Summoning Skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are located on this page. The Summoning school uses Incarnates and totems to make life a living hell for opponents. Both Incarnates and Totems take on powers based on the surface they are summoned on, and they can be buffed as well. Every Ability Point in the Summoning combat ability will increase your summons' Vitality, Damage, Magic Armour and Physical Armour.


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Divinity Original Sin 2 Summoning Skills


Name Req Mem AP SP CD Res Scale Range Description

summoning summon incarnate icon
Conjure Incarnate

Conjure a personal elemental that matches the ground surface it's summoned onto. Your incarnate can be buffed with Infusions. Once you hit Summoning ability level of 10, a colossal Incarnate Champion will answer your summons!
summoning skills s 1 1 AP2 - 5 n/a n/a  13m The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.
Duration 10 turn(s)

summoning cannibalize icon

Destroy an allied summon or totem. Receive their Vitality, Physical Armour and Magic Armour.
summoning skills s 3 1 AP - 2 n/a n/a  13m -

summoning dimensional bolt icon
Dimensional Bolt

Shoot a volatile bolt that deals 100% damage of a random type, and then creates a corresponding surface
summoning skills s 1 1 AP2 - 1 n/a Int  13m -

summoning 12 29
Elemental Totem

Target a ground surface and conjure a totem of the corresponding element. Each turn, this totem will fire a projectile at enemies in sight.
summoning skills s 1 1 AP2 - 1 n/a n/a  13m

The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

Duration 3 turn(s)

summoning ranged infusion icon
Farsight Infusion

Unlock a ranged attack for your Incarnate. Provides [X] Magic Armour (amount depends on your level)
summoning skills s 1 1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m Set Farsight Infusion.

summoning electric infusion icon
Electric Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to electricity, unlocking Electric Discharge.

summoning skills s 1
aerotheurge skills s 1

1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m -

pyrokinetic 13 7
Fire Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to fire, unlocking Fireball.
summoning skills s 1
pyrokinetic skill s 1
1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m -

geomancer 13 4
Poison Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to poison, unlocking Poison Dart.
summoning skills s 1
geomancer skills s 1
1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m -

hydrosophist 13 6
Water Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to water, unlocking Restoration.
summoning skills s 1
hydrosophist skills s 1
1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m -

necromancer 13 5 Blood Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to blood, unlocking Mosquito Swarm.
summoning skills s 1
necromancer skills s 1
1 AP - 3 n/a n/a 13m -

geomancer 13 10
Oil Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to oil, unlocking Fossil Strike.
summoning skills s 2
geomancer skills s 2
1 AP - 3 n/a n/a 13m -

geomancer 15 14
Acid Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to acid, unlocking Poison Dart and Acid Spores.
summoning skills s 2
geomancer skills s 2
2 AP SP2 3 n/a n/a  13m -

aerotheurge 16 16
Cursed Electric Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to cursed electricity, unlocking Electric Discharge and Closed Circuit.
summoning skills s 2
aerotheurge skills s 2
2 AP SP2 3 n/a n/a  13m -

hydrosophist 15 27
Ice Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to blessed ice, unlocking Restoration and Steam Lance.
summoning skills s 2
hydrosophist skills s 2
2 AP SP2 3 n/a n/a  13m -

pyrokinetic 15 19
Necrofire Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to necrofire, unlocking Fireball and Epidemic of Fire.
summoning skills s 2
pyrokinetic skill s 2
2 AP SP2 3 n/a n/a  13m -

summoning power infusion icon
Power Infusion

Unlock Whirlwind  and Rush for your Incarnate. Provides [X] Physical Armour (amount depends on your level).
summoning skills s 2 1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m Set Power Infusion.

summoning 14 26
Shadow Infusion

Incarnate learns how to go invisible and strike foes with a corrosive slash. Unlocks skills equal in effect to Chameleon Cloak and Corrupted Blade.
summoning skills s 2 1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m Set Shadow Infusion.

summoning harmony icon
Rallying Cry

Target character regenerates Vitality and Magic Armour according to the number of allied characters and totems in their vicinity.
summoning skills s 2 1 AP2 - 3 n/a n/a  13m Restore [X] Vitality.
Restore [Y] Magic Armour

summoning 18 6
Dominate Mind

Charm target non-allied character, causing them to join your side in combat for the duration of the status.
summoning skills s 2 1 AP3 - 5 magic armour icon n/a  13m Set Charmed for 2 turn(s).

summoning 14 21
Soul Mate

Bind yourself to target character, copying any healing and Armour restoration that you receive to them. Clears Frozen, Stunned, Knocked Down and Petrified.
summoning skills s 2 1 AP - 5 n/a n/a  13m Set Soul Mate for 3 turn(s).

