The Bark's Bite

Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 14
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The Bark's Bite is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



The Bark's Bite Objectives

  1. Talk to the log.
  2. Find the foreman.
  3. Drain the source of the foreman.
  4. Report back to the log.



The Bark's Bite Walkthrough

Cast Spirit Vision at the sawmill, and you can see the spirit of the spirit of an elf contained in a livewood. It asks you to help it get revenge on the spirit of the sawmill's foreman.

The spirit of the former Sawmill Foreman, is located in a grave located at X478,Y:374, south-west of the bridge to the Sawmill, and is marked on your map. Dig the Graves to reveal him. Cast Source Vampirism on him to kill him. (You can learn the skill in Powerful Awakening)

Return to the livewood to complete the quest. You will receive 25,950XP and a unique shield called "Livewood Shield".



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      23 Sep 2019 14:30  

      The foreman as such a sweetheart though; just a genuinely warm and positive man and all happy and kinda open-minded in his own way. It honestly pained me to absorb his soul. He never did anything to the tree with malicious intent. He just didn’t know how that ancestor trees are still alive.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jan 2018 15:32  

        Just an FYI, when the shield starts to get underpowered for you, don't expect to sell it because you can't.

        • Anonymous

          31 Oct 2017 23:07  

          The anonymous grave nearby has nothing but poison. The grave of Jonah Freed has a chest that gave me about 400 gold, a fortify scroll, and a common ring to sell.

          • Anonymous

            14 Oct 2017 20:29  

            I chose to learn skills from the Foreman and so he "left". One min after I spoke to the f"" log.....should have been the other way around, but to late now.

            • Anonymous

              03 Oct 2017 11:36  

              You can also use a purging wand from Act 1 if you still have it on the Foreman's ghost if you've haven't progressed that far in the story

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