The Consulate

Location The Arx
Suggested Level 19
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The Consulate is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Going near the Lizard Consulate in Arx, you realize that the Voidwoken have attacked it, leaving it in ruins. But why? Would you be able to uncover the truth?



Important NPCs



The Consulate Objectives

  1. Approach the Consulate and find out what happened.
  2. Make your way into the Lizard Consulate.
  3. Explore the Consulate and find clues.
  4. Enter the portal.
  5. Defeat the apparitions.
  6. Leave the Horrorsleep arena.
  7. Enter the glowing door.
  8. Speak to Sadha.
  9. Hatch the egg with a little fiery encouragement.
  10. Leave the oasis via the portal.



The Consulate Walkthrough

Go near the Lizard Consulate in Arx (co-ordinates around X:207, Y:358). As you approach the consulate and dead voidwoken, this quest will start. Speak to one of the two citizens near the fountain and rubble, and you will learn that the Voidwoken attacked the Lizard Consulate. You will gain 26,950XP.

Head through the gates and you'll see some cursed revenants around, along with patches of cursed fire. These revenants cannot truly die until all cursed fire patches are gone, and they respawn at the nearest necrofire patch in the area. Hence, there are multiple ways to deal with this quest. First, you can choose to simply sneak and bypass the revenants completely, using a variety of teleport skills to bypass them all, lockpick through the door leading to the watery area, then drop a pyramid to regroup your party.

Alternatively, you can bless all the cursed fire patches. This is the most tedious method. Using oil to link the cursed fire patches may be particularly helpful for those lacking source points, but since there are so many cursed fire patches, this can potentially take a long time. The best way to clear the cursed fire patches is to use one character with the highest sneak skill and a variety of teleport skills to simply bless, retreat, then repeat over and over again. Do this until all patches have been cleared, or at least until you are able to enter through the doorway to the Consulate Gardens, which is your goal, at around co-ordinates X:200, Y:415.

Ultimately, the best method is to simply bless the cursed revenants twice to give them the Holy Fire status. Once they are in Holy Fire status, finishing them off will kill them off permanently, and they will no longer revive. This method is the fastest way to ensure you still get to explore the area unhindered, while still saving time.

In any case, head past the twin locked doors by either unlocking them with a high thievery skill, or with the Consulate Garden key further in, near the painting of the Lizard Goddess. Note that killing the cursed revenants give no XP, and they only drop modest loot.

As soon as you enter the doorway to the Consulate gardens and pass the twin stone bridges, you will earn 53,900 Exploration XP. Head on to the watery area and cast spirit vision to see a portal of dreams. Don't forget to loot the surrounding area first before entering the portal.

You will be teleported to a strange arena and immediately gain 26,950XP. Once you move from the center of the circle, a silent monk version of Bishop Alexandar will appear and exclaim that you are not enough. He will then attack you, along with the silent monk versions of Malady and Windego. This is a very difficult fight; even after death, they will continue spawning relentlessly so in order to defeat them all for good, you'll have to destroy all the mirrors in the arena. A handy trick to make this difficult fight a trivial one is to use a ranged character to destroy all the mirrors without moving from the center of the arena. Skyshot will help in this regard as well, for some far shots. Another trick is to use a summon, which can move freely around the arena because it won't trigger the fight. Although it is definitely possible to destroy all mirrors with these tricks, you should still leave at least one mirror standing before initiating the fight. This is because if there are no mirrors left standing, Windego won't summon the evil version of The Red Prince to help with the fight, and thus, you'll forfeit the XP gotten from killing him.

The goal here is to defeat them all. Bishop Alexandar will grant a whopping 262,225XP when killed, Windego will grant 112,400XP, and Malady and the evil version of The Red Prince will grant 149,850XP each. Killing them again grants no XP. Once the fight is over, simply pick up the Calamity weapon, loot the chests, then exit out through the portal.

You will end up in the House of War area. Speak to the dreamers and they will give you a glowing key to open the glowing door up ahead to Princess Sadha's hideout. You will earn 53,900XP. Before heading through the glowing door portal, make sure to teleport down the right side area and dig up a chest for some loot. Now enter through the glowing door portal for yet another 53,900XP.

You will finally reach Princess Sadha's hideout. Here, several things may unfold, depending on your choice, and if you have the swornbreaker in your inventory. You will learn that Sadha is sworn to the God-King and wants to sever her connection using a Swornbreaker. If you have the swornbreaker in your inventory, you can use it to sever Sadha's connection to the God-King or refuse to do so. If you have The Red Prince in your party, however, refusing will earn -5 attitude with him. Accepting however, earns you nothing, so it is actually better to drop the Swornbreaker if you do have one before speaking to Sadha so that you won't trigger the option to give the Swornbreaker away and potentially lose attitude with The Red Prince (if you have him in your party, of course).