summoning supercharge icon

Target totem or summon deals 100% more base damage during its next turn, but then it dies.
summoning skills s 2 1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m Set Supercharged for 2 turn(s).

summoning 11 30
Summon Cat Familiar

Summons a black cat by your side. Cat can leap, claw, and swap places with it's summoner.
summoning skills s 0 Quest 1 AP2 - 5 n/a n/a  13m The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

Duration 10 turn(s)

polymorph 16 11
Summon Condor

Summons a condor that will aid you in combat.
summoning skills s 0 Quest 1 AP2 - 6 n/a n/a  15m The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

summoning 14 25
Warp Infusion

Incarnate learns a teleport skill, and a skill to swap places with its master. These skills are equivalent in effect to Tactical Retreat and the Black Cat summon's swap skill.
summoning skills s 3 1 AP - 3 n/a n/a  13m Set Warp Infusion.

necromancer 15 5
Door to Eternity

Give all summons around you a status that prevents them from dying to damage or disappearing when their life runs out.
summoning skills s 3 2 AP2 SP2 - n/a n/a  -- Set Persisting for 2 turn(s).

polymorph 18 7
Summon Dragonling

Summons a newt to help you in combat.
summoning skills s 0 Quest 2 AP2 - 6 n/a n/a   The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability.

necromancer 17 15
Summon Inner Demon

Conjure a demon that will share their Intelligence with you and provide [X] Magic Armour. Grants you power to terrify and protect yourself with demonic fists.
summoning skills s 0 Quest 2 AP SP 6 n/a n/a  -- Set Inner Demon for 3 turn(s).

summoning 14 18
Planar Gateway

Conjure two linked gateways that allow any character to instantly travel between them.
summoning skills s 3 2 n/a SP2 6 n/a n/a  13m Duration 10 Turn(s)

summoning 14 17
Ethereal Storm

Unpredictable projectiles from distant planes strike target area, dealing random elemental damage to enemies or healing allies.
summoning skills s 5 3 AP4 SP3 5 n/a n/a  17m Duration 2 Turn (s)



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    • Anonymous

      Copied from my last post in soulmate wiki page.
      The strongest spells all of time is soulmate for just cost 1 ap.U can either kill undead enemy or buff your teammate to regain unlimited heal by cheap shot. To maximize the potential this spell, the caster should get away from enemy as far as possible(teleport) after casting this spell then escape from battle. Make sure ur teamate is still in battle. After that u can spam bedroll from nowhere to kill your enemy(undead) or heal your teammate. No pot consumed by doing this trick xd.
      Another cheap trick ,:combined with Escapist talent and or glass cannon, lonewolf talent u can use all of ap, casting this spell , flee and spam bedroll . The caster of this spell should have high initiative.
      Escapist talent itself already broken ; we already know we can do unlimited turn by using this talent

      • Anonymous

        Copied from my comment in ifan soul wolf's wiki page.
        Best summon in late game is ifan soul wolf if u use pet power gift bag. Ifan as summoner should ve 20 or more summoning skills in order to maximize the damage output in Definitive edition( acc and armor stats should ve 2 summoning each) due to stat cap. For summoning strategy: u need high initiative to ensure u play in battle first, escape from battle (through teammate teleportation or skills) then buff the wolf from the distance with basic infusions and source infusions(necro fire, necro blood, blessed ice,cursed electric, cursed oil, cursed acid). Do not use pyramid or waypoint trick cuz ur summon will follow u when u do.
        U can also use old classic summoning trick by summoning the summon(wolf) before enter the battle but its not recommended cuz u will wasting so much summon(wolf) duration and this skill is source skill after all.
        U can also doing dirty deed; buff the wolf with supercharger and stack them as many as u want. Dont do that if u want play the game fairly

        • Anonymous

          Jumping into the fray and using teleport, thick of the fight, decaying touch, and rallying cry, would that instakill anything?

