The Forgotten and the Damned

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Location Bloodmoon Island
Suggested Level 15
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The Forgotten and the Damned is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Coming across various Blazing Sculptures on Bloodmoon Island, you get the feeling they hide treasures beneath them. However, they don't seem to budge when you try to move them. How will you get past this obstacle?


  • Scholar Tag


Important NPCs

  • Blazing Sculpture



The Forgotten and the Damned Objectives

  1. Learn "The Taming of the Holy Fire" hymn.
  2. Discover Blazing Sculptures on Bloodmoon Island.
  3. Learn that the High Priest's hymn allows you to enter the vaults.
  4. Sing the hymn to the sculptures.
  5. Enter the vaults.



The Forgotten and the Damned Walkthrough

On Bloodmoon island, there will be a Blazing Sculpture facing the demon's camp. You may interact with the statue to acquire this quest. You can also acquire this quest by picking up the book "The Taming of the Holy Fire" and read it as a Scholar.

There are 3 sculptures on Bloodmoon Island. In order to activate them, you will need to read a book called "The Taming of the Holy Fire". This book is called "Ornate Hymnal" before you decipher it, and you can find one from these places:

  • Inside Jahan's house.
  • The Archives on the northeast location of the island.
  • On one of the Black Ring magister bodies near the ancestor tree.

You will need a character with the Scholar tag in order to decipher the book's hymn. Reading the book as a scholar will net 14,450XP. Before you enter the vault, however, make sure to first go to the north of the island and find the Ancient Forge (co-ordinates X:317, Y:479). Use the Ancient forge to combine it and the silver bar to create a Silver Lever Shaft. You only need 2 Silver Lever Shafts in the game, for vaults 2 and 3. Silver bars can be found right next to the forge, and on a Black Ring member in the unfinished crypt. There should also be one inside a vase in vault 3.

There are 3 vaults scattered around the southern part of the island, near the demon's camp. Use the hymn to destroy the statues and get into the vault. The quests Delusions of Grandeur and Bound by Pain require you to fix the switch with the Silver Lever Shaft. More details are listed below for each individual vault.

The Location of the Archives:

This is where you will find the Green Teleporter Pyramid, and medical notes to start the "Delusions of Grandeur" and "The Silent One" quests. See "The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island" for more information about this location, including rewards earned.

If you read the notes, you will realize that these vaults actually house people afflicted with demons that the healers could not treat. These afflicted persons were thus locked away along with a healer in order to prevent the demon from ever being a threat to humanity.

The Location of the Vault 1 (Unfinished Crypt):

This crypt is unfinished and holds nothing really noteworthy of value, except for a Silver bar. Exploring it might be necessary for the completion of this quest, though.

The Location of Vault 2:

Upon entering this vault, you will come across a broken lever shaft where you will need to use the Silver Lever Shaft to fix the broken lever and open the wall door. Unfortunately, when you try to use the lever, it doesn't work. Cast Spirit Vision to reveal the spirit of Brother Robert near the statue, and speak to him. Pass the persuasion check and he will unlock the door and beseech you to kill the creature within.

Enter the room and tread lightly. If any character takes the source from the source pool in the room, the lizard will initiate dialogue with that specific character, so be careful. If you agree to set her free, Rajjarima will steal all the source points from your character and break free, initiating combat. Be warned - when she breaks free and initiates combat, she will cast a powerful Arrow Storm that will deal massive damage to your party, especially if they are bunched up together, possibly even killing 2 or 3 of them outright. In any case, kill the possessed Godwoken.

If you refuse her, you will eventually need to pass a speech check. If you are successful, she will not be able to steal any source points from your character and be unable to break free. You can then simply rain arrows or cast ranged spells to kill her safely from high ground.

Ultimately, the simplest method here is to attack her from high ground from the start and not even bothering to pick up any source points from the pool.

Regardless of the method, once she dies, you will earn 36100XP + 21675XP for a total of 57,775XP, and the quest "Delusions of Grandeur" concludes. Remember to speak to the spirit of Brother Robert on your way out for a choice of loot reward.

The Location of Vault 3:

 This Vault is the location for the "Bound by Pain" quest. Enter it, cast Spirit Vision, and speak to Brother Kalvin. Here, you will learn that the demon housed here gluts itself on pain, and only by inflicting the most painful torture possible will you be able to bring the demon to surface. In any case, go ahead and fix the broken lever with a Silver Lever Shaft, then talk to Brother Kalvin again and convince him to open the door for you. You will have to pass a speech check in order to convince him to open the door. Be careful; the Intelligence speech check seems to fail even at 7 persuasion - whereas the memory speech check passed with 5 persuasion.