Regardless of whether you gave Sadha the Swornbreaker or not, Sadha will then beseech The Red Prince to breathe fire onto his children to turn them into dragons to fight by your side. If you ask The Red Prince to kill his children, both Sadha and The Red Prince will turn against you, with 2 Horrorsleep Hunters, a Flame Dreamer, and an Earth-Dreamer also joining the fight. Sadha grants 77,575XP, the Flame Dreamer and Earth Dreamer grant 149,850XP each, while The Red Prince and the Horrorsleep Hunters grant no XP. Note that the Horrorsleep hunters function exactly like the cursed revenants prior; they resurrect indefinitely as long as there are necrofire patches around.

If you encourage The Red Prince to let his children hatch, you will receive +5 attitude with The Red Prince, 134,750XP, 1 "Circle of Suns" unique ring (grants the Flaming Skin skill, but otherwise has pathetic stats), and a choice of Divine-quality loot. You can then use The Red Prince to breathe fire onto the egg to hatch it, whereupon you will be offered the choice to take the dragon hatchling with you, or leave it in Sadha's care. If you choose to take it with you, The Red Prince will be granted the "Summon Dragonling" spell, which summons a newt called "Sadha's Shield" to help in combat. Note that you can also cast fire spells to hatch the egg, but doing so as any character other than The Red Prince will cause Sadha to turn hostile.

Once you are done with everything here, simply leave the place by entering the portal, and the quest will finally complete.





  • 26,950XP for learning that the voidwoken attacked the Lizard Consulate.
  • 53,900 Exploration XP upon passing the stone bridges in the Consulate Gardens.
  • 26,950XP upon entering the arena.
  • Bishop Alexandar will grant a whopping 262,225XP when killed, Windego will grant 112,400XP, and Malady and the evil version of The Red Prince will grant 149,850XP each. This adds up to a total of 674,325XP. Killing them again grants no XP.
  • 53,900XP for obtaining the glowing key.
  • 53,900XP for entering the glowing door.
  • 149,850XP for each Dreamer, plus 77,575XP for killing Sadha, if you make Sadha hostile (optional).
  • +5 Attitude with The Red Prince, 134,750XP, "Circle of Suns" ring, and a choice of Divine-quality loot after speaking with Sadha.
  • "Summon Dragonling" spell for The Red Prince, upon hatching the egg and choosing to take it with you.

    • 17 Mar 2019 20:50  

      I did not have the Red Prince or a lizard in my party. I walked past Brahmos and did not talk to him. I picked locked the portal door. When I got to Sadha, she did not aggro me. I assume because I did not kill the dreamers in the last area. I was able to give her a Stormbreaker and free her from the God King. This is for Definitive Edition, but not sure if this works in regular edition.

      • Anonymous

        19 Feb 2019 05:38  

        Kill Alexander asap, and Wendigo too. She's got a ton of AP and spells that they use about every other turn. Don't clump up or they'll crush you.

        • Anonymous

          18 Feb 2019 16:02  

          Blessing the necrofire as much as you can before the revenant battle is easiest, just make sure everyone's got the spell ready to stop all of their attempts to set up more necrofire. VERY bad initial set up, your party is as bad off initially as it can be, though this battle is not as hard as the next one with Wendigo who can wipe out your party in her first strike, wiping out your magic armor and then putting most of your party into madness. Kill her first and foremost, and like usual, try to find summons to help you, though most of them are fire or poison based, which almost all enemies are always protected and healed from, which makes Summoning a real loss of a skill most of the time. Angry Flower is basically worthless in most battles in the game therefore, as is Bone Widow. Only Incarnate is worth squat, but you have to get a good surface down first, and if you have Summoning at level 10, you can summon an Incarnate Champion.

          • Anonymous

            18 Feb 2019 15:41  

            A ridiculously tough battle, though you don't have to fight it, you can get one character through the portal and that escapes the battle and progresses the quest.

            • 16 Jan 2019 08:03  

              For the respawning revenants - the cursed fire could be vanished by blessed water arrow ( expensive solution) - if the revenant in hi invincible form is not able to get tot the cursed fire during his turn = killed at the end of the turn - I was able to block him in the corner of the room with one character which prevents him to get to the fire to respawn - I have tried to lure them to the room without any cursed fire and close the door behind them, unfortunately they are able to open the door even in their invincible form - one time i have applied static cloud on the place where revenant was respawning and it dies during the process....was not able to reproduce it again so not sure if this solution works or not

              • Anonymous

                13 Jan 2019 06:03  

                MY ADVISE: if u have a 2hd character in ur party, u can pass the speech check (53k XP) and than kill Brahmos and the dreamers for a lot of XP, it will get u a unique 2hd sword with 177 max dmg at lv20, but u have to kill Sadha after that because she din't trust u, anyway even more XP. In that gameplay I was 2hd dps lone wolf with Sebille so it doesn't matter anyway.

                • 03 Jan 2019 09:57  

                  And this also may be a definitive edition thing, but I was able to sever The Red Princess' bond with the God King using the same Swornbreaker that I used to free Windego. In my inventory, the Swornbreaker said it had no charges left and was red (broken). I was still able to use this one to free The Red Princess and get the unique (but not very good) "Circle of Suns" ring.

