The Crypt is a sub-area of The Arx in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information

  • Location: The Arx
  • Recommended Level: 20





Notable NPCs


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The Crypt

Notes & Tips

Once you have the knowledge from Lord Arhu and the amulet and scroll from Toyseller, you may proceed into the cathedral. (better when you finished your companion quests and other side-quests)

In front of the Lucian's Shrine, there is a switch, put the amulet acquired from toyseller in it, then read the scroll to reveal a hatch:


When you enter the crypt of Lucian, there is a pipe puzzle waiting ahead.

(Alternatively, try to hire a new recruit from Hall of Echoes to handle the path of blood)

To solve it, first, you need to create some blessed blood.


(cast blood rain on this sink, then bless the blood to create blessed blood. If you do not have blood rain skill, you can attack yourself to create blood.)

The second step is to align the pipes, there are multiple ways to achieve that, here's one of the solution:


Once you aligned the pipes correctly, touch the altar to activate it. The coffin of Lucian will be moved and a secret hatch is revealed (This is too simplistic, see expansion below).

(1) Use the riddle option screen to turn the blocks to create 3 paths to allow the 3 elements from the bottom to flow to the matching elements at the top.
(2) Drop 1st pyramid next to the stone altar (table), Throw 2nd pyramid on the other side of the magic barrier then use 3rd pyramid to cross the barrier. Hop down to turn the 3 valves to let the elements flow to the top.
(3) Pick up the 2nd pyramid, teleport to the 1st pyramid then apply blood on the grate in front of the stone altar - when the stone coffin slides forward to reveal the hatch, enter the hatch.)

Venturing forth, you will enter a room full of levers and traps, along with some source puppets. Use Source Vampirism on these puppets to kill them, then pull the five levers bearing initials that spell POWER. (Potency-Order-Wisdom-Empathy-Righteousness)

Make sure you are ready before you enter the real crypt of Lucian, after this point, you can not go back. (make sure you have your most powerful source skills memorized, and you best item equipped)




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    • Anonymous

      Puppets don't give exp or drops, so, don't bother fighting them. Just separate a team member with cloak skill as soon as you enter, then, use it and go down the stairs quickly, so you can pull all the POWER levers (which are all in the lower floor) while your other team members keep puppets engaged in combat.

      Just be careful to not to make cloak member get engaged.

      • Anonymous

        If ur a giga brain like me then you'll be smart enough to just run to the end of the puzzle and manually put the holy fire, blessed blood and blessed water in the end.

        • Anonymous

          this can be completed using 2 pyramids, as pyramids do not have to be in your inventory in order for you to use them. also, the cloak and dagger scoundrel spell helps with mobility in places like this.
          I hope this helps. I had to figure out how to do it with 2 pyramids because ive sort of only been playing this for a few days and im not really sure if i can go back to try and collect the other 2 or not... im just using dallis's 2 from in her room on the ship.

          • Anonymous

            I'm 71k short to level 21 and this damn puzzle and the stupid puppets gave me ZERO experience ? NOTHING ? NADA ? You're just kidding!

            • Anonymous

              If you hover the mouse on the spells, you'll see there's blessed blood missing, and there's a grate conected to where you are for it (turn the camera and search the room). Also, try the other options when you "talk" to the altar, the puzzle appears on second answer.
              For the chest and to turn the valves, get close to the first grate and position a piramide near it, don't forget to have another piramide with you and another piramide on the altar side because that wall won't disappear.

              • Anonymous

                How the ****, and I mean HOW THE **** are you supposed to have a clue what to do with that pipe puzzle without looking online? There is zero indication in game of what you are supposed to do.

                • Anonymous

                  You don't need to fight/drain the puppets at all, just look around for the 5 levers (no fog of war) and focus on pulling them. The order doesn't matter and it's fine if the puppets pull other levers, although that will randomly teleport you. With haste and jumps you should be able to finish in the first combat round.

                  • Anonymous

                    Italian version: fermezza-onore-resilienza-zelo-ambizione => forza actually means strength. Hope is useful, so you don't have to check each lever like I painstakingly did =_=

                    • Anonymous

                      This is poorly written. Do not use source vampirism on them as it WILL NOT kill the puppets when they have full armor.

                      • Anonymous

                        When Sworn, curse the altar, hop down, grab the chest on the left, then use Terrain Swap and pull the elements one bowl closer. Done and done.

                        • Anonymous

                          I don't have a stone table with rotate pipes. I have only plan view ane esc from riddle option please help

                          • Anonymous

                            Just thought I'd point out, this plays out slightly differently if you have sworn to the God King. (Spoilers...)

                            When reaching the altar he'll tell you to curse it, which destroys it and the barrier. You still need to complete the puzzle to gain access to the hatch however. With the barrier gone, you can jump down, and manually rotate the blocks. This is unnecessary however, and possibly tricky considering you might not be able to bless any blood because you're sworn. The important thing here is that it checks simply for whether the content in the bowl on the floor matches the one on top. In other words, you could theoretically fill all six bowls with cursed blood to gain access. Simple water might also do the trick. In my playthrough I unfortunately didn't have access to elemental arrowheads (the skill) but I'd assume just jumping up on the top bowl and shooting an elemental arrowhead matching the top bowl down below would do the trick without having to bother with the puzzle at all.

                            • Anonymous

                              To get to the chest just move any of the teleporter pyramids beyong the forse field (with telekinesis skill). Then teleport to it.

                              • Anonymous

                                The German order is: "Mut" (careful, there are 2, take the one on the lower floor), "Anstand", "Corpsgeist" (whatever that is!), "Heldentum", "Tradition"

                                • Anonymous

                                  In French the order is : Courage - Ordre - Révélation - Frénésie - Empathie

                                  You can't even pronounce that thing : CORFE ! lmao

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