The Imprisoned Elf

Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 3+
Next Quest The Tribe of Saheila
Previous Quest None

The Imprisoned Elf is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. An elf caged by camp boss Griff asks for your help. He says he is innocent and knows a way to leave Fort Joy.



Important NPCs




  1. Speak with Amyro or Griff
  2. Speak with Amyro
  3. Speak with Stingtail
  4. Speak with Griff




There are 3 ways to acquire this quest, first, talk to Griff, Amyro or Saheila. Griff is in the kitchen area of Fort Joy and so is Amyro (in the cage). Saheila is in the Caverns south of Fort Joy. Griff will ask you to find the missing supplies and speaking to Amyro after speaking to Griff will yield a clue (Oranges). You can ask the NPCs if they have seen anything unusual, but none provide useful answers except a rat located near the kitchen (requires Pet Pal). 

The real thief is a lizard named Stingtail, he is on the south beach, always sleeping, and smells like oranges. You can persuade Stingtail to hand you Griff's supplies, or take them by force. If Sebille is in your party she will want to talk to him and will, as a result, kill him if you let her. Since she must kill him to advance her quest line, it is advised you keep her away from the group somewhere until after you've acquired the "oranges". Once the oranges have been acquired, you can bring her over and let her kill him (he is a Pyrokinetic Skills vendor so buy whatever you want first).

Return to Griff with his supplies, he will ask you to turn the thief in. If you refuse, he and his entire crew will attack, but you can get all the money back in previous tradings if you defeat him. If you turn in Stingtail he will be killed by an assassin the next time you see him.

Release Amyro, and he gives you an amulet and asks you to pass the elves of Shoulder and tell them Saheila is here.


Tips & Tricks

  • Split your party after getting oranges, sending single person back to Griff. Reluctantly give up thief, then switch back to party beside thief. Force attack Griff's mercenary to save him and get 1000XP, further 600XP and additional "orange" when you speak to thief afterwards.
    • You may force attack Griff (after stopping his mercenary assassin) to fight his entire crew. Butter, who is part of Griff's crew, will aid you in your fight if you have won her favor through dialogue.
  • After completing the quest, if you decide to kill him for Sebille's quest, sell all your loot to him first in trade for the pyromancy skills. When you kill him, you will get some of your loot back.

  • POWER GLITCH TECHNIQUE, there is a method to let Stingtail live, Sabille will not kill Stingtail and her quest will still advance, Griff will not kill Stingtail, and also steal all possible items from Stingtail without trading. (To use this method at your own risk, possible quest may not trigger)
    • Talk to Amryo/Griff and promise to find the supply
    • Send 3 party members (except Sabille, station her beside Griff) to talk to Stingtail. Recommended to use The Red Prince so that you can complete his quest at the same time
      • The Red Prince has +1 Persuasion that guarantees Stingtail to return Oranges to the party
    • Take the oranges from Stingtail and transfer the Orange to Sabille and have Sabille to submit the quest
    • Expose the thief Stingtail and Griff will send Silence to kill him, have your main party be on focus and fight Silence
      • Do let Silence attack Stingtail first, doing so will give you a few hit advantage before engaging in fight
    • Kill Silence and you will get 1000exp, save your game if you want to be safe!
      • Let Sabille initiate the "Permission" dialogue for Stingtail, BUT DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OPTIONS!
      • At the same time, use your other character to speak to Stingtail and he will award you 600exp for saving his life
      • Method A
        • When Stingtail is facing the other way, go pickpocket him for his items. If you get caught, the glitch will trigger and Sabille will "kill" Stingtail but Stingtail is still alive
      • Method B
        • If your pickpocketing doesn't trigger him to detect you, attack him once, then switch to Sabille and finish the conversation. Stingtail will still be alive.
    • If you want to kill Stingtail, you will get more exp. But you can choose to keep him alive for the fun of it. You will not return to Fort Joy anyway.

    • Anonymous

      03 Dec 2019 06:42  

      "Force attack Griff's mercenary to save him and get 1000XP, further 600XP and additional "orange" when you speak to thief afterwards. " Yeah, no. Stingtail just gave me some gold, not another orange, meaning I still need to go kill Griff to get that...whatever herb thing to advance the Red Prince's quest.