          • Anonymous

            As a devoted summoner i can tell you that this skill tree sucks ass with magic damage , does decently with necromancy and does the best when you just forget you have an incarnate and use it for buffs , debuffs and totems along with some other school of magic. It's ****, and i love it for that but don't pick it up unless you already know how bad it is mid-late game

            • Anonymous

              codes for the 4 pet pall skillbooks

              "items" :
              "statsid" : "SKILLBOOK_Necromancy_BloodInfusion",
              "template" : "BOOK_Skill_Necromancy_CMP_BloodInfusion_0f3950c9-fee5-4a7c-b0f5-4fbab0e81731"
              "statsid" : "SKILLBOOK_Necromancy_CursedBloodInfusion",
              "template" : "BOOK_Skill_Necromancy_CMP_CursedBloodInfusion_c0a930b0-7662-4d95-b191-087f3d75ecaf"
              "statsid" : "SKILLBOOK_Earth_OilInfusion",
              "template" : "BOOK_Skill_Earth_CMP_OilInfusion_f61124e9-070b-4fda-86ca-f9d8f6791bba"
              "statsid" : "SKILLBOOK_Earth_CursedOilInfusion",
              "template" : "BOOK_Skill_Earth_CMP_CursedOilInfusion_2ec50e4a-f866-402a-a08f-4e4f4f2dab11"

              • Anonymous

                I’m doing a close up battle mage with fire, earth and summoning using a staff. I don’t know which type of armour to use, if I went magic I would have Geomancy to help. But most close up enemies do physical damage, and mages don’t use AOE when they could damage their allies.

                • Can you do soul mate from player 1 to 2 and then player 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and 4 back to 1 so that if any single person gets healed, everyone in the party gets healed?

                  • Anonymous

                    Hi, lol I'm the person from the pyrokinetic page who has like all the skills at level 14 and I also have like 3/4 of these summoning skills even though that person also focuses on healing so I can only memorise so many skills at one time. I have conjure incarnate, blood infusion, dominate mind, summon condor, have Jahan's book for summoning a demon, fire infusion, door to eternity, supercharger, power infusion, shadow infusion, farsight infusion, rallying cry, (I missed the summon cat familiar ;-;) elemental totem, and finally electric infusion.

                    • 4 Summoner Skill books are missing on this page (possibly from Larian Crafter Kit gift bag or some patch in 2019 or 2020): Blood Infusion (summoner book + necro book), Cursed Blood Infusion (source summoner book + necro book OR summoner book + source necro book), Oil Infusion (summoner book + geo book + oil barrel) and Cursed Oil Infusion (summoner source book + geo book + oil barrel OR summoner book + source geo book + oil barrel OR source summoner + source geo + oil barrel).
                      For example i could not make any of these using the Inner Demon source summoner book. Try with several different books from the adequate spell schools - it will work.

                      • Anonymous

                        I mean. Living on the edge on yourself, plus door to eternity on your incarnate in a pinch is kinda just broken neither of you die and you can continue to destroy the battlefield. Its fun with lone wolf.

                        • Anonymous

                          People talk a lot about summoning as a one dimensional skill dump, but the real 'chads' know that "Soul mate" makes everyone's obligatory death knight character a healer. If you have ~4 points in summoning from gear for some reason pick up "Bloated Corpse" from the necromancy skills and enjoy your spammable 1AP blood bag that either soaks up an enemy's turn being put out of its misery, or detonates for some fairly lethal AoE damage. And of course, "Bone Widow" is about 60% of a fully buffed incarnate for 50% of the AP cost to whip out, potentially 75% of the cost (1 AP) with Elemental Affinity. Quick note about Dimensional Bolt: It has a one turn cool down making it a reliable AP dump for an intelligence character, compared to most reliable elemental spells having a 3 turn recharge.

                          • Anonymous

                            Summoning is OP early game but falls off quickly. You need to either side-spec into another class at the same time to keep up with the damage bloat later on and/or be useful to the party. Most of the time the Incarnate is more useful as a deterrent than a meat shield, since the enemies would prefer to go after you first, but they will be less inclined when you are far away and the incarnate is right up in their face. The secretly most useful skill in the whole summoning school is summon totems, since you can have 3-4 up at the same time, and their damage is nothing to scoff at

                            • Anonymous

                              I dont think summoning is OP. A fully stocked mage in most schools with their 3 source point spells, or a two handed warfare player can do 3x or more damage than incarnate can in a single turn, without the versatility/being a meat shield. If you and a friend are doing a lone wolf playthrough this doesnt compare to rigging your character in almost every other school. In a 4 man I can see its uses.

                              • Anonymous

                                summoning isn’t talked about enough and is so OP You can literally beast mode any enemy regardless of their resistances simply because you can infuse your incarnate with ANY element. If you have Lvl 10 summoning and use necrofire or cursed electric infusion on your incarnate- they get either epidemic of fire or Closed circuit. Simply summon your incarnate into the thick of battle, buff his a#% (peace of mind, power/far sight/necrofire/curses electric infusion and you’ve easily capped almost any enemy before any bodies layer a finger on most of your party.

