The Gargoyle's Maze

Stone Gargoyle
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 6+
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The Gargoyle's Maze is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Gargoyle's Maze is on southeast of the island, not far from the Winter Dragon you can find a vine, climb up and you'll see the entrance to the Gargoyle's Maze.

Important NPCs



  1. Complete the maze







Climb up the vines and head over to the door to speak with the Gargoyle. If you show the Band of Braccus Rex (found on The Vault of Braccus Rex quest) to the Gargoyle at the entrance, he will think you are Braccus Rex and teleport you to the tower, but you will miss out on lots of loot.

Teleportation is a very useful skill in this maze, it can help you reach almost every room in it. There are many skulls around the place, you need to find and use at least 3 to get the best reward. There a total of 6 skulls so far and are as follows:

  • Step on the pressure plate when you first enter the maze and grab the skull from the altar to the left.
  • In the room with the two glowing blue doors, hit the pressure plate inside to reveal a skull on the eastern altar.
  • A skull in the room to the right of where you enter the maze. Teleport up and hit the pressure plate to reveal a skull in the room's altar.
  • In the main room with the Historian. Defeat the skeletons and use the portal here and then the portal inside to find a fourth skull.
  • On Jimfred's corpse just to the right of the tower.
  • On a human skeleton behind the tower right at the corner before the road turn right

Raining Blood + Bless (in that order) will put out the flames on the Historian in the middle. Cast Raining Blood first to put out the Hellfire condition, then immediately cast Bless to remove the Cursed condition. (If you don't have the Blood Rain skill, attack your own character to create some blood. Using the elf skill Flesh Sacrifice near him will also douse the flames, allowing him to be blessed.)

You will need to at least douse the historian to gain access to the 3rd portal within the maze, that will appear up the stairs to the north-east in the same room. Through the portal is another skull and more good randomly generated loot.

The Gargoyle's Maze

 Reaching the end of the maze and completing the quest at the gargyole head will allow you to enter the door below, gaining access to Braccus Rex's Tower.

Tips & Tricks

  • The 3rd portal doesn't appear until you've doused the flames of the Historian.
  • There is a rat (Rattus Verus) you can speak with if you have Pet Pal in thise maze that will ask you to shock her with magic, but seemingly any spell will do, even non-damaging ones like Armor of Frost. Afterwards, she will thank you but that doesn't seem to do anything else and you gain no xp. By using Bless or First Aid cure it's curse.
  • Killing the Historian doesn't give you any loot, nor a skull.
  • You cannot combine the skulls
  • You can just use the Gloves of Teleportation and teleport your character through a gate, then give it to them, so that they can teleport the other members to the room they are in (or just learn the skill itself), and repeat this step until you've gotten through the maze entirely (as the grated gates don't block sight, your character just has to stand in front of them for the other to be able to see them).
  • If you complete the maze with the above-mentioned method with the Teleport skill, the gargoyle at the door to Braccus' tower will call you cheater when talking to him, but will let the party in anyway.



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    • Anonymous

      08 Jun 2021 23:53  

      Just a little tip I picked up. You can use Sebille's backstab ability on a skeleton on the other side of the gate to get her in a much better starter position for the fight in the historian room. I used TP gloves on Beast to get my blood rain + Bless user through the first gate, combat started, I then used blood rain and blessed the historian, then without ending my turn, I switched back to Beast who was not in combat. Then I teleported my blood rain user back through the gate and ran out of the maze entrance to end combat. REST with bedroll. The skeletons stay out so I can then get sebille just outside the gate on the left in the room with the oil spills. Perfect position to start combat with a back stab on the caster skeleton. Obviously you could tp through the whole maze but that's pretty lame. I kept the tp gloves on one character.

      • Anonymous

        12 Apr 2021 19:25  

        If you don't have raining blood or flesh sacrifice, you can teleport two players up near historian; 1 must not be undead. Then repetitively force hit the non-undead character until blood flies. Cast Bless once you have a decent amount of blood near historian. Worked for me.

        • Anonymous

          30 Mar 2021 14:45  

          If you dont have the raining blood spell the info above is incomplete and will not douse hellfire! You need to use blood sacrifice or create a blood pool then you need to use teleport to move the hisorian onto the blood puddle. If you simply try to cut your self while looking at him(even if you teleported to the pedestal thing he is crouched on) it will only make a puddle around him and you will waste a source point if tou bless him after. You need to find or create a blood pool then use gloves of teleport (or use spell if aero 2) and drop jim ontop of the puddle. At which point the fire will go out and he will start mentioning its finally out. Then cast bless

          My source? I tried the above technique and it wasted a source point. Which is rare this late into the game being out that fextralife gave incomplete steps in a quest but hey pobody's nerfic!