In any case, once the door is opened, you will come face to face with a possessed dwarf. He will then beg you to destroy the pillars, which of course, when destroyed, will simply free him and initiate combat. Unlike Rajjarima in Vault 2, though, he is weak, and it shouldn't take much effort to kill him for 28900XP.

After he dies though, a demon called "Mor the Trenchmouthed" will appear, attacking you immediately. He is slightly stronger than the possessed dwarf, but is still a relatively easy opponent. The caveat here is that when you damaged Mor, there is a chance he will instantly possess a random (or perhaps closest) party member and turn him or her against you (this effect shows up as "Demonic Invasion" and is not curable). Simply inflict enough damage on that party member to bring him or her near death, and Mor will leave your party member's possessed body. Attack him and he will perish for 21,675XP.

Also, there is a bug that, if Mor was knocked down and a strike from one of your party members would otherwise land the finishing blow, Mor would disappear, placing the "Demonic Invasion" debuff on one of your characters but that character doesn't actually go mad. The combat will end in this case and the debuff will remain on your character permanently, until that character takes fatal damage with 10% or so HP, causing Mor to suddenly appear out of nowhere again and initiate combat.

Alternatively, the better option is simply to save the dwarf from possession. The trick here is simply use one of your party members and continuously damage the dwarf's HP, but not kill him. It is probably recommended to cast healing spells on him so that he doesn't die. You will know its working as he keeps getting knocked down. Keep hitting him until he doesn't get knocked down anymore, then destroy the pillars. It is possible to do enough damage to the demon that it dies. In this case, you will be rewarded exp for killing the demon while it is still inside of the dwarf and the demon will appear as a corpse when you break the pillars.

The moment the pillars are destroyed, the demon should leave the dwarf's body while keeping the dwarf intact. If you did not kill the demon while it was inside the dwarf, then at this stage, it is the same as if you killed the dwarf; damage Mor and if he possesses one of your members, damage that member until he or she is near death as well and Mor should leave the body of your party member. Attack him when he appears and he should perish, granting you 21,675XP. In this case, though, the dwarf survives, and talking to him will net another 36,100XP. The quest is concluded at this point.

As you make your way out of the vault, make sure to speak to Brother Kalvin for a choice of loot reward. If you did not manage to save the dwarf, Brother Kalvin will instead sadly disappear, leaving you with nothing.

The Location of Vault 4:

This is the vault for "The Silent One" quest. Enter it, and use Spirit Vision as usual to see the spirit of the dead healer, Brother Morgan. Speak to him and he will ask you to bring the poor girl confined within the vault to somewhere peaceful. Agree (or lie) and he will open the vault for you.

Inside, in order to talk with the girl, you have to first pass a speech check with the cat (requires Pet pal talent) so that it will let you speak with her mistress. In the event that you fail the speech check, there is no choice but to kill the cat for 1400XP. Destroy the source chains chaining the girl and speak to her but note that if you fail the speech check, the girl will not rouse from her slumber. If you fail the speech check with all 4 party members, there will be nothing left for you to do and the quest will remain incomplete. Also, note that you cannot kill the girl since she is a child and thus the game makes her invulnerable to all attacks.

If you pass the speech check, you will gain 14,450XP and be able to teleport the girl aboard the Lady Vengeance to cure her at a later stage. The quest, "The Silent One", is complete at this point. Speak to Brother Morgan on your way out and you will receive a choice of common-quality loot reward for your troubles.

After exploring all 4 vaults, the quest should conclude with the last entry being "We found and cleared all four vaults on Bloodmoon Island".



  • 14,450XP for reading the "Ornate Hymnal" book with a Scholar character.
  • 57,775XP total for killing the possessed lizard Godwoken and completing the "Delusions of Grandeur" quest.
  • 21,675XP for killing Mor and 36,100XP for saving the dwarf in Vault 3, completing the "Bound by Pain" quest.
  • 14,450XP for managing to rouse the girl in Vault 4, completing "The Silent One" quest.

    • Anonymous

      15 Feb 2020 18:22  

      For "Bound by Pain", there is a way to save the dwarf without risking all your potions and scrolls to demonic possession. For once there is a good use for fleeing a battle. I found this suggestion in a steam thread and copied it here since nobody else mentioned it here. I verified that it works like a charm. While the pillar chains are still up, keep hitting and healing the dwarf until he stops falling down. Destroy the pillars and the demon will pop up immediately out of the dwarf. Flee from the battle with all your characters. Use waypoint bloodmoon and go back to the vault. Once your back in, the dwarf and the demon will be fighting, the dwarf will solo the demon. Don't join the fight again or you will be immediately possessed. After the demon is dead, loot it , talk to the dwarf and the ghost and voila, quest finished

      • Anonymous

        16 Oct 2019 15:34  

        I must not be doing something right. I'm hitting the dwarf until he's in permanent knockdown but after destroying the pillars the demon fight starts as normal?

