Swords are a type of One-Handed Weapon in Divinity: Original Sin 2. These items are equipped by players to deal damage during Combat.

See Unique Items for more.

Basics of the Swords category:

  • Require: 8+ Strength
  • Attack AP Cost: 2 AP
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 1
  • Damage Range: 10
  • Damage From Base: 70
  • Critical Damage: 150%
  • Critical Chance: 0%
  • Weapon Range: 1.20m
  • Durability: 20
  • Durability Degrade Speed: 20
  • Weight: 2.50


Swords List






Kalias' Stunner

Damage Boost + 25

Strength + 2

"Kalias' patented stunning sword. This is the last one made." 300
Magister's Sword   "Forged with passion and tempered with precision, the swords crafted for Magisters may not be anything special, but they are reliable."  
The Viper's Tongue

Damage Boost +10

Strength Boost + 3

Warrior lore + 1

"Scarred by battles of yesteryear and the rusts of this summer's rain, this curved blade bears the unmistakeable craftsmanship of the Ancient Empire's House of War" 1200
Thrall Damage Boost + 10 "Serrated and notched along the hilt with all the kills it aided, this blade was clearly a trusty friend to one who can't have had many others." 600

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