The Consulate

Location The Arx
Suggested Level 19
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The Consulate  / A Lizard Nightmare is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Going near the Lizard Consulate in Arx, you realize that the Voidwoken have attacked it, leaving it in ruins. But why? Would you be able to uncover the truth?



Important NPCs



The Consulate Objectives

  1. Approach the Consulate and find out what happened.
  2. Make your way into the Lizard Consulate.
  3. Explore the Consulate and find clues.
  4. Enter the portal.
  5. Defeat the apparitions.
  6. Leave the Horrorsleep arena.
  7. Enter the glowing door.
  8. Speak to Sadha.
  9. Hatch the egg with a little fiery encouragement.
  10. Leave the oasis via the portal.



The Consulate Walkthrough

Go near the Lizard Consulate in Arx (co-ordinates around X:207, Y:358). As you approach the consulate and dead voidwoken, this quest will start. Speak to one of the two citizens near the fountain and rubble, and you will learn that the Voidwoken attacked the Lizard Consulate. You will gain 26,950XP.

Head through the gates and you'll see some cursed revenants around, along with patches of cursed fire. These revenants cannot truly die until most cursed fire patches are gone, and they respawn at a nearby necrofire patch in the area. Hence, there are multiple ways to deal with this quest:

First, you can choose to simply sneak and bypass the revenants completely, using a variety of teleport skills to bypass them all, lockpick through the door leading to the watery area, then drop a pyramid to regroup your party.

Alternatively, you can bless all the cursed fire patches. This is the most tedious method. Using oil to link the cursed fire patches may be particularly helpful for those lacking source points, but since there are so many cursed fire patches, this can potentially take a long time. The best way to clear the cursed fire patches is to use one character with the highest sneak skill and a variety of teleport skills to simply bless, retreat, then repeat over and over again. Do this until all patches have been cleared, or at least until you are able to enter through the doorway to the Consulate Gardens, which is your goal, at around co-ordinates X:200, Y:415. Another way to do this is to use Gust from the Vulture Summon.

The best method (in theory) is to simply bless the cursed revenants twice to give them the Holy Fire status. Once they are in Holy Fire status, finishing them off should kill them off permanently, and they will no longer revive. This method is the fastest way to ensure you still get to explore the area unhindered, while still saving time, if it works. There seem to be bugs where they will revive anyways.

As they need to reach a necrofire in one turn and their movement as ghosts limited, you can use teleport to get them away from fire before they die. This does work inside, but the most promising place to teleport them out in front of the consulate (near the fountain). The NPCs will help you and they wont respawn there. Initiate combat, wait for them at the door and teleport them out.

In any case, head past the twin locked doors by either unlocking them with a high thievery skill, or with the Consulate Garden key further in, near the painting of the Lizard Goddess. Note that killing the cursed revenants give no XP, and they only drop modest loot.

As soon as you enter the doorway to the Consulate gardens and pass the twin stone bridges, you will earn 53,900 Exploration XP. Head on to the watery area and cast spirit vision to see a portal of dreams. Don't forget to loot the surrounding area first before entering the portal. You can find Ancient Spear of Bloodletting on the beach to the north and Voor d'Aravel in a chest.

You will be teleported to a strange arena and immediately gain 26,950XP. Once you move from the center of the circle, a silent monk version of Bishop Alexandar will appear and exclaim that you are not enough. He will then attack you, along with the silent monk versions of Malady and Windego. This is a very difficult fight; even after death, they will continue spawning relentlessly so in order to defeat them all for good, you'll have to destroy all the mirrors in the arena. A handy trick to make this difficult fight a trivial one is to use a ranged character to destroy all the mirrors without moving from the center of the arena. Skyshot will help in this regard as well, for some far shots. Another trick is to use a summon, which can move freely around the arena because it won't trigger the fight. Although it is definitely possible to destroy all mirrors with these tricks, you should still leave at least one mirror standing before initiating the fight. This is because if there are no mirrors left standing, Windego won't summon the evil version of The Red Prince to help with the fight, and thus, you'll forfeit the XP gotten from killing him.

The goal here is to defeat them all. Bishop Alexandar will grant a whopping 262,225XP (74925 DE) when killed, Windego will grant 112,400XP (74925 DE),  and Malady and the evil version of The Red Prince will grant 149,850XP (74925 and 0 respectively, DE) each. Killing them again grants no XP. Once the fight is over, simply pick up the Calamity weapon (DE: the Calamity weapon can be stolen from Malady, but will disappear when she is dead), loot the chests, then exit out through the portal.

