The Key to Freedom

Almira, breaking the Covenant
Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level n/a
Next Quest n/a
Previous Quest Almira's Request

The Key to Freedom is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The Swornbreaker is a powerful weapon, but is valuable to those who seek to be free from the grasp of the God-King... Will you use it or gift it?


Important NPCs


The Key to Freedom Objectives

  1. Find the Haft and the Blade of the Swornbreaker.
  2. Craft the Swornbreaker.
  3. Give it to Almira.


The Key to Freedom Walkthrough

There are three parts necessary to forge the Swornbreaker. The schematic can be learned from Ryker at Stonegarden, Almira at Paradise Downs (she moves to your ship if you help her with her quest), or from simply using the tablet itself. Note that you do not have to learn the recipe in order to craft it; simply combine all 3 pieces and it will craft the weapon just fine.

The Haft can be found in the Sallow Man's war room, in an Ornate chest:

The blade can be found at the hidden Arena, past the portal which is found behind the locked door in the Teacher's hall of the Academy:

The picture above shows the portal to the hidden Arena, which is located behind the locked door in the Teacher's hall in the Academy.

Now, with all 3 pieces in hand, simply craft the Swornbreaker by combining the Shaft, the Blade, and the Tablet, as shown in the picture below:

The Swornbreaker is crafted based on the level of the crafter, so if your crafter is level 25, the Swornbreaker will be level 25. If your crafter is level 19, the Swornbreaker will be level 19.

 Swornbreaker Stats

With the Swornbreaker in hand, you can choose to keep it, but you have to give it to Almira to complete the quest. Speak to Almira, give it to her, and you will be rewarded with 41,850XP along with a choice of Divine-quality loot. You can get another Swornbreaker later on in Arx, so it's not a huge issue, unless you would like 2 characters to wield Swornbreakers.

Either way, upon giving it to Almira, she will promise to help you in the final fight, and the quest will be completed at this point.




  • 41,850XP and a choice of Divine-quality loot upon quest completion.


  • You can reuse the same Swornbreaker to free both Windego and Almira. First give the Swornbreaker to Windego. After she uses it, loot the broken Swornbreaker from her corpse and take it to Almira. She will happily accept it and the quest is completed (it may require that you first try to repair it at a trader - which will fail - and then take it to Almira).
  • After handing the completed Swornbreaker to Almira as part of the quest, but before finishing dialogue with her, the weapon can be purchased or pickpocketed from her inventory to reacquire it. Once you end the conversation (at which point you're awarded the choice of loot) the window to reacquire the weapon from her is closed.

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    • Anonymous

      17 Apr 2021 15:03  

      You do not have to fight the enemies in the arena, just steal the main guardians core thingy with a thief character

      • Anonymous

        21 Sep 2020 00:29  

        Sorry, I'm in Arx. I didn't give the tablet to Almira, and I craft the swornbreaker. Now, the quest tell me that I should give her the tablet, but I have only swornbreaker! If I try to speak with her, there aren't useful dialog options. Someone can help me?

        • Anonymous

          13 Sep 2020 19:14  

          You can buy back the swornbreaker from Almira while you're in the middle of talking/giving Almira the swornbreaker.

          To repair it, sell it to Fletcher Corbin Day (not sure if other traders like Tarquin or Almira herself might work, maybe as long as they're part of the ship) before moving onto act 4 (Arx), it will be repaired and available for purchase although a little pricey 30-40k.

          That selling trick also works for any piece of weapon/armor that you want to scale to level 18 when going to Arx.

          • Anonymous

            29 Aug 2020 17:11  

            (Playing DE with no mods except 4 relics of Rivellon)
            I swore to the God-King, then crafted Swornbreaker, but when equipping instead of my 2h haxe the dmg fell heavily. It appears that the weapon has no requirement except being sworn, and so doesn't benefit from your Strength - or any stat - when computing damage... Is this only happening to me ? If not, is this a recent change, as this is mentioned nowhere in the wiki - actually the only visible stats shown here specify the contrary...

            Just so you know, I tried various ways to modify Swornbreaker's stats, namely crafting it before/after swearing to the God-king, shenanigans with Almira with/without breaking the oath, and combinations of these. Everytime I ended up with a non-strength-requirement Swornbreaker dealing less damage than a rare lvl 14 2h axe....

