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Telekinesis allows you to move items telepathically regardless of weight.

Increase the range of your telekinesis.

Telekinesis is a civil ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Telekinesis allows you to move items telepathically regardless of weight.


Telekinesis Progress

  • Lvl 1 -- 4 Meters
  • Lvl 2 -- 8 Meters
  • Lvl 3 -- 12 Meters
  • Lvl 4 -- 16 Meters
  • Lvl 5 -- 20 Meters



Notes & Advanced tactics:

  • Moving barrels, non-reinforced crates, and any fragile container by Telekinesis will not destroy it (Unlike using Teleportation)
  • Objects moved by Telekinesis can hit enemies, friends, and NPCs for some damage. It can be used in the midst of a fight or to initiate one.
  • It costs  1 AP to use it, and the damage is based on the weight of the object. The heavier the object is, the more damage it hits.
  • Use Telekinesis before or during combat to block paths, stairs, and force enemies into certain space to gain a tactical advantage.
  • Use Telekinesis to remove Noxious Bulbs out of the way, or throw them in enemies way from a safe distance.



If you move a container using Telekinesis over one of the enemies so that the boundaries of container's model collide with those of the target enemy, the container will damage the target based on its total weight and will also takes some damage in return. Since you can stack containers inside each other and there are tons of heavyweight items right from the tutorials, you can completely break the combat without needing to invest skill points in any of the combat abilities and win every fight in the game without taking any damage.

  1. In the character creation screen choose Telekinesis as your civil ability.
  2. Pickup every single heavy item you find in the game and put them inside your starting bag, since it is a container with no health bar.
  3. Continue on until you reach Fort Joy. Once there you should find yourself an Ornate Chest (see below points). All ornate chests also have infinite health, and they can be much easier to hit opponents with than bags. Once you found your first one, store everything inside that chest, and enjoy the rest of the game without worrying about combat ever again.

Here are some side notes related to this playstyle:

  • You can leave a "pack mule" companion on the Lady Vengeance to hold your Ornate Chest. Drag any heavy objects you find directly from the ground to their portrait. This makes it much easier to manage the items not worry about dragging the chest around. The chest can be transferred back mid-combat.
  • Picking a Rogue character with Adrenaline, Backlash, Cloak and Dagger, Chameleon Cloak, and Spread Your Wings is recommended to give you the best mobility and action points in fights. None of the skills are required for this build but they may be helpful in certain situations.
  • By wielding a dagger, you can stand in enemies' backstab cones and do backstab criticals with the telekinesis
  • Among the talents, All Skilled Up (add an extra Telekinesis right from the start), Comeback Kid (resurrect once per combat), Escapist (escape from right next to the enemy), Executioner (+2 AP per kill), Hothead  (more Critical Chance), The Pawn (Better Positioning) and Walk It Off  (Less annoying knockdowns) best suit this build. 
  • Undead Human is the most recommended race for having Ingenious and Play Dead. Fane in particular can use Time Warp.
  • Critical Chance is the only attribute that affects the damage and has great importance. Therefore, increasing Wits, Scoundrel, and Two-Handed skills as well as getting armors with Telekinesis, critical chance, and damage bonuses are advisable. In addition, spend a few points on Necromancer for healing purposes.
  • Make sure not to instant-kill your pet followers with the chest, even while not filled yet, Killing enemies too quickly may result in broken quests or other types of game-breaking bugs.
  • Moving a container using Telekinesis will not break sneaking, invisibility, or Play Dead.
  • As finding heavy items is essential to this build, here a few named objects along with their locations: Barrels and Vases (5kg, everywhere), Crates (10kg, everywhere), Sacks, Metal Crates, Reinforced Crates, Boxes, Chests, (50kg, everywhere), Washing Tubs (50kg, Caverns and The Hold), Oil-Poison-Water Barrels (60kg, everywhere), Packages (150kg, Mostly in The Hold), Bust of Alexander (150kg, The Hold), Alexanders Paintings (150kg, Mostly in Orivand's Chambers), etc.
  • If you pick up every heavy item mentioned in the above point, your container will carry about 20k kg by the end of  Act I. This amount will be sufficient to instant-kill everything until the end of the game. 
  • You will find your first Ornate Chest in A. Hidden Alcove on the ledge (teleport to access) B. Caverns Mody's place (teleport to access) C. Underground Tunnel (hidden treasure, shall be dug out)