You will end up in the House of War area. Speak to the dreamers and they will give you a glowing key to open the glowing door up ahead to Princess Sadha's hideout. You will earn 53,900XP. Before heading through the glowing door portal, make sure to teleport down the right side area and dig up a chest for some loot and pick up the Spear of Horrorsleep on the left. Now enter through the glowing door portal for yet another 53,900XP. Perhaps DE only: If the Red Prince is NOT in your party, you must select the vaguely threatening "I intend to go farther. A LOT farther" if you wish to proceed peacefully (still requires a subsequent persuasion check). Saying "I just wish to leave" or asking about the Red Princess locks you into a fight. And getting locked into that fight locks you into a fight with Sadha if/when you speak to her.

You will finally reach Princess Sadha's hideout. Here, several things may unfold, depending on your choice, and if you have the swornbreaker in your inventory. You will learn that Sadha is sworn to the God-King and wants to sever her connection using a Swornbreaker. If you have the swornbreaker in your inventory, you can use it to sever Sadha's connection to the God-King or refuse to do so. If you have The Red Prince in your party, however, refusing will earn -5 attitude with him. Accepting however, earns you nothing, so it is actually better to drop the Swornbreaker if you do have one before speaking to Sadha so that you won't trigger the option to give the Swornbreaker away and potentially lose attitude with The Red Prince (if you have him in your party, of course).

Regardless of whether you gave Sadha the Swornbreaker or not, Sadha will then beseech The Red Prince to breathe fire onto his children to turn them into dragons to fight by your side. If you ask The Red Prince to kill his children, both Sadha and The Red Prince will turn against you, with 2 Horrorsleep Hunters, a Flame Dreamer, and an Earth-Dreamer also joining the fight. Sadha grants 77,575XP, the Flame Dreamer and Earth Dreamer grant 149,850XP each, while The Red Prince and the Horrorsleep Hunters grant no XP. Note that the Horrorsleep hunters function exactly like the cursed revenants prior; they resurrect indefinitely as long as there are necrofire patches around.

If you encourage The Red Prince to let his children hatch, you will receive +5 attitude with The Red Prince, 134,750XP, 1 "Circle of Suns" unique ring (grants the Flaming Skin skill, but otherwise has pathetic stats), and a choice of Divine-quality loot. You can then use The Red Prince to breathe fire onto the egg to hatch it, whereupon you will be offered the choice to take the dragon hatchling with you, or leave it in Sadha's care. If you choose to take it with you, The Red Prince will be granted the "Summon Dragonling" spell, which summons a newt called "Sadha's Shield" to help in combat. Note that you can also cast fire spells to hatch the egg, but doing so as any character other than The Red Prince will cause Sadha to turn hostile.

Once you are done with everything here, simply leave the place by entering the portal, and the quest will finally complete.





  • 26,950XP for learning that the voidwoken attacked the Lizard Consulate.
  • 53,900 Exploration XP upon passing the stone bridges in the Consulate Gardens.
  • 26,950XP upon entering the arena.
  • Bishop Alexandar will grant a whopping 262,225XP when killed, Windego will grant 112,400XP, and Malady and the evil version of The Red Prince will grant 149,850XP each. This adds up to a total of 674,325XP. Killing them again grants no XP.
  • 53,900XP for obtaining the glowing key.
  • 53,900XP for entering the glowing door.
  • 149,850XP for each Dreamer, plus 77,575XP for killing Sadha, if you make Sadha hostile (optional).
  • +5 Attitude with The Red Prince, 134,750XP, "Circle of Suns" ring, and a choice of Divine-quality loot after speaking with Sadha.
  • "Summon Dragonling" spell for The Red Prince, upon hatching the egg and choosing to take it with you.
  • Spear of Horrorsleep sticked into a dead lizard in the House of War area


BUG! If you leave the Oasis via the Waypoints option in the pause menu, the quest may not close even if you go back to the consulate and not initiate the fight with the Shadow Prince if he was not killed earlier.


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    • Anonymous

      For the weirdoes like me who went with a "one-man" run and want the Dragonling, this is what I did to get it.

