The Arena of the One

Eternal Arbiter
Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 17+
Next Quest Hammerfall
Previous Quest The Academy

The Arena of the One is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Upon entering the Arena of the One, you are finally close to Divinity. Will you be able to reclaim your rightful place and ascend as a Divine?



Important NPCs



The Arena of the One Objectives

  1. Reach the Wellspring.
  2. Kill your embodiment.
  3. Reach Malady's beacon.



The Arena of the One Walkthrough

After you talk to the Eternal Arbiter, you will be teleported to the Arena of the One, along with your former companions, now Sworn to the God-King. You are instructed to get to the end faster than the others, but obviously, your former companions will try to kill you and stop you from getting past. If Alexandar is still alive, he will be here as well, and turn on you. With a high Persuasion however he can be convinced to set aside his ambition to become Divine and support you instead. This will also award you the Favoured Son achievement. If that doesn't work the simplest solution here is to kill them all, but you will not be able to loot your former companions' bodies. You will be granted no XP for killing any of them as well, but since they are weak, it is best to finish them all then walk towards the end.

As you move forward though, there will be 2 Eternal Sentinels that will try to stop you. Defeat them both, and you will receive 27,900XP per kill. Move towards the Wellspring and a cutscene will play. Apparently, Dallis has followed you, calling you predictable. She will then use the Aetheran rod to destroy the Wellspring, purging it of any powers that lay within. Her actions have effectively ruined your grand plans for ascension, and left the arena in ruins. You are now tasked with escaping the arena before it is too late.

As you attempt to escape, however, the gods within you and your party will surface, angry at your failure and calling you their worst mistake. At this point, you are given the option to "give yourself" to your god, or refuse. If you choose to "give yourself", your god will rip out your source and your character will instantly die, but combat will still be initiated with the rest of your party members. If you refuse, they will angrily proclaim they made you, and combat will still begin anyway. In either case, you will have to fight your clones, so defeat them all for 55,800XP each. Once the last clone remains, a Source Titan will spawn from the last clone, and you will have to fight it. All enemies have around 4000 combined HP+PA+MA each.
Defeating the Titan grants an amazing 125,550XP (the 55,800XP is replaced with this amount). Don't forget to loot the Source Titan after it's dead for some really nice loot.

Note: Sometimes, there is a bug where you will not receive 55,800XP for killing a clone. If this happens, you will have to reload and kill them again or you will forfeit the XP.

After the fight, use Malady's beacon to escape. Be very careful not to step on the lava surfaces - they will instantly kill any member if stepped upon! Only one member needs to use the beacon, and a cutscene will play with Malady saving the entire party from certain death. After being rescued, you will be granted 69,750XP, although this XP reward is not shown in the combat log due to the transition into Act IV, wiping your log clean.

Back at the Lady Vengeance, you can spend a night with one of your companions. Once you're ready, talk to the figure statue to summon Malady, and you'll continue the journey to the final Act, Arx.





  • 27,900XP per Eternal Sentinel kill, for a total of 55,800XP for both constructs.
  • 55,800XP per clone kill and 125,550XP for killing the Source Titan.
  • 69,750XP upon being saved by Malady.

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    • Anonymous

      26 Jun 2020 05:37  

      Can't get Favoured Son to pop. I've gone back and persuaded Alexander to back me with each of my characters just to see if it matters. Nothing.

      • Anonymous

        08 Mar 2020 19:22  

        Just kill all the origin character while they are waiting for you to say ready to the sentinel so when the fight begin you can just sneak up to the end without having to fight another 2 sentinels

        • Anonymous

          06 Oct 2019 15:09  

          TIP: You can just skip the complete fight by using a teleport (e.g. phoenix dive, teleportation) and go as close to the end as possible. Since this is far enough from the start, it will be seen as a seperate fight between you and the 2 Ethernal Sentinels. Therefore you will get the first move again so you can do another teleport to the Wellspring and reach it for the cutscene with Dallis.

          • Anonymous

            04 Aug 2019 01:09  

            Romance, really? Was that what I was doing? I was just being supportive so they would be loyal. Nothing in-dialogue indicated any romantic affection previously

            • Anonymous

              05 Feb 2019 02:29  

              So the Gods can be in lava no problem? Plus, the Source pools don't give Source? Oh yeah, that's fair. Plus, where the heck is the Beacon? Weak...

              • Anonymous

                04 Jan 2019 23:40  

                and I also just beat these "gods" after one turn with whirlwind and grasp of the starved (2-handed warrior/necromancer Fane), its supposed to be that easy?

                • Anonymous

                  09 Dec 2018 07:23  

                  Killing The Eternal Arbiter will give you 20 k of experience. He will immediately come back to life, so yay for free experience. --S

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Oct 2018 03:30  

                    Can you become "The One" and get the achievement for it without swearing to the God King? On my first playthrough, I did the arena and escaped, but the achievement didn't pop. I thought just completing the arena fight and escaping was enough for the achievement?

                    • Anonymous

                      10 Oct 2018 21:17  

                      You can simply skip fighting the ones you left behind by killing them before you enter the Aren (Since they just stand there and will be pissed at you) Ya just have to kill the 2 Eternal Sentinels then which made things much easier.

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Feb 2018 02:25  

                        Just to make sure, if you have 4 characters, you kill three embodiments and the fourth one will become the Source Titan? I kept gettin only 3x55,800 as xp from the even when I filled the fourth one before turning into the titan

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Nov 2017 02:34  

                          Just tried this with a high level of Summoning. During the final battle, I had an Incarnate. When Malady rescued me, the battle continued on the Lady Vengeance while my totems died, and it didn't exit battle until my incarnate finally died (I just kept clicking "end turn" until the incarnate timed out).

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Oct 2017 20:27  

                            If someone has a problem getting to the romance at the end of act 3 like me: The romance thing breaks if one of the companions is currently dead when you reach the beacon (they will then also arrive dead on the ship even though you can still resurrect them). In my case the game skipped over a dialog with Maladay and the romance bit did not happen. It doesn't break the game, but it's not ideal.

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Oct 2017 20:36  

                              Does anyone know if you can romance multiple people? For some reason I ended up together with Sebille during Act 3 but wanted to end up with Lohse, can I sleep with her on the ship without Sebille hating me? Basically, does it have any repercussions?

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