The Hold is a location in Divinity Original Sin II.


The Hold

Notes & Tips

  • In definitive edition, you start at a tutorial deck. There you will learn some basic control and tips of the game. Before you climb the ladder to the upper deck. You can explore this place a little bit. There's a door blocked by some crates, move the crates and open the door (left click the object then drag).
  • You can talk to the sheep there if you have Pet Pal. but she has no useful info to share. Near the sheep there is a vase has the cargo key, you need to move some crates to see it.
  • The Magisters can all be killed for extra experience early. Your future companions will help you for the fight in the centre of the map, but they will not purposely avoid you with their attacks as you are still a neutral party (yellow dots for the companions).
  • If fighting the Magisters, it is recommended to take characters that can use skills without their weapons, such as a Summoner.

General Information

  • Location: The Hold
  • Recommended Level: 1-2



Notable NPCs:


  • None


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