        • Anonymous

          25 Aug 2019 05:01  

          I teleported the girl to my ship, and now poort Buttons the Cat is looking for her. The game won't let me tell Buttons we took her with us ;(

          • Anonymous

            23 May 2019 15:12  

            Note that all of these quests give a lot less xp in DE, and no physical rewards. For example, bound by pain gave 14k+ for killing the demon and 7k+ for saving the dwarf.

            • Anonymous

              29 Apr 2019 02:37  

              I got the kill on the possessed dwarf demon. Here's how I did it. I knocked the dwarf down until he was permanently knocked down. I did this with only 3 characters. I kept the strongest character at the entrance. I spaced out the players and took out my 2 weaker characters until he was onto my 3rd and brought my strongest into the fight, by then it was really weak and letting the dwarf get the "killing" blow to extract the demon let's the person live. He repossessed the weakest one and got knocked back out by dwarf then attacked by dwarf and killed :D I hope this all makes sense. It took 2 rez scrolls but I have like 75k in gold, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

              • Anonymous

                05 Mar 2019 04:33  

                rewards after don't work even if you complete the quest correctly and the demon hoping into everyone, over and over through magic armor is BS. this quest is complete*****.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Feb 2019 01:47  

                  Interestingly I discovered is possible to do enough damage to the dwarf to kill him BEFORE unchaining him and then the quest finishes. though the spirit acts like its not. and if you THEN kill teh totems to have ot ficgt the demon. good workaroudn since that demon is the hardest ***** of the 3

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Jan 2019 01:57  

                    Dunno what ur all talking about, didn't have any probs with the quests on DE Edition, just git gud ffs....

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Jan 2019 04:05  

                      Shackled By Pain was a pain. Had to kill half my crew to stop him, then we killed him and he disappeared, though Red Prince got possessed again. Then Mor came back with fresh armor. Worst part was no reward, cash or otherwise, from anyone for this. What a joke.

                      • Anonymous

                        07 Jan 2019 02:18  

                        You can make levers out of other silver stuff too. Forged like 4 levers with some silverware I found in houses.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Dec 2018 02:23  

                          In the shackles of pain quest the demon possessed one of my team, while the dwarf was helping us, so I just let him hit the possessed ally until the demon appeared, then hit the demon, then he targeted another member of the team, dwarf again was hitting her while the rest we were doing nothing, dwarf healed the previous possessed member of the team who was low on health, then the 2nd possessed party was damaged enough for the demon to appear, pewpewed the demon we all we had, padum! demon dead, dwarf healed, received xp for doing the q, then the dwarf told us about his stash, the priest gave us nothing, just his best wishes and poofed away. We went to find the stash, it was by the beach near where the undead ferrymen drops you. It had, sigh, it had 2 gold. Yup. (demon dropped rly good lewt tho)

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Nov 2018 21:31  

                            Really??? So because I don't have a scholar in my party (2 lone wolves), I am locked out of all these quests. What kind of bull*****is this?

                            • Anonymous

                              27 Nov 2018 02:14  

                              Really??? So because I don't have a scholar in my party (2 lone wolves), I am locked out of all these quests. What kind of bull*****is this?

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Oct 2018 12:58  

                                I converted both silver bars in the Silver Lever Shafts and had both in my inventory, when I did the mission "Bound by pain" and repaired the door, both dissapeared and now I can't find any silver bars anymore. What should I do?

                                • Anonymous

                                  13 Oct 2018 18:16  

                                  This quest could not be closed. After I used 1 character to defeat Mor. Then it possessed my character and watch as they battle each other. lmao. I keep my character alive by the ashen idol of rebirth. Because that's the only way Mor will appear again. After I killed it, the journal update and the one that closed is the "the silent one" quest. I think it's bug, because I haven't even got to the 4th vault. So now I have not closed "bound by pain" quest. Even after I finished "the silent one".

                                  • Anonymous

                                    30 Sep 2018 00:38  

                                    Alas, this quest group is indeed bugged as hell even as of the latest patch of Definitive Edition ( I managed to get all four sub-entries to the (Closed) state at the cost of dozens of reloads and different approaches in conversations and combat. However the main entry still wants me to "Venture on down the hatch."...

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