            • Anonymous

              23 Jun 2020 03:26  

              talk to almira while having the swornbreaker in your inventory, pass the swornbreaker to another character's inventory, drop the swornbreaker (not sure if needed), go back to the character that is talking with almira and click the option to give swornbreaker to her, item dup

              • Anonymous

                01 Sep 2019 04:21  

                Even in the newest patch, there is a way to keep a MAX durability Swornbreaker(Sword) while releasing yourself from God-King and also completing Almira's quest. 1. Get the Swornbreaker and equip it on the Sworn character. 2. Talk to almira with a separate character, and get the dialogue to the "give Swornbreaker" option. 3. Use SwornBreaker(skill) on the Sworn charcter and quickly also do the "give Swornbreaker" option. This will break your oath and also give a full durability Swornbreker(Sword) to Almira. 4. When at the "I will stand alongside of you" dialogue, buyback the Swornbreaker you gave, it should have full durabilty. 5. Continue dialogue and Almira will be released from her promise as well.

                • 16 May 2019 05:31  

                  You can just initiate the conversation with her, throw swornbreaker on the ground, then hit "give it to her" and the quest closes out. Then pick up your free swornbreaker from the ground.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Dec 2018 04:19  

                    To complete the Swornbreaker quests properly you need three of them one for Almira one for Sadha and one for Windego there are only two of them in the game if you want a third the only way is to get it while talking to Almira,i just couldn't get the option of sending it to storage to work but selling it to Almira while in dialogue and buying it back worked the end of the day though the weapon was so powerful o`m not sure giving all three out was wise

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Dec 2018 18:21  

                      There's a way to get the Swornbreaker back from Almira without downgrading its level (i.e., buying back): 1. Press [F1] to select your main character, or whatever your keybinding is, then talk to Almira but don't select any of the dialogue options yet. 2. Press [F2] to select another character then go to inventory, right click the Swornbreaker, and store it on Lady Vengeance. 3. Press [F1] again and give her the Swornbreaker, completing the quest. 4. Open to the storage chest on the Lady Vengeance, and enjoy your hard-earned Swornbreaker!

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Jul 2018 01:37  

                        Divinity's wiki is honestly one of the worst I've seen. Almira has a quest that ends with you giving her the tablet, she doesn't give you any new quest to gather the rest of the parts, nor did she actually go to the ship, at least not for me. Now I am wondering wether or not I can actualy do this quest when/if I get it seeing as I don't have tablet anymore.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Apr 2018 22:58  

                          If you give her the swornbreaker, you can immediately buy it back during this dialogue. It disappears if you leave the conversation (she consumes it). This completes her quest but also gives you the swornbreaker for uses elsewhere.

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Mar 2018 16:53  

                            If you saved Almira and gave her the tablet you simply need the two pieces.

                            Going back to her on lady vengance in act 3 with both pieces will give you an option for you to take back the tablet and craft the weapon yourself or hand her the pieces and complete the quest.

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Feb 2018 08:41  

                              Now the Swornbreaker need the character to have Sworn Tag in order to equip it.
                              Should be updated in the recent patch

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Nov 2017 20:24  

                                Too bad Almira's quest bugged for me in Act 2 and she doesn't appear in Act 3 for me -_- because the game thinks I didn't help her even though I did.

                                • 14 Oct 2017 17:18  

                                  If you wish to complete the quest AND keep the swornbreaker, simply buy it off of her right after handing it in to Almira (don't leave the dialogue window!). It's pretty expensive though.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    10 Oct 2017 20:55  

                                    I save 3 piece for lv 20 crafting and later on in Arx Almira is nowhere to be found, when leaving hall of echo she still on Lady Vengeance and then disappear.I have the second SB lv13 which is found in Arx but i can't complete this quest.HELP(if you want to keep the SB or the schematic just before turn in dialog use another character and throw the SB or schematic out of inventory and pick it up later.I think it a bug)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      09 Oct 2017 10:55  

                                      Is it just me or am I missing a key for the ornate chest? I already killed Sallow and Windego, but I can't get the Haft. Anyone else have the same problem?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        07 Oct 2017 05:55  

                                        Wtf happened? I got schemtic, two parts, but I have already gave my tablet to Almira before, how t h can I put them together again?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          30 Sep 2017 15:12  

                                          If you hold up on giving The Swornbreaker to Almira till after the isle and before Arx you will get to keep it so long as you have it equipped on a character that is not the main character (needs more testing)

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