combat.

special divinity original sin 2 The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Summoning 0cldwn6
properties divinity original sin2 icon Cost 2  Memory
properties divinity original sin2 icon Duration 5 turn(s)

summoning skills s Summoning

Summon Dragonling is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Summon Dragonling Spell Book Location

  • Dream Portal - Arx



Summon Dragonling Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • After confronting Sadha in the dream portal and she lets you leave, have the Red Prince interact with the dragon egg behind her. A chat prompt will allow you to breathe on the egg and let you bond with the dragonling.
  • While any lizard character or person wearing Mask of the Shapeshifter can breathe on the egg, Persuasion 4 is necessary to talk the dragonling into joining you regardless of what you do to his mother.
  • It bleeds Blessed Fire
  • It has 5 spells:
    pyrokinetic fireball iconSpitfire

    Hurl a fiery sphere that will explode, dealing [X - Y] fire damage.

    special divinity original sin 2 Set burning for 2 turn (s).
    Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from Intelligence.

    magic armour icon Resisted by Magic Armour

    properties divinity original sin2 icon 1m Explode radius

    AP: APAP


    pyrokinetic fire brand iconFirebrand

    An aura that adds [X - Y] fire damage for weapon skills and attacks for all allies near you.

     special divinity original sin 2 Set Firebrand for 2 turn(s).

    AP: AP


    pyrokinetic flaming tongues iconFlaming Tongues

    Flaming tongues protect you, immediately attacking approaching enemies.

    special divinity original sin 2 Set Flaming Tongues for 3 turn(s).

    AP: AP


    pyrokinetic ignition iconIgnition

    Sets enemy characters around you on fire. Deals [X - Y] fire damage to each. Ignites all susceptible surfaces.

    special divinity original sin 2 Set Buring for 2 turn(s).
    Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from Intelligence.

    magic armour icon Resisted by Magic Armour

    AP: AP


    polymorph 13 2Flight
    Fly to a nearby point.
    AP: AP






Summoning Skills
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    • Probably the only Summon that can actually rival Incarnate, it's a bit of a shame that it's only act 4.

      I ran some tests at level 22 on a character that had 16 in Summoning. Here are the results.

      Blood Incarnate with all 4 infusions hits for around 1600 physical damage with a Basic attack.

      Dragonling with no buffs hits for around 1000 physical damage with a Basic attack. However , if you use his Firebrand buff, even though the tooltip says that it's `200 damage increase it's actually around 400 Fire damage for some reason. On short, Dragonling does about 1400 damage, albeit mixed.

      Dragonling lacks attacks of opportunity, but Firebrand with 16 in Summoning does around 800+ damage every time someone walks in his range. This is potentially better than Opportunist if there are a lot of enemies, as it can proc multiple times on the same turn.

      Dragonlings, Fireball does about 1500 damage and he has around 13k HP. Dragonling bleeds blessed fire and for some reason using Armor buffs on him has increased value. If my Summoner (Who's maxing Geo secondary) drops Fortify on him he gains around 5k armor from it, even though the tooltip says it should be 2500 armor increase, might have something to do with Summoning multipliers.

      Dragonling has a Firebrand buff and he has Flight skill that he can use every single turn, meaning he doesn't have to waste nearly as much AP as Incarnate to get to the enemies.

      Memorizing Dragonling only requires 2 memory, and getting him out only requires 2AP, while memorizing Incarnate requires 5 memory minimum for the buffs, +2 more for elemental infusions.

      Last but not least, since Dragonling has massive HP pool, but not so much armor, enemies actually like to attack him, which in my experience is a good thing, since he can function like a meatshield/ tank of sorts, where as Incarnate usually gets ignored in fights.

      All in all , I feel like they are pretty closely matched, considering what they bring.