                                • Anonymous

                                  So serious question: why should I bother with any other summon, like the Oil Blob or the Fire Slug, when I could have the Incarnate instead? The incarnate can change elemental forms to fit the situation at hand, and can be buffed a ridiculous amount to be absurdly powerful, so what merits do other summons (like Oil Blob or Fire Slug) have over the incarnate?

                                  • Something to consider to all my magic users in a 4 man team of friends and they all go physical damage. Don't overlook summoning, it's an amazing tool for someone in a mixed party (or not). I normally go something along the lines of healer and support so I obviously will take some points into hydrosophist but I started to noticed that I was spending all my time trying to break magic armor while my friends had the targets already dead by the time I really started to get my combos off so I went out on a limb and took summoning. It's made me go from standard support type roll to able to really pull off some crazy combos with my Incarnate out on the field. He can be used to aid ripping off magical armor and setting you up for your hydro combos while you baby your friendly dwarf that is always on fire (looking at you Simon if your reading this). He really does fill any role you wanna put him in. side note: It's always good to have one type of caster in the group imho, a lot of enemies you encounter will have super low magical defense and with you out there chewing them up and keeping them frozen, burned, poisoned and shocked allows for your physical oriented friends to have a lighter battle load and keeps pressure off your healer/support (if you go that role). Late game it won't be too much of an issue with all the ways your friends can help rip off magical armor with strength/fineness scaling skills. Ex: Flayed skin, chloroform, gag order and Silencing stare.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I think it'd be cool, and balanced, to separate each summon so you can have 1 incarnate and say, one dragonling out at the same time. On lone wolf it sometimes feels limiting because they start off with 4 action points, 5 with haste buff, but when you're so used to having 6 it's depressing.

                                      I honestly get way more out of fane using apotheosis time warp blood storm and grasp of the starved combo for instance, so as far as being overpowered I daresay this is the least problematic thing to consider.

                                      Just reduce summon times, and maybe lower stats, or have a limit breach per 5 levels of summoning. So a lone wolf could have 4 pets maxed but only 2 for a nonbuffed 4 party crew character. But it would allow other summons to be used to create forced variety so you can't just pop 3 incarnate champs out like other mods are doing.

                                      I think the spell variety of an intelligence mage is more involving than just dropping a summon and buffing it with the lower tier spells. Allowing me to use the different summons together would enhance my gameplay experience, and with proper balance, can make the summoning class a fun class to play.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Some additional information about infusions that isn't immediately clear from the skill descriptions:

                                        Power/Farsight: Provide a 25% damage bonus. Armor provided is boosted if the Incarnate has any +armor effects, including those from an infusion and level 10 Champion summoning. Modified armor is not shown in the tooltip, but can be close to 3x the displayed amount on an infused Incarnate Champion. Makes it just about the tankiest thing on the battlefield.

                                        Warp Infusion: Adds 15% dodging.

                                        Shadow Infusion: Adds 1 movement.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Wow I had no idea that to get half of the summoning skills you have to craft them yourself hahah next playthrough I guess

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Really overpowered early game. Incarnate does more damage with any spells he and I both have. Summons should NOT get to act the turn they're summoned, they should only get to fight the next turn.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              level 6 right now, i was a newbie, no idea what i was doing, i dropped wizard schools, and took air magic with summons. it is a great combo, i made fane take summoner, those two are a power house together. makes me want to try archery and summons on a character real bad. he is also a great support character. a water infusion grants you a heal, that helps me in a pinch when the cleric already has dropped hers on our tank and our other people need it too

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I'm rocking summoning 21 at lvl15; it's pretty awesome. Note that you can/should cast your Incarnate and buff it pre-fight, more often than not your best bet is a Blood Incarnation (my solution is Blood Rain on other character).

                                                Incarnate is very capable of dealing 800-1200 dmg per turn (+Opportunity), which in itself almost justifies a dedicated summoning build (+totems +buffs +heal in spare time)

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Imo the one of the strongest classes atm, summoners lvl 10 incarnate deals almost same damage as my geared warrior, not taking into account that he has x2 phys armor

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Summoner level improves the summons of other schools. I recommend putting 2 points into Necromancer to be able to summon Bone Widow ( Spellbook is sold in driftwood ) and get a very powerful summon that powers through a good portion of the game. Bone widow is stronger than champion incarnate with triple health and double the dmg.
                                                    Notice that you can only summon one "Soul Bond" summon, so you cant summon fire slug/incarnate/bone widow at the same time but you can summon totems since they are not player controlled.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      summoner seems kinda week at first, but boyyyyyy if you can get it to level 10 and get that incarnate champion hollyyyyy crap

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I believe so, Take for example the Necromancer Skill "Raise Bone Widow",
                                                        It says in Blue text "The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability."


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