The Impish Pocket Realm is a sub-area of the Nameless Isle  in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


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Notable NPCs

  • Knight of Xantezza


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The Impish Pocket Realm 

Notes & Tips

The quest related to this sub-area is Running like Clockwork, check out the page to find a walkthrough regarding the said quest.

Rewards for completing the quest related to this sub-area:

  • 13,950XP for each wolf killed, for a total of 27,900XP for both wolves (optional).
  • 20,075XP upon entering the Pocket Plane.
  • 30,100 Exploration XP upon entering the Pocket Plane.
  • 20,075XP upon entering the room with the core.
  • 20,075XP and a choice of legendary-quality loot upon completion of the quest.

Some notes for the related quest:

  • The first 4 plates can be pressed with reinforced crates laying around.
  • Gas traps can be covered by lab equipment and stools, or simply disarmed.
  • At the entrance (waypoint shrine), look for the pipes. It can be very helpful to leave one NPC along with a teleporter pyramid permanently detached from the party on those pipes for a quick emergency escape. If you let the core explode, you forfeit the rewards though.
  • You can use teleport/flying/leaping skills from the pipes to move one character directly into the core chamber and much closer to the core itself. This makes it very easy to shut it down.



Surviving the extermination

As of update, it is posible to trigger the extermination sequence and survive by having one character (preferrably undead since they won't leave the gas cloud on their own) stand on top of the cycling gas traps with an active amulet of rebirth (note that comeback kid doesn't work against the lava) due to the traps clearing their area of influence of both deathfog and lava. Then, trigger the extermination either with an allied hero, or by running your single hero quickly back to the traps (note that the latter method is more difficult and will not work when triggering the extermination by letting the core get a turn as the deathfog+lava will spread during the core's turn, leaving you unable to act until it is too late). Once you are on the traps and the lava reaches you, the phoenix idol will revive you with some delay, enough that the traps should have cleared the fatal substances from their space, leaving you only with the by comparison much healthier poison cloud. After that, you have officially survived the extermination sequence. Placing a teleporter pyramid allows you to leave the pocket dimension with a safe way to return. In order to interact with any part of the pocket dimension ever again, however, you will need the tornado spell to cleanse the ground...


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    • Anonymous

      Played with a friend who was Fane and wore the vulture outfit, he survived every single thing in that gear as an undead lmao

      • Anonymous

        use one character that has teleport and get close to the door near the core, then teleport a character that has something like pheonix dive or tactical retreat past the door and use that skill to get to the core.

        • Anonymous

          if you wear the vulture set as an undead character you can survive the flush then you can clean the area using the tornado spell do be warned you'll die from touching the lava whilst casting so you need a rebirth idol for that

          • Anonymous

            Can you do anything with the ITEM "Impish Pocket Realm" after you're done with this area? It "begs to be used"...

            • Anonymous

              Bring party right up to the threshold of the line that triggers the orb to notice you. Character #1 teleports Character #2 to as close to the orb as possible. This triggers the orb. But Character #2 possesses "Tactical Retreat" ability and uses it to get right next to the orb. Then touches it.

              • Anonymous

                All I did was go through the pipes like that one book said....had sebille my most trusted rogue aerothurge run to the core with 0 AP used....haha I think it came with the Talent "The Pawn" that and high initiative ez peezy lemon squeezy

                • Anonymous

                  I wonder if there is any way out if your main character dies in there, don't you need the leader to be alive in order to proceed to next act?

                  • Anonymous

                    Put two characters on the pipes, one with teleport skill, then teleport one character into the orb chamber, touch orb, job done...

                    • Anonymous

                      you can pick the lock on the door to the chamber with the hyperdrive protocol valve. activating this valve gives you enough movement speed/action points to approach the core and deactivate it before it can release the deathfog. it helps to have a pure movement skill (phoenix dive, tactical retreat, and less effectively sprout wings + fly) so you can cross most of the distance with 1 or 2 of the 5 ap you have to work with. it also speeds up the music and really creates a cool ambiance to the whole event :)

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