      • Anonymous

        If you don't have Red Prince in your party and want to have the Dragonling and don't want to kill Sadha, you can do the following, though it takes some effort.
        1) Pass the speech check with her using Shapeshifter mask or Lizard character (you can use the Lizard option, I don't think you need a high persuasion for that, just being a lizard is enough). You don't have to give her the Stormbreaker (or you can, then you can drop it and get it back), just tell her, you protect her and she will be happy.
        2) Have her engaged in conversation (it doesn't have to be a Lizard character at this point as she is not hostile towards you), at the same time use any Lizard character (Shapeshifter mask counts as well) to breathe on the egg (it's invisible on the pedestal behind her).
        3) Sadha will get angry and starts talking to the character, who breathed on the egg. Leave them involved in the conversation.
        4) Use character with high persuasion and Pet Pal to talk to the Dragonling that appears and persuade it to join you. Your character doesn't have to be a lizard, but needs high persuasion to pass the check. The dragonling disappears and appears in your skills.
        5) Unlink one of the characters not involved in discussion with Sadha.
        6) Use one of the linked characters to leave through the portal (not the one involved in discussion with Sadha), this will also interrupt the discussion with Sadha and she never starts the fight as if you never stole her Dragonling. The quest remains open.
        7) Leave with the last unlinked character through Portal, the quest properly closes. Sadha is alive and you have the dragonling.

        • Anonymous

          All you have to do is kill sadha and her guards then use a lizard breath on invisible egg then pass a speech check.

          • Anonymous

            I feel like the same guy is saying under everyones comments this thing is bad. But this has an attack booster. Bleeds blessed fire and enemies don't know how to deal with flaming tongues. I think they are both equally good.

            • Anonymous

              As it is for now (, you can take this skill on your summoner main char, just by using Fane mask. Morph into lizard, initiate dialogue, Red Prince would hesitate to take his dragon kid into "dangers of the world", at this point dialogue will give your char a choice to intervene and say "i can do it", Red Prince will agree, dialogue will end and now main char can just use the egg as usual, without fuss. Probably, after this point, it would be possible to use any party member in Fane mask to fire breath of egg.

              • Anonymous

                Just to add my 2c on how to get this skill without having Red Prince but with having a Mask of the Shapeshifter:

                First, I was not able to avoid fighting the princess. If I talked to her with a non-lizard, she would say she can only trust her own kin and initiate combat. If I talked to her with Fane shapeshifted as a lizard, she would say that even her own kin come to kill her and initiate combat. So what I would have to do is start the dialogue with one of my available people, get the convo started with her, and then sneak lizard'd Fane around and breathe fire on the pedestal.

                Now here's where things get interesting... Despite the fact I had the princess engaged in dialog with someone else, she breaks that dialog and starts one to fuss at my lizard. This gives any of my other party members the chance to go talk to the dragonling and try to persuade it, even the party member who first talked to the princess. If I want my lizard or fake-lizard to have the dragonling, then while the princess is engaged with the first party member (before breathing fire on the pedestal), I can teleport her away. This of course makes her aggressive (which she was going to be anyway after dialog), but as long as I don't hit "end" in the dialog, the lizard is free to breathe on the pedestal and talk to the dragonling him/herself.

                • Anonymous

                  People are saying it's good... It's not. Incarnate hits way harder once you give him power and farsight infusion, dragonling is only better when you compare the incarnate without any infusions, which would be silly because you're never going to use an incarnate without infusions.

                  It's fun that it's in the game, but you can get a fireball on your higher health, higher armor, easier to heal, longer lasting, teleporting, stealthing incarnate, and then you can switch him to heal, poison, or shock as you need while also changing the damage type to hit your enemy's vulnerability. An only-fire summon that takes your strong summon slot is just not as good as incarnate.

                  If you're playing a non-summoner, however, I think it's very much worth taking 2 memory slots to just throw him out there and use him as a meat shield. It's stronger than Ifan's wolf and doesn't cost source, and Ifan's wolf is only bad because it takes source points to summon.

