Summon Poison Slug


Summon a Poison Slug.

action_point-icon.jpg ACTION POINT COST

  • 2 Use

source point icon SOURCE POINT COST

  • 0 Use


  • 5 turn(s) Cooldown
  • 13m Target Radius
  • Type: Summon
  • For Game Master: false

Summon Poison Slug is an ?? Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Summon a Poison Slug.


Extra Information



Summon Poison Slug Spell Book Location

  • Groom - Sold by Dorian Gall at X:319 Y:336


Summon Poison Slug Requirements

  • ??


Notes and Tips

  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      The tool-tip lies to you though, beware. It says the summon will scale off your intelligence but like every other summon in this game it scales off your summoning skills, not intelligence. You can steal or buy it from Dorian Gall in Arx or simply take it from his body if you go that route.

      • Anonymous

        This is a skill exclusive to a specific item, and only has 5 charges of it stored. I don't remember the item, unfortunately.

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