          • Anonymous

            09 Dec 2020 20:51  

            If you have 5 or 6 skuls gargoyle says you're cheater or ıf you don't open blue doors gargoyle says you're cheater again.If you have 4 skuls gargoyle gave uncommon item so use one of them and gain epic item.

            • Anonymous

              15 Jun 2020 02:08  

              Tested and confirmed: acquiring 3 or more skulls and opening ANY 3 or more doors before you walk to the double doors with the gargoyle over it, will make so he rewards you Epic loot. If you open only 1 door before reaching the gargoyle, you will only get XP reward, 2 doors will give you green items.

              • Anonymous

                13 Mar 2020 22:12  

                I used the ring, then the statue to teleport back and solve the maze. Unfortunately I didn't get the rewards because it recognised the ring dialogue choice (PS4 v1.12)

                • Anonymous

                  28 Jan 2020 17:26  

                  Jesus Christ, the pathfinding in this place is horrible. I swear my PCs go out of their way to trip the traps they've already detected.

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Dec 2019 04:48  

                    you can skip the maze all together by going behind the maze to the south at the beach right next to the hidden cave entrance. just get across the water and walk all the way around. don't talk to braccus statue.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Nov 2019 09:44  

                      If you have teleportation but no way to get blood just tele the historian over by rattus verus then teleport rattus verus onto him and it'll create a blood pool on death. The rat will die immediately upon teleportation so you have to move the historian first.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Aug 2019 07:46  

                        If you are playing with only one character you can put a barrel on the pressure plates and receive the skulls that way because they disapear when you get off the plate

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Jul 2019 11:25  

                          Make sure to save before going up the stairs and claiming gargoyle's reward, as the stats on reward gear randomize every time you load the game. Take advantage of this cheese and roll yourself a reward with stats that better suit your party, or are just plainly op (+15% crit chance from one piece of gear, yes please..)

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Jun 2019 18:22  

                            You can complete this without the use of any skulls at all. It involves the aggressive use of the TACTICAL RETREAT skill from the Huntsman skill set. You can lure out the three flaming skeletons, then teleport back through a locked gateway, then lure them to it so you can shoot them one at a time. In this way, you're able to whittle them out of your way. Then it is a simple matter of getting the Rain of Blood spell and using the Purging Wand on one of the Shriekers blocking your advance to the destination at the end of the island to get the Source Point required to Bless him. You can get the Tactical Retreat skill from Bahara, at Level 4 or above, which means by the time you're doing this quest, you should be able to easily go snag it for the "easy route."

                            • Anonymous

                              15 May 2019 17:01  

                              I don't know if this is a bug or caused by a mod but I was able to simply lockpick the doors. Maybe because my character had high enough thievery. But when I used Baccus Ring to skip the Maze I wasn't able to in a former playthrough. First I approached the gargoyle at the entrance and after it initiated a dialogue I went with "Walk away" then entered anyway.

                              • Anonymous

                                12 May 2019 11:51  

                                In order to save the historian, you could also use teleport on a companion with zero physical armor (undress him/her), and place the destination near the historian, thus creating a blood pool. Use bless skill (obtained in the vault quest) afterwards on the blood pool, to open the last portal. For epic loot you need to use only three out of six skulls to reach the tower gate, otherwise you either get nothing or you are being called a cheater.

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Jan 2019 22:07  

                                  I got through the maze with 4 skulls, but the gargoyle at the tower only gave me green trash rewards?? Seen comments people saying you get epic reward for at least 3 skulls? Confirmed?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    26 Dec 2018 21:13  

                                    After casting Raining Blood and Blessing the Historian, use the portal to the north top of the stairs in the same room, there is another portal directly in front of the one you exit into the cavern, take that to a path with a chest of goodies. Killing the Historian nets less loot by far.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      14 Oct 2018 15:39  

                                      Okay, so I think i *****ed up the quest because I took the first skull to the room to the right and the second skull on the door leading to the elven corpse and the vines to climb up to where the second portal and now i have 0 skulls and no way to get any more skulls. Am i missing something or am i just screwed?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        11 Sep 2018 20:11  

                                        I have a caster in my party with the staff [[Commander of the Tides]] equipped. Unfortunately, as of the current version of the game ( DE), the skill that this staff grants - [[Arcane Stitch]] - is not recognised as a valid option for dousing the flames tormenting the Historian. Seems wrong considering that the description of said skill explicitly states that it removes [[Necrofire]].

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