The Driftwood Arena


Location Driftwood (Undertavern)
Suggested Level 10+
Next Quest Proving Ground
Previous Quest The Arena of Fort Joy

The Driftwood Arena is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act II.

Become the champion of the Driftwood Arena.


Important NPCs


The Driftwood Arena Objectives

  1. Defeat the contenders blindfolded OR chicken out and fight them normally.
  2. Defeat both Murga and the Voidwoken to claim the champion title.



The Driftwood Arena Walkthrough

This quest is acquired at the Undertavern of Driftwood by speaking to Murga. She will say that you are unworthy to fight her, prompting to you speak to Arran to fight some other contenders blindfolded first to prove your worth.

(Note: It is not necessary to fight blindfolded, but the method to complete the quest alters. See below.)


Main Method: If you agree to fight blindfolded, your range and accuracy will be reduced for all of your characters.

After beating those contenders blindfolded, Murga will fight you herself. After her second turn, the captive Voidwoken will escape and force Murga to fight it with you. After the Voidwoken dies, you must defeat her as well to claim the title.


Alternative Method: If you choose to chicken out and not fight blindfolded, the fight will be significantly easier as there is high ground right next to you.

After you defeat the contenders, the Voidwoken will not escape and Murga will tell you that you are not worthy of fighting her. The dialogue with both Murga and Arran will seem as though you've been locked out of the quest completely.

To correct this issue, deliberately attack Murga and kill her. She will not be joined by any of her friends, assuming she is fought in her corner of the arena. After doing so, speak to Arran again to try to convince him (with a character that has a high amount of Persuasion) that you deserve a chance at becoming the champion by defeating the Voidwoken.


After both the Voidwoken and Murga are defeated, Arran will crown you Champion of the Driftwood Arena and reward you. Once you're done, you will receive a key for a hatch which will lead you to the arena vault. Once down there, bless the first Door, go through it then either jump or climb up the ladder to the platform which has a "Pot Still". Turn the valve on the Pot Still so you can stop the pipes from blowing petrifying air. This will allow you to open the next door. One of the chests has "Key of the One", which will allow you to unlock the door to the arena in The Academy on The Nameless Island later on.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you made a custom character, the Dome of Protection can really help in this fight, as you will be primarily bunched up (in a death ball) and unable to attack long-range.
  • Be sure to pre-cast any Polymorph transformations, shields, buffs, or regens (or poisons on your undead friends) that you might want beforehand. Be careful with transformations; your blindfold will prevent you from using Bull Horns or Spread Your Wings to their full range.
  • If your character has a Villain tag, you can ask Effie the herb trader to poison the contending team. After successful persuasion check she will agree to do so and the enemy team will be permanently slowed. This affects only the first fight.
    • (In DE Outlaw tag is needed to get the dialogue that leads to the persuasion check to poison 1st enemy team, also this is a consequence free choice as it doesn't effect the quest outcome beyond a strong debuff that makes the first fight much easier if you accepted staying blindfolded. You also learn that everyone cheats in the arena by talking to the other patrons and so turnabout is fair play in the Driftwood Arena.)
  • There is a high ground location a little to the right, which is very useful when playing in a death ball as it seems some of the contenders tend to head into melee range.
  • The first fight can be made easier with summons as they are not blindfolded.
  • This Voidwoken isn't as tanky as the one in the Alexander fight, nor is it as hard-hitting as the one from the Hollow Marshes.
  • The Voidwoken will try to cast Shackles of Pain on one of your characters, so be sure to maintain some Physical Armour at all times.
  • After completing the quest, you can open up a hatch for additional rewards. There are valves to the right and left (up the ladder) past the first door which will turn off the steam.
  • If you can get far enough away on the first turn and enter sneak mode on the second with a character, the Voidwoken and Murga will likely kill each other. This is a useful method for winning the fight when under leveled.
  • To confer the permanently blindfolded status your helmet is unequipped and a blindfold is equipped. If you are still wearing the Armor of the Tyrant this will activate all of the debilitating status effects as a penalty for not wearing the full set.
  • If you have attempted the fight (blindfolded or otherwise) and failed, Murga will refuse to fight you again and you cannot proceed with claiming the champion title. To progress the quest, attack Murga outside the ring (next to the Voidwoken cage) and kill her. If you return to Arran, he will now say Murga has died outside the ring and you have the option to challenge the Voidwoken (persuasion check) to claim the title. 



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    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2021 20:46  

      Did this blindfolded on tactitan at level 10. Used villian tag on smoke vendor to poison (permanent slow) the first group of enemies. Hid behind the wall at your right.
      Then used summoner incarnate and bone window to go out and do damage while the enemies slowly make their way to you. Had 12 summoning and used infusions on the summon and used totems for extra damage.

      Hope this helps, the fight was not too hard this way

      • Anonymous

        23 Jul 2021 10:03  

        Any idea how to loot the voidwoken and Murga? When either of them dies last you're instantly transported outside the arena and you cannot loot the body.

