Telekinesis allows you to move items telepathically regardless of weight.

Increase the range of your telekinesis.

Telekinesis is a civil ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Telekinesis allows you to move items telepathically regardless of weight.


Telekinesis Progress

  • Lvl 1 -- 4 Meters
  • Lvl 2 -- 8 Meters
  • Lvl 3 -- 12 Meters



Notes & Hint & Advanced tactics:

  • Moving barrels, non-reinforced crates, and any fragile container by Telekinesis will not destroy it (Unlike using Teleportation)
  • Objects moved by Telekinesis can hit enemies, friends, and NPCs for some damage. It can be used midst a fight or to initiate one.
  • It costs  2 AP to use it, and damage is based on the weight of object. The heavier the object is, the more damage it hits.
  • Stack unlimited heavy items inside reinforced crate or backpack to create very heavy object and throw it around on people for massive damage.
  • Use Telekinesis before or during combat to block paths, stairs, and force enemies into certain space to gain tactical advantage.
  • Use Telekinesis to remove Noxious Bulbs out of the way, or throw them in enemies way from a safe distance.

    • Anonymous

      02 Oct 2018 16:34  

      Most overpowered build hands down using this and an ornate chest with necromancy. Just suff anything and everything into an ornate chest, hit enemies with it and one hit dallas, one hit enemies 5 levels higher than you on tactician, one hit everything and anything. You may ask why bring necromancy into it? Well glad you asked... you can heal off of that damage from the chest you oneshot people with. If you pump wits and con only grabbing fin, str, int, and memory as needed for gear and spells like fortitude or something then you will never die once and can solo honor mode in common gear with no weapons. Dual wielding con focused dwarven box mage OP

      • Anonymous

        07 Nov 2017 14:16  

        One of the cases when telekinesis comes handy is picking up and selling heavy valuable things - like Alexander portraits in Fort Joy. Those portraits are 150 lb each, and at the beginning of the game, they may be too heavy for your characters. So if you have someone with telekinesis (1 point is enough), you can do the following.
        1. Send your bartering character to a merchant and start conversation.
        2. Send your telekinesis character into the fort castle. With telekinesis, even a weak character can grab a heavy portrait, although he/she probably won't be able to move after that. Now, just open the inventory and send the portrait to your bartering character. Repeat this for all the heavy portraits in the castle.
        3. Switch to your bartering character and sell all those ridiculous portraits.

        • 13 Oct 2017 03:05  

          This ability is a little OP. Actually a *lot* OP. I got the "force Dallis to retreat from combat at Fort Joy" achievement by dropping a box weighing 4000 on her outside the front gate. An object weighs as much as itself and all of its contents. In a certain cave there is a device that, if repaired, allows you to craft oil barrels from normal barrels. So you can load up a potentially absurd number of 60 weight barrels from the ubiquitous 5 weight normal barrels into a series of nested reinforced crates, and then store it on lady vengeance when not in use. In order to destroy most enemies in one hit, it would need to weigh at least 40,000, which would be around 700 oil barrels. This is not out of the question.

          If the person using telekinesis is in the "backstab zone" and has a backstab capable weapon equipped, backstab damage is calculated for telekinesis or thrown objects. I got backstab criticals on the two magisters in the stern compartment on the starting ship while throwing a treasure chest.

          TK can be very weird to use repeatedly on the same object. I've had a container refuse to be selected and sort of "want to be opened instead." Getting the game to register the strike is also sometimes finicky. Adjusting the object by turning it or moving it from one side of a character to the other is sometimes what is required.

          Teleporting objects also does the same type of damage.

          • Anonymous

            17 Sep 2017 22:28  

            The tooltip is incorrect; Telekinesis has no weight limit in DOS2. Investing in this skill increases the range you can move objects via telekinesis by 4 meters per point. Dropping an item on someone damages that person for half the weight of the item. Early game, this is a very powerful tactic, you can one-shot Kniles with 4 stacked coffins

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