The Last Forest Tiger

The Last Forest Tiger is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


The Last Forest Tiger - Information



  • The Last Forest Tiger can be found in The Temple of Tir-Cendelius on the Nameless Isle.



Notes and Tips

  • When talked to with Pet Pal, regardless of who you talk to her with, she will be talked to by the God-King. The persuasion event to make her not listen is impossible (66 intelligence + 6 persuasion failed; flagged as impossible in the system)

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    • Anonymous

      06 May 2021 02:00  

      This game tells you that sometimes you just can't change everything." isn't it a joke? that you tell a lone tiger, that suffered much and lost everything, that it don't pray her last hopes so you can save his kind when you reached divinity?"
      you will get the answer. sweet tongue will not fix everything.
      i think this tiger only tell you about the deathfog history and a He-man joke. and well.... that's just my opinion.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jun 2020 14:54  

        I just teleported her down onto the lower platform and ran everyone away until I left combat. When I escaped she popped back up to his original position, and that left her alive.

        • Anonymous

          10 May 2020 11:20  

          I think the only point may be to use the corpse harvester to get the tiger claw since you have to kill her if you interact

          • Anonymous

            11 Apr 2020 23:19  

            Aaaand one more of the*****ty "omg, isn't the world cruel and dark?" NPCs. I usually love Larian games, but D:OS2 is so full of*****

            • Anonymous

              02 Dec 2018 10:36  

              Understandable why it is impossible to succeed the persuation check, she lost everything with the deathfog, no amounts of words or charismatic choice of sentences would be able to change her desperate state of mind

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