        • 18 Apr 2021 02:34  

          I think I found a bug that causes the voidwoken to skip its first turn I saved exactly on the screen where u can either tell Murga you're gonna to help her fight the voidwoken or u are only interested in fighting her and then loaded it and chose option 2 that I was here to fight her and the voidowoken skipped his first turn entirely, very helpful on Tact difficulty!

          • Anonymous

            15 Mar 2021 20:07  

            Beat it easily on tactician while blindfolded by moving the entire group behind the wall immediately to the right, as another comment suggested. Helps to do it slightly over-leveled for the extra armor. I had one enemy at 3 hp and ended up missing 3 times (3!) with my glass canon archer, but then the enemy attacked my character and died because of reflected damage lmao

            • Anonymous

              17 Jan 2021 21:43  

              Okay so i encountered a bug where the key didn't get given (i had the tag, but no key, and the guy doesn't have the key on him) Turns out i found the key floating above some lizard ghost chick in the deep wretched cave, the segment to the right of the big wood gate, with the ghost on a slight hill. Hopefully this helps someone else.

              • Anonymous

                31 Dec 2020 07:07  

                The blindfold fight can be made ridiculously easy if you're playing with casters/rangers by just moving all of your characters to the right, behind the wall, and making all enemies run towards you and enter your melee range.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Dec 2020 11:11  

                  There is a way to get the treasure chests underneath the arena (and make sure those chests contain more than one Legendary) WITHOUT winning the championship, using Bless, or even doing the mechanics. Here's how: Steal the key to the underground area from Arran. Attack and destroy the first door to get past it without a key (be careful not to stand in the steam or you'll be petrified and die.) Use Teleportation/Tactical Retreat/ect. to carefully teleport a character into the room with the two ornate chests & gold pile. To get the treasure simply Move/telekinesis/teleport the chests a few feet away to a safe spot where they won't be petrified, wait a moment for the petrify debuff to wear off, and - TA-DA! - it's contents are yours. [NOTE: The following tips were only my experience, but I would imagine it will be the same for you, too.] To get more than one Legendary item (and I tested this many times) I found that if you move or interact with Chest A first (the chest furthest to the left) you only get one Legendary item, which will be in the second one, Chest B (the chest closest to the Gold Pile.) However, if you interact with Chest B first, you'll get either 2 or 3 Legendary items once you open Chest A. If you want to save-scum to get more desirable items (in my case a glove with +3 WITS, a powerful shield, and a sweet 1h weapon) you must do so BEFORE you interact with the chest - that includes moving them! So save right before you move or interact with them (or do what I did and save after you've moved Chest B to a safe spot, but BEFORE you touch Chest A - which should then have 2 or 3 Legendarys) and save-scum 'til your little heart's content. I'm not a frequent commentator, and I apologize this is so long and probably obnoxiously redundant - I just wanted to be as detailed as possible. Good luck!.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Dec 2020 10:56  

                    To me it's best to just fight without blindfold, murder Murga 4v1, then 4v1 the Voidwoken. She's a coward for not wanting to fight fair, she plays dirty, so you play dirty. No regret. Unless you plan to be a righteous for the path of blood of course

                    • 16 Nov 2020 01:17  

                      I had to fight the blindfolded battle many times because I did not want to lose the benefit (two points on all attributes) of my Blood Rose Elixir (BRE) . In fight with Murga, I had to move the starting position of the character with the BRE to different area to avoid being tagged with the shackles of pain. I did this fight at level 10 with two lone wolf members. Tough fight.

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Nov 2020 14:55  

                        In the chest room (where you find Key of the one), the order in which you loot chest stuff seems to change the legendary item.
                        - Corner chest first gave me a legendary helm
                        - Center chest first gave a legendary necklase
                        - Urns or Paintings (not sure which matters) gave legendary gloves.
                        Exact items might, but it seems like you can reload just before opening the last gate and depending on loot order consistently get the same item types.

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Oct 2020 05:02  

                          I don't know if anyone experienced this but I've fought the championship 3 times because the first 2 times everyone became hostile after the fight when I killed Murga first.
                          On the 3rd attempt I tried to run around invisible as soon as the Voidwoken breaks free (Invisibility is also broken when it appears if you are already invisible). Sebille wasn't invisible and Murga proceeds to attack her, meaning it's a 3-way battle even though I'm not supposed to kill her first. Shame because she dropped a one-handed sword and some boots when I killed her, but had to reload because everyone turned hostile.

                          TLDR: Don't kill Murga first. Everyone turns hostile after the fight if you do.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jun 2020 23:58  

                            I had some difficulty avoiding the petrify after beating Murga and the Voidwoken. Thanks to you all I now know that bless would have been a big help but I was able to shut off the valves using the teleport gloves. You can teleport one party member over and then exchange the gloves through the gate to bring another over.

                            Does anyone know if the Voidwoken is holding any loot? Killed Murga first and didn't have the opportunity to check.