      - Shapeshifter mask - to turn into a lizard and breathe fire onto the invisible egg
      - Teleportation spell
      - Might need points in Sneaking to get past Sadha
      - Recommended to get Medium Invisibility Potions as it'll let you sneak around even within line of sight of NPCs (Extremely useful specially if you don't have enough Sneaking points, but keep in mind that the duration isn't very long).
      - Speech check, there will be three of them (Once for the Dragonling and twice for Sadha possibly)
      - Not necessary but would be good to have some points in Telekinesis as it'll make things faster

      Step 1: Equip Shapeshifter mask and then turn into a Lizard. Enter sneak mode immediately for precaution and move closer to Sadha's camp. Recommended to use a Medium Invisibility potion at least for Step 2 if you don't have enough sneak to move around Sadha.

      Step 2: There are two "Screen" on her camp (one on the left and another on the right), you will need to move both close enough to the vines at the right of her camp.

      Step 3: Climb up on the vines on the right to get to the upper elevation and move the two screens above as well

      Step 4: The goal here is to trap Sadha on the platform connected with a wooden bridge near where you should be now. To do this you'll need move the two screens and rotate as necessary to block the bridge, make sure you place the two screens past halfway to the other platform. Double check that you can't get to the platform by trying to move on it. Once you're done with blocking the bridge go down the vine once more and up again. Make sure to save in case anything goes wrong.

      Step 5: Now you should be right next to the vine with the bridge next to you blocked off. Prepare the Teleportation spell and target Sadha, obviously you will be moving her to the platform behind the Screen that you placed. Make sure to Teleport her with some space away from the screen as the Screens will break if it is too close.

      Step 6: As soon as you teleport her behind the screen, immediately go into sneak mode and quickly head down the vine before she stands up to avoid being seen.

      Step 7: Get close to the egg altar and breathe fire on it and pass the speech check for the Dragonling quickly as Sadha's position might reset back into her camp after a couple of seconds. I've tested this a bit but sometimes she doesn't reset her position or it just takes longer.

      Step 8: Talk to Sadha and finish her regular conversation (Her convo if you just approach her normally). After closing the initial conversation and picking a reward she will walk to the egg altar and initiate another conversation about the egg, the options will be either to fight or not but if you want to avoid a fight it has a speech check.

      There might be better ways to do this, but this was the only way I found. If anyone follows this and what happens doesn't match, it could be because I was using mods when I tried this.

      • Anonymous

        When fighting the revenants, I moved to the northwest part of the building where to can see the beach. Then teleported the revenants into the sea before killing them. They can be killed there without racing fire. 2 of them glitched and went through the map afterwards to find foire and respawned in the room. So in the end, I had had to kill 5 revenants total.

        • Anonymous

          Writing this while having to restart my game a third time, because the cursed skeletons keep breaking my game

          • Anonymous

            DE on PC. You don't need to put out every cursed fire patch in the field. Just make sure that revenants stays far away from cursed fire patch when killed. You can just clear the area near Zorl-Stissa alter, then chain-teleport revenants there one by one.

            • Anonymous

              DE on PC. Persuading Sadha and spare her won't give any XP, only two LV19 divine quality items. And once you step into portal to real world, all team member will be teleported out of dream world and the portal will be permanently closed. So just kill everyone for max XP.

              And you can still learn the Summon Dragonling spell after Sadha dies: just cast Breath Fire at the pedestal, then pass speech check twice. Shapeshifter Mask also works. The dragon egg will not be visible if you don't have Red Prince in team, but it still works as expected.

              • Anonymous

                DE. If anyone just wants the dragon summon skill without fighting Sadha, you can just use the usual trick of teleporting/netherswap a member who is in dialogue with Sadha. When Sadha is far away from the pedestal, you can use any other member to cast fire on the pedestal to make the dragon egg hatch and adopt it (need persuasion) to get the skill. No fight at all.

                • Anonymous

                  The Tornado spell works on the cursed fire patches, which should make things easier for anyone trying to clear the area the old fashioned way.

                  • Anonymous

                    How to get in Sadha's treasure room:

                    In order to access Sadha's treasure room you need to stop the Red Prince from being intimate with Sadha the first time they meet in Driftwood.
                    In this way they can be intimate in Sadha's treasure room located in the dream realm, after arriving in Arx.
                    The loot in the room has practically zero value, so there's no advantage in accessing the treasure room on the dream realm map.

