The Driftwood Arena


Location Driftwood (Undertavern)
Suggested Level 9+
Previous Quest The Arena of Fort Joy

The Driftwood Arena is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II, Act II.

Become the champion of the Driftwood Arena.


Important NPCs


The Driftwood Arena Objectives

  1. Defeat the contenders blindfolded OR chicken out and fight them normally.
  2. Defeat both Murga and the Voidwoken to claim the champion title.



The Driftwood Arena Walkthrough

This quest is acquired at the Undertavern of Driftwood by speaking to Murga. She will say that you are unworthy to fight her, prompting to you speak to Arran to fight some other contenders blindfolded first to prove your worth.

(Note: It is not necessary to fight blindfolded, but the method to complete the quest alters. See below.)


Main Method: If you agree to fight blindfolded, your range and accuracy will be reduced for all of your characters.

After beating those contenders blindfolded, Murga will fight you herself. After her second turn, the captive Voidwoken will escape and force Murga to fight it with you. After the Voidwoken dies, you must defeat her as well to claim the title.


Alternative Method: If you choose to chicken out and not fight blindfolded, the fight will be significantly easier as there is high ground right next to you.

After you defeat the contenders, the Voidwoken will not escape and Murga will tell you that you are not worthy of fighting her. The dialogue with both Murga and Arran will seem as though you've been locked out of the quest completely.

To correct this issue, deliberately attack Murga and kill her. She will not be joined by any of her friends. After doing so, speak to Arran again to try to convince him (with a character that has a high amount of Persuasion) that you deserve a chance at becoming the champion by defeating the Voidwoken.


After both the Voidwoken and Murga are defeated, Arran will crown you Champion of the Driftwood Arena and reward you. Once you're done, you will receive a key for a hatch which will lead you to the arena vault. Once down there, bless the first Door, go through it then either jump or climb up the ladder to the platform which has a "Pot Still". Turn the valve on the Pot Still so you can stop the pipes from blowing petrifying air. This will allow you to open the next door. One of the chests has "Key of the One", which will allow you to unlock the door to the arena in the academy.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you made a custom character, the Dome of Protection can really help in this fight, as you will be primarily bunched up (in a death ball) and cannot attack long-range.
  • Be sure to pre-cast any Polymorph transformations, shields, buffs, or regens (or poisons on your undead friends) that you might want beforehand. Be careful with transformations; your blindfold will prevent you from using Bull Horns or Spread Your Wings to their full range.
  • There is a high ground location a little to the right, which is very useful when playing in a death ball as it seems some of the contenders tend to head into melee range.
  • The first fight can be made easier with summons as they are not blindfolded.
  • This Voidwoken isn't as tanky as the one in the Alexander fight, nor is it as hard-hitting as the one from the Hollow Marshes.
  • The Voidwoken will try to cast Shackles of Pain on one of your characters, so be sure to maintain some Physical Armour at all times.
  • After completing the quest, you can open up a hatch for additional rewards. There are valves to the right and left (up the ladder) past the first door which will turn off the steam.
  • If you can get far enough away on the first turn and enter sneak mode on the second with a character, the voidwoken and murga will likely kill eachother. This is a useful method for winning the fight when under leveled
  • To confer the permanently blindfolded status your helmet is unequipped and a blindfold equipped. If you are still wearing the Armor of the Tyrant this will activate all of the debilitating status effects not wearing the full set cause.

    • Anonymous

      28 Apr 2019 00:54  

      Rain + Global Cooling + Smoke cover bought my level 10 group 2 turns without being raped by Murga's backstabs and Sawtooth knife.

      • Anonymous

        09 Feb 2019 08:13  

        If you didn't accept/complete the blindfold challenge, and decide to pick a fight with her later. Move your party a bit away from her (out of range of her abilities). Then, teleport her to the other side of the table she's at (between the table and the cliff). As long as you stay out of range of her abilities, she'll be stuck there and you can beat her with ranged attacks. Very cheap of course, but helpful for lower levels.

        • Anonymous

          24 Jan 2019 16:42  

          Fights the Voidwoken my arse. Despite saying we needed to deal with the beast, after she turned invisible, she proceeded to backstab Lohse (killing her) and then charmed the Voidwoken to make it side with her. Take my advice, kill Murga, she's a back stabbing piece of***** who has no concept of a real battle.

          • Anonymous

            04 Jan 2019 21:22  

            >>This Voidwoken isn't as tanky as the one in the Alexander fight, nor is it as hard-hitting as the one from the Hollow Marshes. Unanswerable 272 & 268 ranged damage NOT on tactician determines this is a lie

            • Anonymous

              13 Dec 2018 16:34  

              I accidently killed Arran before I could start a fight in the arena.. I was of course just going to open the last saved game when I realized I had been playing for way to long without saving.. Murga tells me to talk to Arran but he´s dead so I´m stuck. Is there any way to do the arena without speaking to him? or bring him back?

