Target totem or summon deals 100%  more base damage during its next turn, but then it dies.

 Set Supercharged for 2 turn(s).

 Requires Summoning 2cldwn3
 Cost 1 Memory
 Range 13m

summoning-skill Summoning

Supercharger is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Supercharger Spell Book Location



Supercharger Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Supercharger bonus increased to 70% (Was 50%), tooltip now mentions that it can be cast on totems as of Patch v3.0.168.526
  • Supercharger is additive with summoning bonus, futhermore both Supercharger and Summoning are additive with the attacks and attack based spells and multiplicative with spells. For example summoned creature with 40 STR, 40 INT, 10 Warfare and 10 Aeroteurge will have mutliplier of 3.75 for attacks and air spells. Adding 10 Summoning will turn it to 5.25 and 7.5 respectively. Adding Supercharger on top of this will increase multipliers to 6.75 and 11.25.
  • ??




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Summoner of Sparks




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