                    By going in the treasure room the Red prince alone has the chance to kill Sasha; and remain friendly with the rest of the party members; without having a large party defending Sadha - only one character is there to help Sadha in the fight against the Red Prince.

                    After being intimate with Sadha, the Red Prince is naked, his gear is in the inventory and he receives 1 legendary item from Sadha.
                    There is very low value loot in the treasure - and just a few items.

                    In order to get the the dragon skill. the Red prince needs to cast "Dragon's Blaze" on the egg to hatch the egg and take the little baby dragon with him.

                    You can give Sadha the Swornbreaker to sever her connection to the God-King.
                    You can take back the Swornbreaker by stealing it, in order to give the Swornbreaker to Windego and after that to Almira.
                    In order to steal the Swornbreaker you need a Thievery level of 5.
                    The Red Price can share items with party members in order to get a Thievery level of 5.

                    To give Windego the Swornbreaker, find her in Magister's Prison cellar level -2. The Quest name is Mercy is Power Quest.
                    You can give Windego the Swornbreaker to cut her connection to the God-King. Windego will leave her body behind after using the Swornbreaker.
                    Get the Swornbreaker from Windego's body and give it to Almira to cut her connection with the God-King.

                    You can get the Swornbreaker from Arhu's prison location without having to fight anyone - you need to get a painting from the Arx Cathedral first and go to Kemm's Vault located in the garden - or you can build the Swornbreaker.
                    You can get the Swornbreaker from Arhu's prison after meeting with Sadha in the dream world because access portals between Arx and the Dream world will remain open (while the Red Prince is with Sadha in the Treasure Room).

                    • Anonymous

                      Tried all methods suggested here against the revenants. By far the best, fastest and the one that lets you explore the consulate later in peace is to teleport them outside the consulate, where there's a bunch of NPCs & where they don't respawn after being killed. Place your characters at regular intervals, within line-of-sight, with the char with the highest initiative nearest, to aggro the revenants & cast the first teleport. Stack in teleportation scrolls and green tea from Lady Kemm (-2 AP cost of casts and for jumping on that balcony inside the locked courtyard) so you can tele all the aggroed revenants outside the consulate in one go. If some revenants remain within the consulate, the NPCs will start running inside to fight them, where - as we all know - the revenants can start new fires and respawn. Also, this happened to me once, if you fight the revenants with the NPCs nearby inside the consulate, you risk to aggro them as well by accidental dmg. I had Consul Praxyr, the quest-giver, and all the pilgrims and the revenants fighting my team and the neutral paladins once XD

                      • Anonymous

                        For DOS2:DE, the spear could be stolen from Malady only inside the Dream Portal. You could not get it if you defeat her.

                        For DOS2: Classic. The spear would be dropped if you defeat Malady. IIRC the spear is not classified as an unique item in DOS2: Classic.

                        • Anonymous

                          one thing you guys should know: if you've gotten the swornbreaker before but gave it to almira and want to give sadha a swornbreaker, there's one in linder kemm's vault, in the deepest room. its a bit spoilery if all you want is a guide, but do that quest first to get a free swornbreaker and you'd be able to pass it off to sadha afterwards

                          • Anonymous

                            How you can get the dragonling in De Edition:

                            You can use the shapestifter mask to talk with Sadha. But for me it needed high persuation (just skill fane with high persuation before you enter the portal in arx). Important: Someone needs thievery lv5, the one who wants the dragonling needs high persuation and as i said the one who uses the shapestifter mask to talk with sadha too.

                            1. You go then in the portal, do the things you need (see the wiki page) and enter the next room (this one with the bridge and the lizards). Then you steal the key from this lizard in the middle. You give it fane and he alone enters the next room (unchain the rest of the group and leave it there).

                            if this lizards come to the thief and ask you because of the key, just do nothing and stay in the dialog. (if thief is fane you should have high persuation anyway)

                            2. As I said go to the next room with Fane and use the shapestifter mask and then you can talk with Sadha and after the talk just breath on the altar (you dont have to give her the swornbreaker) and the dragonling appears (and sadha attacks you - even if you gave her the swornbreaker).

                            But you "only" have to run away. You can do that in different ways:

                            a). use the mod fast forward toggle (its in the gift bag) and use the function to leave the fight (you have to be outside of sight). You can go then to arx back and just enter the portal again and walk back to the dragonling)

                            b). use the source-summoning skill which generates a portal. just set one end on the "hill" (there, where you came from) and the other end directly next to sadha. So you can use it in the first turn and you dont have to fear you get killed before you are out of sight.

