Summon Inner Demon

Summon Inner Demon

Conjure a demon that will share their Intelligence with you and provide [X] Magical Armour magic_armour-icon. Grants you power to terrify and protect yourself with demonic fists.

 Set Inner Demon for 3 turn(s).

 Requires Summoning 0cldwn6
 Cost 2 Memory

summoning-skill Summoning

Summon Inner Demon is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Summon Inner Demon Spell Book Location

  • You can get this skill from Jahan the level 20 trader NPC for killing the Advocate on Bloodmoon Island. You must have the maximum three Source point slots.



Summon Inner Demon Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Jahan is one of the Masters of Source players must seek out for the Powerful Awakening quest, as such if his quest is fulfilled before at least two other teachers then he will award a Source point slot instead of the skillbook.
  • Despite the name and classification, the skill does not conjure a controllable summon but acts like a buff similar to some Polymorph skills.
  • The armor damage of "Terrify" scales with your Intelligence and Level.
  • The physical damage of "Demonic Tutelage" scales with your Warfare, Intelligence, and Level.  It will also trigger the vampiric effects of Necromancy.
  • In addition to its skills, the buff will give your character a substantial Magic Armor boost, +6 Intelligence, and immunity to Terrified. The  amount of Magic Armor boost scales with the Hydrosophist skill.
  • It gives the character two skills:
    Demonic Tutelage

    Your inner demon actively watches over you. When an enemy approaches melee range, they will be pummelled by a demonic fist dealing physical damage.

    Set Demonic Tutelage for 3 turn(s).

    1 AP Cost
    3 Turn Cooldown

    Destroy [X] Magic Armour on target enemy. They are Terrified for 2 turn(s).

     Set Terrified for 2 turn(s).

    Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from Intelligence.

     Resisted by Magic Armor

    2 AP Cost
    Turn Cooldown


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    • Anonymous

      Easiest way I found for getting two copies:
      Right after getting the book as a reward do not progress the dialogue any further. Teleport the character in conversation away and start talking with the next character. You can turn in the quest again.

      • Anonymous

        Really pissed they removed the awesome visual with the demon floating behind you and replaced it with almost nothing. Confusing ass change.

        • Anonymous

          Easily best skill in the game. The 3SP Sourceries don't even hold a candle to this skill. It trivializes most, if not all, bosses. Terrify is a broken ability that has it all: High damage on magic armor, good range, 2 turn stun ability that apply after destroying the magic armor and like all of these weren't enough already, it's on a 1 turn CD, too. You can spam this broken ability forever to neutralize enemies then kill them with magic attacks.

          • Anonymous

            so if you kill Mhordkan to get his mace, you won't receive the skillbook? I have 3 source points and I have killed the advocate, but nothing happens when I turn the quest in. Also there is no option to tell him the demon's name even though I know it already.

            • Anonymous

              Because I found the descriptions of how to get more than one, I'll explain it as it happened for me; When accepting the quest, make sure you only do it with one character. It's best not to talk to Jahan with the others at all if possible. Then do the quest normally. When completing the quest, first talk to Jahan with the character who accepted it originally. Get the rewards like normal. After that, talk to Jahan with each other character. The dialogue when you first talk to him allows you to both accept and turn in the quest, despite already having done so on a different character. This means that each character that talks to him about the quest the first time after another has already turned it in can get an additional summon inner demon book. However, any characters that accepted the quest before someone turns it in cannot get a duplicate book.

              • Anonymous

                As mention below, you can get this for every party member. After you kill the Advocate, Just go through all the speech up until you are to reveal the name of someone (DO NOT tell him about Adrhmal....), just leave conversation. After everyone has got one THEN you can turn in the in the quest by telling him the name of the doctor

                • Anonymous

                  One of the best for a battle cleric, scales with hydro, warfare and int, so basically everything you maxed out, it's pretty good

                  • Anonymous

                    This is the most underrated sorry in the entire game. For completeness, I'm a level 19 Fane Inquisitor build with 53 intelligence.

                    One AP and one SP immediately gets you +1200 magic armour and unlocks two skills. These skills are the real MVPs.

                    Demonic Tutelage is insane. 1100 - 1300 physical damage to anyone that comes anywhere near you and that lasts three turns! Get yourself right in the thick of it and it's carnage.

                    Terrify is also great, but you need to use it carefully. It strips over 2,000 magic armour BUT doesn't cause any HP loss once the armour has expired. However, because it gives terrify status is epic as well. 2 AP means you need to be more sure about using it though, although it just has 1 turn cool down so it's very powerful.

                    • Anonymous

                      Just pointing out that it is possible to get multiple copies of this skillbook (PC, DE). I did the quests as normal on my 2-character lone wolf run and I received a copy for both characters by just talking to him with each character after the quest was finished. One guy hadn't talked to him before, so we ran through both the Jahan intro dialogue and then the quest completion, which gave him the book and no extra xp.

                      • Anonymous

                        yeah, I got 2 copies as well, with Lohse in my crew. This made the rest of the playthru pretty op. it was awesome ;D

                        • Anonymous

                          I dont have experience modding this game and unfortunately I don't have the time to learn at the moment. Do you guys where I could ask a modder to restore the looks of the new version of this spell to the old one! Imo the old one is awesome. I've searched in different sites for the mod for DE but i can't seem to find it anywhere! Pls help:)

                          • Anonymous

                            This spell is odd did testing with cheating to see how it scales and it does not scale normal. A character with 70 int and 17 summon will get around 500 armor, but with Lohse at 52 int and 10 summon she gets 780 armor, all level 16. So the game is given her a HUGE buff to use this spell/skill.

                            • Anonymous

                              Note that if you accept Jahans quest with everyone in your party, you will only get one copy. You can hire a merc to get additional ones for everyone or only speak with Jahan with the same person in your party, then after the quest is complete approach him with your other guys.

                              • Very cool buff for both defense and offense (Mag armour & int), costs only 1 AP + 1 SP, and gives you another good skill with 1 turn Cooldown to strip down mag armour and CC enemies. It doesn't even need summoning to scale, brilliant!

                                • Anonymous

                                  Such cool skill but so restrictive to get that it's easily missed. I had to replay plenty of stuff in order to get it after reading about it here.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I believe Jahan only gives you this book when you do his quest to kill the Advocate when you already have full source points.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Anyone find an alternative way of getting this skillbook? Jahan did not provide the skillbook as mentioned

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