The Impish Pocket Realm is a sub-area of the Nameless Isle  in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


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Notable NPCs

  • Knight of Xantezza


  • N/A


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The Impish Pocket Realm 

Notes & Tips

The quest related to this sub-area is Running like Clockwork, check out the page to find a walkthrough regarding the said quest.

Rewards for completing the quest related to this sub-area:

  • 13,950XP for each wolf killed, for a total of 27,900XP for both wolves (optional).
  • 20,075XP upon entering the Pocket Plane.
  • 30,100 Exploration XP upon entering the Pocket Plane.
  • 20,075XP upon entering the room with the core.
  • 20,075XP and a choice of legendary-quality loot upon completion of the quest.

Some notes for the related quest:

  • The first 4 plates can be pressed with reinforced crates laying around.
  • Gas traps can be covered by lab equipment and stools, or simply disarmed.
  • At the entrance (waypoint shrine), look for the pipes. It can be very helpful to leave one NPC along with a teleporter pyramid permanently detached from the party on those pipes for a quick emergency escape. If you let the core explode, you forfeit the rewards though.
  • You can use teleport/flying/leaping skills from the pipes to move one character directly into the core chamber and much closer to the core itself. This makes it very easy to shut it down.




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    • Anonymous

      03 May 2021 01:37  

      Bring party right up to the threshold of the line that triggers the orb to notice you. Character #1 teleports Character #2 to as close to the orb as possible. This triggers the orb. But Character #2 possesses "Tactical Retreat" ability and uses it to get right next to the orb. Then touches it.

      • Anonymous

        01 Jan 2021 07:07  

        All I did was go through the pipes like that one book said....had sebille my most trusted rogue aerothurge run to the core with 0 AP used....haha I think it came with the Talent "The Pawn" that and high initiative ez peezy lemon squeezy

        • Anonymous

          07 Oct 2020 13:09  

          I wonder if there is any way out if your main character dies in there, don't you need the leader to be alive in order to proceed to next act?

          • Anonymous

            21 Oct 2017 22:16  

            Put two characters on the pipes, one with teleport skill, then teleport one character into the orb chamber, touch orb, job done...

            • Anonymous

              10 Oct 2017 17:58  

              you can pick the lock on the door to the chamber with the hyperdrive protocol valve. activating this valve gives you enough movement speed/action points to approach the core and deactivate it before it can release the deathfog. it helps to have a pure movement skill (phoenix dive, tactical retreat, and less effectively sprout wings + fly) so you can cross most of the distance with 1 or 2 of the 5 ap you have to work with. it also speeds up the music and really creates a cool ambiance to the whole event :)

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