Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf

Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf

Summons your trusty Soul Wolf, which can Howl and Bite enemies.

 The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

 Costs 0 Memory cldwn3
 Duration 10 turn(s)
 Range 15m


Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf is a Special Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf Spell Book Location



Summon Ifan's Soul Wolf Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Taunt Ability / physical armor resist
  • Bite attack that deals piercing damage
  • Needs a few points in summoning to be of good use



Special Skills
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    • It's really lame how Ifan has a cool wolf familiar that the developers decided to make so useless. It has no mobility, as it can't go up or down ramps, stairs, or ladders at all. Has no magic armor so is is extremely vulnerable to getting CC'd immediately, and it cost a whopping 3 AP and a Source point... I just can't fathom why they even put the wolf in the game its terrible. The Incarnate is easily always better in any situation for several obvious reasons, just no need for this useless source skill.

      • Anonymous

        If people's grip with the skill is that the wolf isn't mobile, why not work around it with teleport/nether swap. The game gives you solutions

        • Anonymous

          People who keep saying that incarnate is way better than this don't know what they are talking about. At level 13 with 10 summoning, wolf has more than 1000 more hit points than incarnate and more regular armor. Incarnate only hits slightly harder (less than 20 damage) and has a 132 magic armor. Doesn't even come close to making up for the difference in hit points. If you are playing with the grab bag bonuses you can still buff wolf.

          The only area where incarnate is really superior is mobility, namely it's ability to climb up and down ladders. Which really in most fights isn't an issue. That and the fact that wolf requires source points which is still not that bad in my opinion.

          • Anonymous

            When you play Ifan, try to get some Summoning levels through Items. The Wolf with a few points in summoning can hit fairly hard and got some HP to tank. When you play a summoner, you might feel useless with the Wolf tbh. It's but a strong partner as a Ranger or something else.

            • Anonymous

              Just in case anyone is reading these and is confused how something can be both useless and OP, here's the simple answer: Ifan's Soul Wolf can be summoned more or less the instant you get your source collar off. At that point in the game, even if you've done every single optional quest and maxed all the XP you can, and stuck 3 -5 points into Summoning, the Incarnate does not deal piercing damage, and the odds that you have both the Summon Incarnate spell AND one of the good Infusions are basically zero. As such, the Incarnate starts off quite weak whereas the piercing damage is quite strong, especially at lower levels plus higher difficulty (i.e. tactician mode.) On the flip side, once you put enough points into Summoning (8-10 or more) and have some of the more useful Infusion spells, the Incarnate is flatly better. In short, the damage ramps up not just faster, but faster enough that even not being piercing damage, and even against considerable armor, it's still more effective damage on target. tl;dr the Incarnate starts weak but scales better, while the Soul Wolf starts strong but scales poorly. As a side note, the Incarnate also does not use any Source to cast, while the Soul Wolf does, so after you've hit 10+ Summoning skill, it's very hard to justify spending a Source point on an inferior summon. Also note that mods on PC fix all of this. I personally run an Infinite Summons mod and always use the Soul Wolf over the Incarnate, plus I have another mod that allows the Infusions to affect all summons, not just the Incarnate. That is, the Soul Wolf with piercing+fire damage that costs only 1AP (for the Infusion) is wicked strong.

              • Anonymous

                [SPOILER] When Ifan made that shout after the encounter with the Advocate and summoned this guy automatically I thought f yeah the little wolf skill got an upgrade let's check the wiki... Nope still same old useless wolfie

                • Anonymous

                  Strongest character bound 1 source ability by a landslide. Having another meatshield to distract opponents is godsent in tactician mode.

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