The Academy

The Eternal Arbiter
Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 17+
Next Quest The Arena of the One
Previous Quest The Nameless Isle

The Academy is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. You have entered the Academy, the final path on your quest to ascension and Divinity. Only one barrier blocks your way. Will you succeed?



Important NPCs



The Academy Objectives

  1. Enter the Academy.
  2. Find a way into the Temple.
  3. Remove the barrier.
  4. Proceed into the Temple of the One.
  5. Speak to the Eternal Arbiter.



The Academy Walkthrough

Enter the Academy. You will immediately receive 20075XP upon entering. Ahead is a Voidwoken. Chat with it and it will ultimately ask you to accept a pact with the God-King. If you accept, you will become Sworn. This will drastically change your quest path to a more evil one, but it can be broken with the Swornbreaker, which you can either craft (see "The Key to Freedom" for details) or get later on in Arx. In any case, if you accept and become Sworn, your Bless ability will be replaced with a "Curse" ability, you will receive 2 free revives upon death, and you will gain 2 Attribute points, 2 Combat Ability points, and 2 Talent points. If you refuse, nothing changes and you can continue onward (Optional: Attack & defeat the Voidwoken for tons of XP plus good loot such as divine grade helmet. If you plan to accept the Covenant you can lower the Voidwoken's attitude by attacking it during dialogue. You will fight it after ending the dialogue and receive the Covenant's bonuses as well as the loot and XP).

As you head in deeper, you will find a variety of interesting places and people to talk to.

Directly ahead of you is "The Seneschal", lying broken near the Waypoint. It can be repaired if you have a Phase Capacitator, which is used for a variety of actions here in the Academy. Speaking to it will give you some information about the Academy, but is otherwise unnecessary.

To your left is the Storage room, which contains some good loot, but is locked. The key to the Storage room can be found in Library, in the desk next to where Taryan Graye usually sits. You can also lockpick the storage room door, though. Entering the Storage room will grant 41,850 Exploration XP.

To your right is the Teacher's hall, where you will find the skeletons of these teachers around a long table. If you cast Spirit Vision in the Teacher's hall, you will be able to see the spirits of the teachers. Each of them can boost one of your attributes, at the cost of another attribute. If one character has been boosted by a teacher, other characters can no longer be boosted by that same teacher, so make sure to choose which character would receive the boost wisely! Below is a full list of what each teacher does:

  • Spirit of the Authority Master: +5 Memory, -5 Strength
  • Spirit of the Intelligence Master: +5 Intelligence, -5 Finesse
  • Spirit of the Wits Master: +5 Wits, -5 Constitution
  • Spirit of the Finesse Master: +5 Finesse, -5  Memory
  • Spirit of the Constitution Master: +5 Constitution, -5 Intelligence
  • Spirit of the Strength Master: +5 Strength, -5 Wits

It is also worth noting that in this Teacher's hall, there are 2 "secret" places you can get into for additional XP. First, there is a locked door here that leads to a portal for the "Proving Ground" quest, which grants good XP and loot. Lastly, there is a seemingly blocked wall that has a lever behind it. All you have to do is stand close to the wall, and use a teleporting skill to teleport over the blocked wall, then activate the lever to remove the blocked wall for the rest of your party to move through. Be wary of traps here, but follow it through the end for an easy 30,100 Exploration XP.

By heading right into the Teacher's hall, and then forward, you will reach the Library, which has many spirits you can talk to. Simply cast Spirit Vision and talk to them to learn what happened here. You can also receive a quest here by speaking to the spirit of Taryan Graye.

There is a quest Unscholarly Pursuits in the library. Cast Spirit Vision and speak to ghost of Taryan Graye, her lover's spirit can be found in forbidden library. (you can get there through teleporation near the source pool, or open the door by activating the switch in following order: switch on the floor (not visible by alt-item-vision), switch on the east wall, tablet near desk on the south east, lastly lever to the right of the door)

To move on ahead, however, you will need to remove the barrier blocking your progress. In order to lift the barrier, you will need to activate all three lightning squares in front of it. Below are some pictures to help guide you.

Simply put, you will have to drop Phase Capacitors on the 3 lightning squares, one of which is at the Teacher's hall, shown in the above picture. These Phase Capacitors mimick the effect of a lightning spell that never ends, so while you can cast a lightning spell to light up the square, it won't last very long to do you any good. Phase Capacitors can be found at the Sallow Man's camp, inside the academy rooms (one is inside the storage room, another on a master's corpse in the library, and one in a cabinet in the library), and on automatons in the various temples on Nameless Isle.

Now, after you have placed the Phase Capacitor on the lightning square in the Teacher's hall, adjust the following Eternal Reflectors to the proper position as shown in the pictures below:


After you have electrified all three squares in front of the barrier as shown in the above picture, use the switch to lift the barrier. You should have more than enough Phase Capacitors by this point, but in case you don't have enough, you can simply create a water surface and cast lightning spells on it to activate both squares on the ground. In any case, once the barrier is down, proceed onwards for 27,900 Exploration XP.

