The Dead Ferryman


The Dead Ferryman is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



The Dead Ferryman information

  • He can ferry you to Bloodmoon island, but any non undead characters that go will die en route.



The Dead Ferryman location

  • The Dead Ferryman first appears in the cloisterwood, southwest of Bloodmoon Island at Reaper's Coast



Notes and Tips

  • Kill him for experience.
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    • Anonymous

      13 Jan 2018 14:36  

      It's not a trap if You are already dead.

      Take a ferry by undead party member (Fane) alone, and gather team with pyramid.

      • Anonymous

        08 Dec 2017 08:10  

        Kill him by teleporting him in away from the fog.
        Otherwise he may teleport you out away from the land
        (this isn't my idea - i got this from Fox Fires on youtube)

        • Anonymous

          30 Nov 2017 18:08  

          Me and my gamer friends beat the hell out of this idiot after he tried to pull a fast one on us, he's definitely a dead ferryman now

          • Anonymous

            06 Nov 2017 11:31  

            He takes you to the Island where he tries to rob you and insta kills you if u refuse to empty your pockets

            • Anonymous

              05 Nov 2017 08:44  

              Do not take the ferry! It's a trap!!!

              Also, if you fight him on the docks near Cloisterwood, be prepared for him to teleport your toons into the nearby deathfog. You've been warned.

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