The Cursed Ring

Location Dark Cavern
Suggested Level 4+
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The Cursed Ring is a personal Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

  Important NPCs


  1. Search the ruins and defeat the mad illusionist Trompdoy.
  2. Loot the Band of Braccus ring from his dead body.


  • Upon entering the Dark Cavern (this area), you will notice that the entrance to the ruins is blocked off.
  • Loitering around is Trompdoy, who insults you and attempts to tell you to leave. If you take a look at your mini-map, you will find an invisible bridge that will lead you to the other side of the area (near the illusory chests). Simply move across the gap and the bridge will reveal itself.
  • Trompdoy will try to stop you throughout this area, so prepare to fight. He will ambush you and try to attack you with 3-4 doppelgangers.
  • Defeat Trompdoy and acquire the Band of Braccus from his corpse. Do not equip the ring unless you've acquired the skill Bless. If you do not have Bless yet, you will have the opportunity to acquire it in this same area.


  • Trompdoy will ask for your forgiveness and ask you to free his soul by destroying his Soul Jar. It is located at the end of the area, where the ruins were.
  • After Trompdoy dies and you progress further, you will meet a Statue of Illusions which will give you two riddles. If you have the Pet Pal talent, a Rat on the ground will reveal that the key to the solution is in the words. If you cannot figure out the solution, it is revealed below.
  • Once you solve the riddles, you will be granted access to the treasure room, which has plenty of loot. There are Soul Jars here as well, for Trompdoy as well as for the two other quests above that are associated with this area.
  • Warning: If you have not yet acquired the two associated quests, do not destroy the other Soul Jars. Pick them up for later.
  • You will encounter another statue inside this treasure room. If you have not yet acquired Bless, interacting with the statue will teleport your main character to The Hall of Echoes. You will acquire it there. If you already have Bless, the statue won't do anything.
  • To close this quest, have a character equip the cursed ring and then cast Bless on that character to remove the curse.

Tips & Tricks

  • The curse cannot be removed from the ring itself. It is permanent.
  • This ring is not part of the Tyrant's Set. Its curse is not related to the cursed armour set.
  • Many of the boxes in this area have traps in them.
  • Showing this ring to the gargoyle at the beginning of the Gargoyle's Maze will teleport you to the end of the maze, right at the tower entrance. You will miss some loot inside the maze, but it is an available shortcut.
  • Be sure to take all of the artwork from the wall in the room with the Statue of Illusions to sell.
  • Statue Solution: 1, 2



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    • Anonymous

      The ring also helps you skip the entire braccus maze, i gave it to the gargoyle and got teleported to the end.

      • Anonymous

        There's a bug where if you put on the Ring of Braccus, and then put on Heart of the Tyrant, then you can take off the ring without keeping the curse, then remove the chest piece and there's no curse. Just found that today.

        • Anonymous

          This is all...wrong? After solving the riddles is a second fight with Trompdoy, the treasure room being after *that*. Trompdoy talks to you *in* the treasure room and asks you to destroy his jar. Plus, there is no second statue in the treasure room. It's not even like I already have Bless and so can't interact - there is literally not a statue in the treasure room at all, just the necromancer jars and loot.

          • Anonymous

            when i got to act 3, the nameless isle, i noticed that in the archives, it put the cursed ring quest under the nameless isle header, which leads me to wonder if there is something here related to that quest, but i already sold the ring 150 hours ago, back in act 1. . .

            • Anonymous

              the logic to the riddle is that he says BRACCUS is and then says a bunch of words like "bloody rotten thieving very very awful ..." i forget exactly, but in sequence. each word is associated with the respective letter in Braccus name. example B = bloody, R = rotten, C = very. if you use the correct logic, it will explain why response #1 is the correct response and the second riddle uses the same logic , he says "SOURCE is such and such and the CURE is ...blank" and you use the words after "SOURCE" to figure out what the letters in "CURE" stand for the reason this confused me at first is because the first 2 letters in the name had the same letter as the first 2 words in the sequence, but then the next words started with a different letter and it completely threw me of and i had to do some searching to find the logic elsewhere.

              • Anonymous

                I put the ring on after killing alexander before leaving fort joy and blessed myself and took it off and the quest stood open. never got exp for it closing or the ring being put on and blessed.....also when i removed the ring it became cursed again. idk why i had this glitch if thats what it was....i just left the island anyway not caring to further test

                • Anonymous

                  When fighting Trompdoy for the second time he will be the version with the cursed effect on him (I noticed this in the definitive edition, not sure if it applies to the normal edition).

                  • Anonymous

                    On that room where you kill trompdoy and get the ring of braccus from his body, you can pass in stealth instead and avoid conflict. Then after you break the jar, go back do that room and the Trompdoy's body will be there with the ring.

                    • Anonymous

                      i find the way when i have full set of tyran on me and put the ring i get cursed but me stats get back to normal after 5 sec maybe a bug?!

                      • Anonymous

                        A lot of people keep asking "how do you remove the curse from the ring?", and are getting responses that answer "how do I remove the curse applied to my character, by the ring".

                        What I, and I'm betting most of the other people want to know is, can you remove the curse THAT IS ON THE RING ITSELF. I'm well aware of how to remove the curse status on my character. I'd like to know if the ring itself can be altered so that it will no longer curse me if I put it on.

                        • Anonymous

                          encountered a bug where I turned Trompdoy into a chicken and killed him, but there was no corpse just a pool of blood.

                          • Anonymous

                            After you obtain the ring put it on character, than remove it. You will be cursed whatever you wear the ring or not. Journal will be updated that you should find a new host for the ring. I have searched the new host in Fort Joy and Reaper's coast, but never find him.

                            You can bless your character while he wearing the ring, it will be automatically unequipped, curse lifted and quest closed.

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