You will come across Alexandar (if he survived) and the other NPC companions you didn't choose back when the ship was under attack in Act II (like Beast or Ifan Ben-Mezd, for example), where they were presumed to be dead. On talking with them, you will realize that the God-king turned them into Sworn and they are now no longer the same people you once knew.

Enter the source pool to refill your source points and get ready for a big "race" to the Wellspring to ascend and become the Divine. Ensure that you have finished all the quests and things you want to do on the Nameless Isle before proceeding - this marks the "no return" part to Act IV. When you are ready, speak to the Eternal Arbiter to enter the Arena of the One, where your former companions will try and prevent you from ascending. You will receive 27,900XP and this quest is effectively complete.

This quest continues in "The Arena of the One".






  • 20,075 XP upon entering the Academy.
  • Choice of being Sworn, replacing your "Bless" ability with "Curse", giving you 2 free revives, 2 attribute points, 2 combat ability points, and 2 talent points. (optional)
  • 111,600XP upon attacking & defeating Voidwoken.
  • 41,850 Exploration XP upon entering the storage room.
  • 30,100 Exploration XP for following the path past the blocked wall area in the Teacher's hall.
  • 27,900 Exploration XP upon going past the barrier.
  • 27,900XP upon accepting the Eternal Arbiter's offer to enter the Arena of the One, completing the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      08 Jun 2021 04:52  

      The Voidwoken just ran out after the dialogue, there was no time to target & attack it!
      He went on and on about the 7 gods and how mortals stole their universe, Fane in my party did not side with the God King and then the Voidwoken said we're dead meat etc. and ran out the door! wtf?!

      • Anonymous

        02 May 2021 22:50  

        for the Unscholarly Pursuits quest, the instructions for switches start with "switch on the floor", which is incredibly unhelpful. It's a pressure plate next to the knocked-over shelf (games calls it an Ancient Depository).

        • Anonymous

          21 Mar 2021 00:47  

          Don't use spirit vampirism in front of the teachers before you get their lesson. They say that you're not worthy because of what you did.

          • Anonymous

            11 Feb 2021 07:16  

            Does it matter how you enter the Academy as far as how much experience you get? Like if you go in the back way?

            • Anonymous

              02 Jan 2021 08:12  

              Or if you have a bow with lightning just skip the whole part.

              Man I was on that island for like 2h max just killed Alexander and the Sallow Man and walked into this area, not sure whether i should already start it.
              Is it possible to get curse if you declined him before?

              • Anonymous

                10 Dec 2020 21:51  

                For people having trouble with the 'complete your studies'-part: for me the problem was that some of my characters were missing some source skills that you're supposed to learn in driftwood. If you missed these you can find 2 immovable books that teach them to your active character. The books can be found in the room north of the room full of masters, they're very close to the doorway.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Nov 2020 19:41  

                  The master's Boost DOES allow you to exceed the 40 max for stats, the intelligence & wits masters in particular I have found to be extremely useful

                  • 15 Sep 2020 05:59  

                    Looks like the boost does not exceed the attribute cap of 40 (excluding buffs and items). Remove all your gear and buffs, you will be 40 in attributes with a +5 Boost from the spirit of master you learned from.

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Jul 2020 23:25  

                      While you are talking to the arbiter, have your companions kill the other godwoken while still in the academy and then you can waltz through the arena of the one at your own pace.

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Aug 2019 13:52  

                        Can confirm the quest to get stats from the lessons is glitched. Upon taking the intelligence lesson you lose 5 finesse and 2 memory, the strength lesson you lose 5 wits and 2 memory, and upon learning the wits lesson you lose 7 constitution and not 5.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Sep 2018 02:02  

                          If the eternal arbiter keeps on attacking you it’s because (a guess) one of your characters is a villain my main character has been source vamping all game I kept on getting attacked I split him from the part spoke to the etnernal and all was good got transported to the next area.

                          • Anonymous

                            15 Sep 2018 05:27  

                            Eternal arbiter attack when I open the door and auto review when I kill him and attacks again. When I reload before he attacks it just repeats itself

                            • Anonymous

                              08 Feb 2018 01:21  

                              The blocked wall in the conference room can be opened if you entered by the tunnel outside (X:348, Y693) you will enter a room with one Calocera, then you will be back behind that door, there will be some hidden traps between there and the lever. Nothing worth your time, just for the xp.

                              • Anonymous

                                14 Jan 2018 03:39  

                                It seems that there are others who mentioned that the option to make a pact with Voidwoken upon arriving at Academy is only possible if you are Fane or an Undead. The killing or not killing of Alexandar doesn't seem to affect it. Can anyone confirm that? (see post at

                                • Anonymous

                                  09 Nov 2017 01:24  

                                  Weird... Irfan was killed by guards in Fort Joy before I could recruit him.... but he somehow appeared here in the temple.

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