                  • Anonymous

                    Very strong summ here is small comparison. At lvl 21 with 11th rank in summoning skill dragonling has almost 14k hp, 2k magic armor and no physical armor. It's summoned for 5 turns (while incarnate with the same summoner stats has approximately 6k hp, 2k magic and physical armor and is summoned for 10 turns). Dragonling's fireball hits for about 1500 dmg and normal attack hits for 1000-1200dmg. On the other hand condor deals 2x 180 dmg while incarante (not infused) hits for 1200-1300 with normal attacks.

                    • Anonymous

                      It would be cool and hilariously op maybe if it turned into a modafacka mega dragon at summoning 10. Like that blue dragon at Fort Joy.

                      • Anonymous

                        For people having trouble getting this skill on their summoner:
                        1) Make sure your summoner have high persuasion.
                        2) Position your summoner close to the egg so that the fire breath will not hit the Red Princess.
                        3) Using your summoner, interact with the egg.
                        4) Have another party member talk with Red Princess.
                        5) Switch back to summoner, hatch the egg using dialogue option.
                        6) Pass persuasion check and profit.

                        • I feel a bit sad for those who missed it or got the summon with the "wrong" character because they didn't use Fane's mask to transform their summoner as a lizzard... You're welcome :p

                          • Anonymous

                            would like to say that after much effort all attempts to get dragon summon on character other than red prince has resulted in fight. if anyone knows how to bind it to another character please share otherwise this skill is useless to me as the red price is my damage/tank not a summoner. Breathing fire/using fire skill on the egg with any other character will cause sadha to go bat*****crazy and attack your party. All information I have found alludes to the fact that this can be bound to any character so long as they hatch the egg. Shape shifting mask does nothing for this either.

                            • Anonymous

                              You can put on Fane's shapeshipfter mask, turn into a lizard and still get the Dragonling - I just did that.

                              • Anonymous

                                This spell is good if your party is focused on spell damage, as you get a pretty good summon for 2AP and 2MEM, while incarnate costs 2AP and needs 2 AP worth of buffs (power and farsight) to be good, so 3MEM total. Cursed fire incarnate might be better than the dragonling though, and incarnate is more versatile overall (duh).

                                • Anonymous

                                  Before i started my playthrough i checked on this wiki the spells from the different classes to get an idea what i am going to play and the summoning spells caught my attention. A cat, a condor and even a dragon. it was like a dream that came true. after i ended the first act and reached summoning lvl 10 my little incarnation became that big bad ass and i thought "what will happen to the cat or to this dragon that i will summon later? will they become as ballsy as my lvl 10 incarnation?". Now im in act 2 and over 37 hours into the game and the bookseller wont give me my beloved spells. i checked the wiki again and now i see in the comments that all the fancy spells are quest rewards and the worst part is i cant get them. my playmate went pat pal so there was no need for me to get it too. So in act 1 he got the spell for summoning the cat. the cat wasnt a great fighter so i wasnt that sad about it but after we reached the point where we could get the condor i had to respec my character to get this summoning. after that i checked on the wiki again how to get this dragon and all i found was that i need the red prince to for the spell. unlucky like i am i ditched the red prince after act 1 for the beast because i didnt like his attitude. now im sad that i wont get any cool spells that i thought were part of the summoning class and think about respecing my summoning char. im sad, disappointed and mad but cant blame anyone so im here to tell you my misery. (sorry for bad gramma)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Confirm that the Skill is good to get, the "baby" dragon is cute and pretty strong :"> Just remember bring Swornbreaker to save Princess and take the baby

                                    • Anonymous

                                      "After a meeting with Sadha, have the red prince breathe on the dragon egg to bond with it. You will get the skill after that" Can someone confirm this?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        This is not a learn-able summoning skill, and it's placement here is misleading. This is a monster-only skill, unlike the summon condor or oily skills.
                                        I suggest this page gets removed.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          It does exist in GM mode. It's under three memory slot spells. However it seems to be bugged and considers everywhere an invalid target.

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