The Injured Magister

Quest Giver
Location The Hollow Marshes
Suggested Level 5+
Next Quest --
Previous Quest  

The Injured Magister is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. It is a single-action quest that can grant some XP and a bit of background on Dallis' plans.



Important NPCs

  • Blinded Magister
  • Bear Cub



The Injured Magister Objectives

  1. Decide how you wish to interact with the blind magister in the swamp



The Injured Magister Walkthrough

At X:530, Y:210, you will find a blinded magister guarding an overturned cart and two crates, surrounded by corpses. If you speak to him, he will explain that his convoy was ambushed by undead who had laid a trap in the swamp. You can kill him for XP, leave him be, or convince him to seek medical help.

By passing 1-2 persuasion checks, you can convince him that the cargo is safe with you and he should seek medical help within Fort Joy. He will leave you and walk towards the drawbridge then despawn, presumed safe.



Tips & Tricks

  • If you pickpocket him or search his corpse after killing him, you can find a letter he has kept. Reading it reveals it to be from his mother and younger sister, telling him that they are proud of him and can't wait for him to come home again.
  • The corpse of a bear is among those around the cart. Nearby you can find a bear cub. Speaking to it reveals it's searching for its mother. You can leave, say you haven't seen its mother, or point it towards the bear's corpse.

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