              • Anonymous

                18 Nov 2018 02:29  

                My persuasion skill was too low for any party member. It pissed me off so I killed Arran and took the key and some loot.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Oct 2018 00:01  

                  If Murga refuses to fight you, kill her, and then go talk to Arran. You can persuade him to let you fight the Voidwoken with a persuasive skill of 4 OR you can steal the key from him with a thievery skill of 3.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Sep 2018 04:46  

                    Went invisible, let murga and the voidwoken kill each other. Murga killed the voidwoken, then I shot her and killed her.

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Sep 2018 16:09  

                      For some reason, after defeating her minions my team was just teleported out of the arena, and she refused to fight me.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Jul 2018 05:14  

                        steal the key of the one from arran and then procede down to hatch into the place. from there, just use something like cloak and dagger or hasty retreat to teleport up top to the ledge with the steam controls and turn it off. boom easy loot and you dont have to do the challenges.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Apr 2018 03:17  

                          For the vault room I summoned an incarnate on the oil to prevent him from being petrified then used him to beat down the second door and then use his telekenisis to move the chests to saftey. Unable to get the gold pile this way though.

                          • Anonymous

                            11 Apr 2018 20:09  

                            You can get the Key to the one by pick pocketing a key from Arran and using that to get to the tunnels. Then use teleport to get to chests and tele them out, you don't even need to turn of the pipes!

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Feb 2018 00:47  

                              at the end of turn 1, i teleport Murga on to manhole thing in the middle where the Voidwoken appear. the voidwoken then shackled Murga, so now i do dmg to murga too whenever i dmg Voidwoken, proceed to aoe/CC their arse, ez game

                              • Anonymous

                                16 Feb 2018 17:54  

                                If someone stuck in persuade Arran: simply travel to the ship who brings you to driftwood, go to the mirror and change your persuation level. Go back and talk to Arran again.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Feb 2018 21:38  

                                  How I accidentally got beast repeatedly killed due to the crappy party chain link mechanics, was enourmously pissed off then realized i discovered a bug and had unintentionally duped my glowing idols.

                                  So I had just done the spider kissed quest, did the trick where you use hired mercs to get the glowing idols so none of your characters have to take the -2 con penalty. I discovered the fancy backpacks the hirling give you after their dismissed. and i gave each of my maine party members one of those back packs and put their glowing idol inside. feeling confident now, with an auto revive, i went to the arena, did the blind folded fight. then fought murga. Id nearly decimated her by the time the voidwoken joined. She didnt fight with me, she went invisible and just waited there till the thing was nearly dead. then out of no where stole my kill, and then immediately proceded to slaughter the Red Prince (my main character) but fear not, he was auto rezed, then freaking charmed him. I dont know where she got all that AP, but I killed her immediately after.
                                  Went got my rewards, now im in the vault. In the second room, I thought Id detached my Ifan, and sent him in. Unfortunately he didnt detach and my whole party went in. luckily they all made it through right in the center and where unharmed, except for beast who was getting hit with the petrifying steam.
                                  Frantically im trying to detach beast now to get him out of the way of the steam. he dies and is instantly rezed from his idol, right back in the steam, instantly petrified, still cant move him aand. his taking damage. I get him detached, but in the chaos I accidentally moved the rest of the partyin the line of fire. so I just have them all exit the room while they still have some magic armor, mean while beast has died and rezed again. I assumed he did this through magic pockets since his idol had become ashen. Then I get back to the detached beast, Hes died again and resed again, and i finally get him out of the room.
                                  Im pissed off now cuz i basically just wasted 4 ressurection scrolls. So before trying again I go to recharge the idols. open my inventory and I see 4 ashen idols in beasts inventory. So i open his back pack (where i keep the res scrolls and the idols for each character.) and look at that, hes still got a glowing idol, So im thinking thats weird. I look in all my party members backpacks, they too still have their glowing idols.
                                  I dont know how I got them, but im assuming it bugged out and didnt actually expend the idol when he was ressurected but still gave me the ashen idol you would get after its consumed.

                                  Any ways it was a frustrating accident that turned into a happy accident and now all of my party members have 2 idols.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    01 Feb 2018 17:40  

                                    If you loot Murga's corpse there won't be nothing worth it a hundred coins a lockpick and a trap disarming kit

                                    • Anonymous

                                      23 Dec 2017 02:08  

                                      If you asked Aaran too many times to fight the void but had a low persuade stat and now he just says "Nope Nope Nope" when you ask just use the mask of the shapeshifter to change your form and ask him again. He wont tell you nope anymore.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        24 Oct 2017 12:57  

                                        It was said earlier in the comments, but I will bring it up again. If you Drank Blood Rose Attar (unique potion that gives you +1 all stats untill you die) The Blindfolded fight will remove this buff. My quess is that some kind of copy character, paste character and delete character action is going when you are moved in and out of the Arena, and it does not copy any buffs that you have on at that moment.

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