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    • Anonymous

      im gonna put this right here so it seems right heres how ya barrelmancy 1. first you gotta get the civil abilities get telekinesis 2. get an invincible chest,any ornate chest will do 3. get a ton of heavy objects Barrel,chests, crates etc (if you get any barrels and you are in reapers coast go to the blackpits mines and head near the entrance of the seven-temple thingy once you see the magisters Persuade them or fight them the writ of passage does not work. once you did that head over to the oil making machine and pull the yellow,blue and green levers in that order. then you can make all your barrels into oil barrels and make it heavier) 4 put all your heavy objects in your hand with multiple click thingy use the right joycon to activate it and put all your heavy objects into the invincible chest 5. get teleportation whether through the teleportation gloves or aerotheurge .6 if not using it put in your lady vengeance chest when in use go near your enemy and get your other character to get it and give it to your main guy then your main guy should put it down and teleport it on enemy should do a ton of damage. sorry for bad grammar i dont care about my grammar.

      • Anonymous

        36,5 tons of mixed trash in the chest and telekinesis 6 ... only 2 bosses in the whole game survived the first hit on tactical - the unblown/upgraded Doctor (survived with 19hp of physical armor)(before grabbing the chest a second time) and Lord K (survived with 30% HP) ... technically still the Devourer (3)(but he took a critical hit)

        Lucien and Bracus Rex after teleporting side by side were killed by the crate in a joint turn - one chest move use - typical T-60 tank (brother grave for two)

        • Anonymous

          Why is moving objects to enemies is marked as a glitch when it’s an actual game mechanic, which was already in the first game and was tweaked in this one, how could you talk about glitch when it’s an intended mechanic???

          • Anonymous

            I don't know who needs to hear this, but:

            Weight to damage ratio is roughly a five tenths(.5x) multiplier.
            Also you really want to make sure all the weighted items are inside one create that you can hide deep in a matrashka doll like crate labrynth.

            • Anonymous

              Most overpowered build hands down using this and an ornate chest with necromancy. Just suff anything and everything into an ornate chest, hit enemies with it and one hit dallas, one hit enemies 5 levels higher than you on tactician, one hit everything and anything. You may ask why bring necromancy into it? Well glad you asked... you can heal off of that damage from the chest you oneshot people with. If you pump wits and con only grabbing fin, str, int, and memory as needed for gear and spells like fortitude or something then you will never die once and can solo honor mode in common gear with no weapons. Dual wielding con focused dwarven box mage OP

              • Anonymous

                One of the cases when telekinesis comes handy is picking up and selling heavy valuable things - like Alexander portraits in Fort Joy. Those portraits are 150 lb each, and at the beginning of the game, they may be too heavy for your characters. So if you have someone with telekinesis (1 point is enough), you can do the following.
                1. Send your bartering character to a merchant and start conversation.
                2. Send your telekinesis character into the fort castle. With telekinesis, even a weak character can grab a heavy portrait, although he/she probably won't be able to move after that. Now, just open the inventory and send the portrait to your bartering character. Repeat this for all the heavy portraits in the castle.
                3. Switch to your bartering character and sell all those ridiculous portraits.

                • This ability is a little OP. Actually a *lot* OP. I got the "force Dallis to retreat from combat at Fort Joy" achievement by dropping a box weighing 4000 on her outside the front gate. An object weighs as much as itself and all of its contents. In a certain cave there is a device that, if repaired, allows you to craft oil barrels from normal barrels. So you can load up a potentially absurd number of 60 weight barrels from the ubiquitous 5 weight normal barrels into a series of nested reinforced crates, and then store it on lady vengeance when not in use. In order to destroy most enemies in one hit, it would need to weigh at least 40,000, which would be around 700 oil barrels. This is not out of the question.

                  If the person using telekinesis is in the "backstab zone" and has a backstab capable weapon equipped, backstab damage is calculated for telekinesis or thrown objects. I got backstab criticals on the two magisters in the stern compartment on the starting ship while throwing a treasure chest.

                  TK can be very weird to use repeatedly on the same object. I've had a container refuse to be selected and sort of "want to be opened instead." Getting the game to register the strike is also sometimes finicky. Adjusting the object by turning it or moving it from one side of a character to the other is sometimes what is required.

                  Teleporting objects also does the same type of damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    The tooltip is incorrect; Telekinesis has no weight limit in DOS2. Investing in this skill increases the range you can move objects via telekinesis by 4 meters per point. Dropping an item on someone damages that person for half the weight of the item. Early game, this is a very powerful tactic, you can one-shot Kniles with 4 stacked coffins

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