                            And then you take of the shapestifter mask and use your skill to play death (which only have death charakters).

                            c). Run away out of sight, take of the shapestifter mask and use the play death skill. Because you are alone the fight will end directly, so you have to bee outside of their sight or the fight will start again.

                            (maybe d). There is this talent, which you can use to leave a fight. I think it's the same as you get with the fast sprint toggle mod. maybe this works too)

                            3. And then you walk back a little bit to sadha, but not to near otherwise the attack starts again (save before)

                            For me it was somewhere there, where the water was (at the "shore"). Wait there (dont go to near) and the dragonling will come to you and then you need again your high persuation and you will have it then.

                            3b) if your summoner is not fane, then you have to kill every one on the bridge, after you did step 2 and then go with this one to the dragonling. But make sure you have high persuation.

                            (It's possible, that sadha only will attack the one, which have breathed on the dragonling, so maybe of your summoner is not fane you can walk with another charakter straight there).

                            (if you attacked the lizards before you talk with sadha, she will attack you even as a lizard)

                            (When i used the fast sprint toggle mod and gave her the sowrnbreaker, she attacks me after breathing the dragonling, but after i came back she talk with me friendly and i could get the dragonling and be friendly with her. Dont know, if it also works, when you use Method b) or c) and give her the swornbraker. (l think not, i believe you have to enter this room again, maybe you can take the portal after you use Method b) or c) and come back then, as in method a))

                            • Anonymous

                              To quote the anon a few posts down, if the red prince is not with you than the egg is on the square alter but invisible. Just breath fire on it and it'll hatch.

                              Also, if you move all of the other characters far away while you cast fire breadth, Sadha will only become hostile to the one character. Meaning you can run away, return with another character and claim the dragon without having to kill her. (You might have to nether swap her out of the view of the baby though. )

                              • Anonymous

                                it took so long for me to find out you had to remove the cursed fire... i thought you had to kill them all at once and it took so long.

                                • Anonymous

                                  If your summoner is someone other than the Red Prince and you want the dragonling for them; simply put on the shapeshifter mask and turn into a lizard before initiating dialogue with sadha. You'll get an option to breathe fire on the egg yourself during one of the dialogue choices.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    At level 19 on the DE, I got 74,925 exp each from Malady, Windego, and Alexander. None from the Red Prince.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      DE in the arena Alexander spawn alone and of course was really easy to kill. Where are my Malady / Windego / Red prince ???
                                      Also Sadha attacked me after few lines of dialogue. No choice possible.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Here’s the best way to gain the most EXP while getting the dragon summon at the same time (tested on DE):

                                        1. Proceed through the quest until you get to Brahmos and the 4 dreamers. Make sure you spawn the Red Prince in the previous arena fight.
                                        2. Obtain the key from Brahmos either by persuasion or pickpocketing. Leave one party member behind.
                                        3. Have another party member (preferably with high persuasion) go through the door. Transform into Lizard Form using the Shapeshifter Mask and approach Sasha.
                                        4. Pass her persuasion check and save her. You will then obtain the quest rewards and EXP. Once done talking, use Flame Breath on the egg (it was invisible to me on the pedestal but still worked).
                                        5. The dragon king will spawn and a fight will start. Run away from the fight by sneaking and teleporting using waypoints. You will then have to travel all the way back to the Consulate and into the portal again.
                                        6. Meet up with your other party member and kill Brahmos and the dreamers. He drops a unique blade.
                                        7. Go through the door once more and kill Sasha and her goonies. Do not kill the dragonling.
                                        8. Once everyone but the dragonling is dead, run away from the fight. When aggro is dropped, the dragonling will turn neutral and you can then adopt it. Make sure your character has high enough persuasion.
                                        9. Go through the exit portal and quest will be complete.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If you turn into a lizard using mask of the shapeshifter, the persuasion check for the princess is lowered. Not sure by what amount.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            If you don't have Red Prince in your party and want to save the princess you can pickpocket (lv5) the glowing key from the dreamer and go pass the door.
                                            As long as the dreamers are alive the princess you have an option to persuade her (lv6 required for me) you are there to help.
                                            I had 1 character waited in the arena area, then pyramided back to the char, enter dreamers map to start a fight for exp.

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