      • Anonymous

        05 Nov 2019 09:07  

        best outcome 1) talk to Griff about freeing Amyro 2) go to south beach and keep sleeping Stingtail alive (keep Sebille away) 3) persuade Stingtail to give you "unusually large orange" or steal it 4) turn quest into Griff and tell him Stingtail did it 5) hurry over to Stingtail as Griff sent an assassin to kill Stingtail (time sensitive) 6) protect Stingtail by helping him kill the assassin in combat (get xp for killing assassin and for helping Stingtail) 7) go flirt with Butter who is one of Griff's thugs, then she will become your ally and future interest 7) then go kill Griff when you are ready, Griff and his thugs give great xp, and Griff drops expensive drudane and also the quest item "Unusually Large Orange" that Griff drops can be used an upgrade to the "backpack" item because it weighs 0.9kg less than a backpack

        • Anonymous

          28 Jun 2019 01:44  

          My main character is Sebille and i didn't have to kill Stingtal you just need to choose torture with the needle then pass a check if you do so he lives and you can keep him alive with him having unique dialogue with Sebille everytime you go back to him.

          • Anonymous

            05 May 2019 09:54  

            If your main character is The Red Prince: Use the finesse option on any character to retrieve the drudanae from Stingtail. Have TRP initiate conversation with Stingtail until right before you hand the drudanae over to him. Swap to a second character and hand over the "supplies" to Griff. Swap back to TRP and finish the conversation before exiting the immediate area. On the second character, rat out Stingtail and finish the dialogue. Congrats you completed both quests without having to resort to stealing/buying more drudanae from Griff and can now proceed to earn 1600 more XP from killing Silence and talking to Stingtail for his thanks before killing him for even more XP.

            • Anonymous

              29 Mar 2018 10:22  

              So. i learned that Stingtail were the thief. i went back to grief after i failed to persuade stingtail to see if i had an option to tell Griff about the thief. But 0 new options. Then i went back to Stingtail and killed him and got the stolen goods and returned back to Griff again, still 0 new options. Then i talked to a rat telling me about Stingtail smelling like oranges...

              I am Tempted to murder griff now, jsut to get that Elf out and complete my quest...

              • Anonymous

                06 Dec 2017 18:58  

                After i talk with Grief and tell him about Stingteail, i rush to stingtel and a person with the name "Silentia (German)" attack him. I cross the battle and help Stingtail. After the batte he thank me and i have got 800exp and stuff from him. Have i saved his life forever? Can not decide it was a good way or if griff send another person to kill him?

                • Anonymous

                  26 Nov 2017 21:23  

                  Give Griff an orange but don't tell about stingtel , you will got a ***Hero*** tag but you must fight all of them

                  • Anonymous

                    12 Nov 2017 14:53  

                    If you're playing as Sebille you have the option of letting Stingtail live (thus keeping the Pyro skill book merchant around).

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Oct 2017 02:02  

                      In my case, I'm not talking yo stingtail to finish this quest.
                      After I got glove of teleportation, I use it on amyro.
                      Just like that and quest is finished

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Oct 2017 15:27  

                        The trading is button up on the left side of the character usually.

                        You can finish this quest by having Sebille talk with Griff and she'll sort it out as well thusly saving Amyro with what that entails.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Oct 2017 21:41  

                          Little confused as to how people are opening up trade with this NPC, I saved him from Silence after revealing him to Griff, but all I get in dialogue afterwards is thankyou for saving me, he did give me a prize but no trading options.. Odd.

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Oct 2017 00:41  

                            Either persuade Stingtail to give you the orange, or pickpocket the orange. Then take it to Griff, tell Griff who the thief was then run back down to the beach, if you are quick enough you will be able to force attack the assassin. Stingtail will help you kill her.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Oct 2017 00:46  

                              I kept Stingtail alive simply by denying Sebille permission to talk to him. I lost 10 attitude with her though.

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Oct 2017 06:12  

                                So, I messed up this quest. Fane is my main and we killed stingtail with sible then I got my collar off then I was imprisoned I went to try to get the orange and fane had it so they took every thing so I had to kill griff then butter found out I was a murder even tho there would have been a romance with her and the red prince so I had to kill her....fml lol fane is still in jail with all of his stuff gone....

                                • Anonymous

                                  24 Sep 2017 19:46  

                                  I freed amyro after giving griff the dope, but told him I’d meet up with him later. Now I can’t find him. Where does he go? Notes say ‘the caverns” but can’t find it. Didn’t see him stuck regarding the uncollared glitch.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    17 Sep 2017 19:19  

                                    This does not mention what to do if your persuade fails. Do you just kill him? If so, then why not let Sebelle do it?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      16 Sep 2017 13:48  

                                      Amyro can be bugged, if your character wears no collar. When walking back to Saheira after the quest, it's possible for him to be stuck between walking there and remaining near his cage when he comments on the fact that you have no collar on.

                                      Had to reload and keep the non-collared character away to finish the quest

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Best of Both27 Sep 2016 20:18  

                                        Split your party after getting oranges, sending single person back to Griff. Reluctantly give up thief, then switch back to party beside thief. Force attack Griff's mercenary to save him and get 1000XP, further 600XP and additional "orange" when you speak to thief afterwards. [:)]

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