                  • 03 Jan 2019 09:46  

                    I'm pretty sure they nerfed the XP on from the silent monk doppelgänger fight in the arena through the first portal. I'm playing definitive edition and Red Prince is not in my party. I didn't record the exact number but it was around 74,000 XP for killing each of the four (Alexandar, Malady, Red Prince, Windego); totaling ~296,000XP.

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Dec 2018 03:31  

                      DE: For the necrofire/respawning revenants, I found Bless for the ground necrofire mostly useless. Instead I used Tornado as much as possible before starting the fights. For the first area I had 2 characters with Tornado (one from the staff in Kemm's Vault), one of those characters also had Cloak & Dagger which meant I could sneak them into the middle and position so that a tornado cleared the room farthest from stairs. Second tornado-er started the fight by clearing the area nearest the stairs, second one followed, while other 2 party members stood around downstairs. This took care of the necrofire on the ground, and then I used rain/water and bless directly on the revenants to take them down. Without rain they would do some crazy things, including in one case respawning on the other side of the locked door below. The entire system of respawning here makes no sense. For the second area, through the first locked door, you can tornado clear the entire upper left alcove with a tornado from the doorway. There is also a small area on the stairs, a little more than halfway up, where you can tactical retreat and make the encounter visible but not engage, which is handy for positioning if you can figure out where to land. I did it accidentally - a pillar blocks the line of sight of the mob at the top of the stairs.

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Dec 2018 00:35  

                        Looks like most of these bugs are fixed as of today. Just finished it off, beat the fight by using a source point to buff Sebille's bow range then destroyed all of the black mirrors except for the one that spawns the red prince. Unlinked all of my characters, spread them as far away from one another as I could without triggering the event, then had Sebille use tactical retreat (with peace of mind on for the initiative bonus) to get up on the high ground to start off the fight. Killed Windego in one turn (at level 19, was using glass cannon) then cleared the others off pretty quickly. It's a ***** of a fight if everyone gets hit by Windego's fireball on the first turn. Spreading out is the key :O

                        • Anonymous

                          10 Dec 2018 17:08  

                          This is the most retarded quest in the whole game so far. The person who designed it must have had a lot of fun. The fights are just amazingly impossible to win on tactician. As dude above mentioned, on arena you just get perma mad and watch your characters go through the whole inventory of stupid scrolls. It says "suggested level 19", but those damn lizards are 20 lvl obviously, and i'm not quite sure that even if I had lvl 20 charachters, it would be any easier. The mages just tear apart your team in the first few rounds and then it just charm and rape.

                          • 28 Nov 2018 22:01  

                            This may sound like massive cheese, but if you have a summon you can summon them to move all of the mirrors near you. This will not trigger Alexander and the rest to summon. This way you can take out all of the mirrors before fighting them. The fight is still difficult with Malady being the main cause of sorrow. However, this just made the fight more bearable.

                            • Anonymous

                              28 Oct 2018 14:23  

                              If you pickpocket the dreamers instead of killing them — As of right now in the Definitive Edition — Sadha will not immediately attack you, and will prompt you with a persuasion check.

                              • Anonymous

                                26 Oct 2018 00:54  

                                "Once the fight is over, simply pick up the Calamity weapon, loot the chests, then exit out through the portal." After I completed the fight I did not see any weapons no the ground, nor in the chests. Where does the weapon appear after the fight? Am I just dumb and missed it?

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Oct 2018 01:35  

                                  Mirrors in DE: (tactician) 22 Vit 100% FireRess 40% WaterRess 40% AirRess 40% EearthRess 100% PosionRess -40% PhysicalRess My fullSTR, noINT 2HandWarrior using Teleport destroys them. Some are far, PeaceOfMind (for FIN) and use any bad Bow, 1hits them.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    05 Oct 2018 02:42  

                                    I was able to get the dragon with my undead human cleric by using Fane’s mask of the shapeshifter. No practical purpose but awesome for the character I’m role playing!

                                    • Anonymous

                                      27 Sep 2018 02:07  

                                      You can kill Brahmos and the other lizards before going through the portal to Sadha. You get a lot of exp from them and some nice loot, and Sadha does not turn hostile. Why has nobody mentioned this? (I had the Red Prince in my party, and I talked to Brahmos and got the key first, just in case that matters)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        24 Sep 2018 14:56  

                                        Anyone manage to access the other side (Looks like a private chamber, with a portal door) in the Horrorsleep Sadha map? It's too far to teleport and there's no way to access it. I checked the Red Prince-Sadha videos on Youtube and they never used that area of the map.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          29 Aug 2018 08:40  

                                          I don't understand. I press the egg, and breath fire, bring it with me, but the quest is not complete. Already go out of the portal and back in Arx. This is so frustrating.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            25 Aug 2018 00:57  

                                            It's complete bs that the portal disappears after this quest. I hadn't gotten the swornbreaker yet and my dumbass left without hatching the egg. Hate this quest

                                            • Anonymous

                                              09 Aug 2018 01:00  

                                              Something that may help in killing the mirrors too is bouncing shield. I had put the shield on from kemm and was in the fight. Some mirrors were closed together and a single bouncing shield destroyed like 2 of them instantly. The damage of bouncing shield is 1988 - 2198. Was very surprised when it happened

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