The Eternal Worshipper

Location Sanctuary of Acadia
Suggested Level 6+
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The Eternal Worshipper is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Gratiana asks you to find her soul jar for her.

Important NPCs



  1. Find the soul jar of Gratiana and decide what to do with it.



  • Talk to Gratiana in Sanctuary of Amadia, and learn her past connection with Braccus Rex. 
  • Find the hidden cave entrance.
  • Get her soul jar at the end of the Dark Cavern.
  • Bring her soul jar back to Gratiana.


Tips & Tricks

  • Gratiana can recharges your purge wand to defeat the shriekers
  • ???



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    • Anonymous

      Ok, here is the proper way to have Gratiana start the quest "The Eternal Worshipper". It actually puts another nail in the coffin of those who consider this character as integrally malicious. So, here are the proper steps in the DE:

      1- Complete the quest "Most Dangerous when Cornered" (the one where you have to find and bring Gareth back).
      2- Once done, go see Gratiana and she will explain to you that they still can't escape this island, even with Gareth. You now have to pass a persuasion check to have her talk about... another vault. She won't talk about it unless you pass the check.
      3- She will tell you that in this other vault, you may find more purge wands. She is confident the vault escaped the Magisters' vigilance, and it is because the entry is hidden. You can find it near the Void Salamanders not far from the Sanctuary of Amadia.
      4- Thank her for her help, and agree to investigate (even if you already went there. If you say you already went there, she will ask if you found some soul jars while you were there).
      5- At that point, she will ask you to find soul jars there, and bring them back to her so that she can offer them to Amadia. She won't talk about her own just yet. This starts the quest "The Eternal Worshipper".

      That means that she won't even ask for her jar unless you succeed at a persuasion check. She won't even talk about her jar unless Gareth is safe and the need arises to explore this other vault where the jars are, for more purging wands.

      You can always bring her jar back before finding Gareth and starting the quest. In this case, you will earn 4500 XP by giving it to her and the quest won't even appear in your logbook. It is advisable to keep the jar in your backpack and avoid broaching the topic with Gratiana until you returned Gareth to his fanboyz/fangirlz.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks to everyone for pointing me in the right direction on this one, collecting the jar, getting the God's blessing, then killing Gratiana is by far the best option. I found that using Fane for the statue interaction, only he gets blessed (20 turns), not the entire pool.

        • Anonymous

          BEWARE of this woman :) ! Shes Braccus Queen or was until he got tired of her up until then she murdered and tortured thousands of people. Lately tries to atone for her deeds (at least thats what she kinda claims). If you get the jar for her and ask inconvenient questions she'll become pretty much the old Gratiana (calls you an insolent pup and demands to have the jar). Well here's the deal she's an expendable NPC for that matter. If you didn't find Braxxus Helmet while rescueing Gareth, the Purge wands are your only reliable way to get source (theres some quests that you need to use your bless on) or kill the "Skriekers". IF you have the helmet you don't need the wands anymore and Gratiana becomes a annoyingly overdue even more so after talking down on you. So talk to the statue before the pool next to her (if you didn't already) to activate the pool (eventually this will make her have better loot). Then open the jar or consume the soul just kill her. The free loot is uncomparably better than what you get for letting her live. Nobody cared in the camp nor lost a word about her death (eventually she never told anyone in the camp who she truly was).
          So to sum up:
          - get the helmet
          - get the souljar
          - activate the pool before her
          - open the souljar
          - profit

          • Anonymous

            The quest doesn't start for me. I've reached the Sanctuary of Amadia, talked to Gratiana, she told me about Gareth and Braccus' weapons but that's it. No "eternal worshiper" in my quest log :/ Playing on PS4 by the way.

            • Anonymous

              I killed the Bishop and then finished the cave mission to find the Jar. Now I cannot find where she is to give or not give her the jar. Where can I find her?

              • Anonymous

                I consumed Gratiana's soul jar, condemning her soul to oblivion as she deserves, came back to discover it was the masked woman, lying dead I looted her. But the quest is still opened! Wtf?

                • Anonymous

                  Is anyone else really bothered by the difference in the way Companions talk about the Soul Jar Necromancers? The three from the Tower they all quickly condemn, who aside from the Lizard I could understand, but Gratiana they immediately forgive saying that she repented. However Gratiana is the worst one, she massacred town after town for Rex murdering probably hundreds maybe thousands of people and she then hides away after Rex gets tired of her, and if you don't hand over the Jar straight away she shows her true colours as she insults you and acts all superior and talks down to you.

                  • Anonymous

                    Do the other people in the enclave area turn hostile if you kill Gratiana? I'd like for that *not* to happen, if possible, but given all the shit she's pulled it seems wrong to just give her the soul jar. (from a roleplaying perspective)

                    • Anonymous

                      To get the best loot from her: I already had her soul jar in possession. Before talking to her, interact with the waypoint next to her, hitting 1 for everything. Once the waypoint has a healing aura, talk to her and she will be quite impressed. Open another dialogue with her and let her know you have the soul jar. Destroy it when she asks for it and she will die. You will get a large amount of XP, and at least 2 level 7 blues that need to be identified. *Note: If you do not interact with the waypoint first, you will only get green items when you kill her.

                      • Anonymous

                        She recharges your purge wand to defeat the shriekers. As long as you use it near Bishop Alexander you should have enough uses (4) to pass that area.

                        • Anonymous

                          To me it seems there are better rewards for letting her die and loot the corpse than letting her live and recieve a rather poor cheap reward. Several books and items are much better than 1 random bad reward.

                          • Anonymous

                            oops I've found the soul jar and accidentally consume the soul within it, and Gratiana is dead when i went back to the shrine

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