The Execution

Lord Kemm about to execute Paladin DeSelby
Location Arx
Suggested Level 18
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The Execution is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Coming across a paladin about to be executed for her supposed crimes, you might just be able to save her. Would you do so? If so, would you succeed, or would you fail?



Important NPCs



The Execution Objectives

  1. Interrupt the execution.
  2. Pass a speech check and save Paladin DeSelby.



The Execution Walkthrough

Upon entering the courtyard of the Magister Barracks, you will be approached by Marie, who will frantically beg you to save her wife - a Paladin who is about to be executed by her own for disobeying orders.

Approach Lord Kemm, and attempt to persuade him to spare Paladin DeSelby.

You will have to pass a particularly difficult speech check:

  • [Wits Persuasion] (5 Persuasion) *Whisper that you're here to find a Seeker matching her description. You need her alive...* 
  • [Constitution Persuasion] (6 Persuasion) *Wonder what Lucian would do? Surely he'd have the wisdom to show mercy.*
  • [Intelligence Persuasion] (5 Persuasion) *Argue that this 'traitor' might have key information.*
  • [Strength Persuasion] (5 Persuasion) *If she's not fit to be a Paladin, suggest he banish her. No-one needs to die today.*

If you fail the first speech check, you can still pass the second speech check and get him to spare Paladin DeSelby. Otherwise, he will execute her if you fail the second speech check. (Note that in the Definitive Edition, there is no second speech check)

In any case, if you fail, Lord Kemm will execute Paladin DeSelby and the quest ends. If you succeed, you will gain 38,800XP and Marie will give you a choice of loot reward for saving her wife. The quest is complete at this point.

Later, you can also meet the Paladin DeSelby at the Magister Prison, where she will give you the quest, The Vault of Linder Kemm, if you do not already have it.




  • 38,800XP and a choice of loot reward for saving Paladin DeSelby.

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    • Anonymous

      07 Feb 2021 13:57  

      For some reason this never showed up in my quest log, I think I still got the exp and loot rewards though.

      • Anonymous

        15 Jul 2019 02:43  

        I freed the paladin by freeing the magisters then I locked pick her door after they engaged the magisters. Woop woop

        • Anonymous

          20 Nov 2017 14:29  

          If you want to stop the execution without dialogue, you can teleport her away from Kemm, who then spends the entire encounter attempting to make a bee-line to her to oneshot her. Slow/stunlock him and manage not to hit her in the ensuing cluster***** of 10+ Paladins fighting you!

          • Anonymous

            16 Nov 2017 00:04  

            Don't reload your game so quick lol, the 1st persuasion check will always fail. It's the second persuasion check that matter.

            • Anonymous

              27 Oct 2017 05:22  

              it looks like you cant pass the first persuasion check but you can in the second

              i passed it with 5 persuasion 47 strength (40 from stats and gear + 5 by clear mind+ 2 by encourage)

              • Anonymous

                19 Oct 2017 16:38  

                5 persuasion. 49 intellect. Failed twice. Reloaded save. Failed again. Reloaded save. Failed again.

                They really screwed this quest up.

                • Anonymous

                  17 Oct 2017 06:24  

                  The stat listed next to each persuasion option doesn't matter. They are tags like how [VILLAIN] is a tag. Persuasion is entirely based on your persuasion skill, and some persuade options literally cannot be successful. It's kind of confusing that they decided to make it this way but that's how it works.

                  • Anonymous

                    The Execution [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]01 Oct 2017 12:33  

                    Uh, I am sure there was either Memory or Constitution check as well? (maybe only avaible if you earned the [Hero] tag - or it was a [Beast] tag), since I persuaded him with a high Constitution Char. Then again, he propbably had 5 pers and around 40 constitution (not so much Memory, though. Then again, Memory seems to be the heaviest influenced by Persuation, since the checks tend to be the lowest)

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Sep 2017 11:08  

                      This quest seems to be bugged if you try to stop the execution by force .. I did just that, and the journal updated to reflect that. However, Kemm is able to kill her instantly even if she has Resist Death buff on that I casted .. But for some reason if you use Permafrost on her he can't kill her anymore. After that I killed everyone but her in the area, but the quest does not complete. Marie still keeps asking me "Why are you not doing anything?" ...

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Sep 2017 13:40  

                        Wits is the key it seems. As soon as you mention that you are looking for a Seeker he lets her live. I tried every other option even on a character with 7 persuasion and 45 strength and he didnt care. Used a character with 3 persuasion and 20 wits and it worked like a charm.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Sep 2017 16:22  

                          Seems like its near impossible to stop this execution from happening which is somewhat annoying. I tried with to stop it with one of my characters that could get the highest main stat for the dialog option, which is around 70 strength. But didnt help one bit

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