                            • Anonymous

                              30 Jun 2020 07:03  

                              A bug is triggered in any situation where a party member remains dead after killing the Voidwoken and Murga: if you accept to fight your friends to be champion, the fight will not be a 2v2 fight but a 2v1 and the fight will never end, even when there's only one character left alive (supposedly the rightful champion). If you don't want to load and start the fight again, you can use a Resurrection Scroll in-battle on the character that was dead before starting the 2v2 team fight, thus being able again to close the battle and the quest.

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Apr 2020 23:19  

                                Seems there's a bug if you're shackled to the Voidwoken and the killing blow also kills you and Murga's already dead. The quest never closes, and the NPCs all seem to think the fight is still ongoing. I had to reload and play it safer so I didn't get shackled.

                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Apr 2020 03:25  

                                  Both fights were great, albeit I hated that Murga gets the first turn in the second round, it complicated things a little. Was doing the fight on Classic with 2 members. First fight was over on the second try after I got the positioning down, still, incredibly tense. The Murga+Voidwoken fight took me around 4 tries and that was the first time I genuinely got enraged by Murga's seemingly infinite AP to attack and backstab, which is, with 2 members, not the ideal situation.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    19 Jan 2020 19:42  

                                    I did the fight in the arena blindfolded like she asked and then for some reason she went back on her promise and refused to fight me. So I killed her to prove the point she was not better. She was much easier than the blindfolded fight, and then after used persuasion to fight the voidwoken. Playing coop and after killing the voidwoken the other party said no to fighting each other and I said yes, so I automatically got the rewards.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      05 Jan 2020 00:02  

                                      heh...the voidwoken cast the shackles of pain on Murga, because i damaged Murga's armor to 0 and she was the only one without any armor. incidentally, this is what made me come here and look at the guide, because i thought there was some secret gimmick to this fight, like i'm supposed to keep murga alive or something and i was worried i did something wrong and wondered why the voidwoken was so interested in killing murga.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        19 Dec 2019 18:18  

                                        For some reason Murga got 4 attacks in a row in my game. She hit my tank for over 1,000 damage. My level 11 tank does not have 1,000 hit points and went from "full health" to dead. I kid you not; here are the hits: Murga dealt a critical hit The Red Prince for 327 piercing damage. The Red Prince was critically backstabbed by Murga. Murga dealt a critical hit to The Red Prince for 410 piercing damage. The Red Prince has status: Bleeding. Murga was hit for 41 piercing damage (reflected). The Red Prince was critically backstabbed by Murga. Murga dealt a critical hit to The Red Prince. Murga attacked The Red Prince, for 127 damage. Murga attacked The Red Prince, for 10 fire damage. The Red Prince was critically backstabbed by Murga. Murga killed the Red Prince. Murga dealt a critical hit to The Red Prince. Murga attacked The Red Prince, for 253 physical damage. Murga attacked The Red Prince, for 20 water damage. Murga killed The Red Prince. The Red Prince froze and shattered into ice shards. Jeezus, wtf! If he wasn't at full health and had a ton of vampirism, I would have put "Living on the Edge" on him had I thought he'd be hit so insanely hard in one turn! Notice that was all her turn...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          05 Dec 2019 13:11  

                                          Hell I didn't know, that Bless will undo petrify, so I killed/destroyed the first door in the Arena vault. It's soooo good to have a walkthrough at hand. XD

                                          • Anonymous

                                            20 Nov 2019 05:48  

                                            I just use smoke grenade and the enemies will try to come closer (or atleast the melee enemies), and after that i just nuke all of them on melee range. My party has 2 disabler (Lohse and Beast) i just cycle the disabling skill, resulting in non-stop frozen/petrified/sleep/knockdown/crippled, my main character is Two-handed warfare + Polymorph build, and Ifan (Huntsman with scoundrel + pyro archer build), the only one died is Ifan because he basically cannot do anything with that blinded status. But its not on Tactician, only classic mode.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              05 Nov 2019 17:05  

                                              Did the quest at Tactician lvl 11, first fight (blindfolded) is really easy, your summons aren't (blinded). Just make sure you have 2 summons running around, and spam provoke/shackles of pain/ and any crowd control you have) on your tank (in my case, my main character Fane, Tank from hell (+++Poly, off-class in, well everything, and with mask of the shapeshifter you can eat all the limbs for mucho skills). 2nd fight also really easy, just make sure you keep provoke until voidwoken comes, back off your party (let them be support before voidwoken arrives so not to get to much aggro). In case of Fane as main, make sure you started dialogue with Murga, as she will address you before voidwoken attacks, you get 1st round (initiative 25+) cast play dead, and voidwoken will target Murga. Otherwise i assume (with high enough initiative) if you teleport/fly/retreat out of voidwokens way same will happen, Murga is biggest threat apart from your main attacker, and the voidwoken will target based upon threat level. After Murga is gone (and VW has depleted his spells on her) it's like squashing a fly with a newspaper.... it's sad, but it had to be done.

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