The Law of the Order

Magister Julian
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 10-14
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The Law of the Order is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Important NPCs



The Law of the Order Objectives

  1. Investigate the Dwarf Lohar's involvement in Driftwood
  2. Find evidence
  3. Report it to the magisters



The Law of the Order Walkthrough

This quest is acquired by speaking with Magister Reimond in Driftwood. Speak with Magister Julian to get more specific instructions immediately after speaking to Reimond. Lohar, the local gang boss can provide some useful information, provided you be careful. He can be found at Undertavern. In Driftwood Fishery, you can learn that Void-Tainted Fish are bought by someone in Arx by speaking with Brayton Barnes.

If you deliver Mordus' note to Lohar in Shadow over Driftwood quest, you will learn that Lohar's men have stolen some Magisters' cargo. In the depth of Wrecker's Cave, you can find some letters and a ship manifest, mentioning a Deathfog delivery device was stolen. After you defeat Mordus, head north to the cave exit. Near the exit, on the east side, you will pass an open room with a letter from the Dwarf Queen. Pick it up and read it so the quest updates.

You then have to decide how to complete the quest.

  • If you give the letter to Lohar, the quest is closed, with some modest rewards, and no additional experience. This is the safest path to take and doesn't hurt relationships with anyone. However, it has the least story and offers the smallest material reward.
  • If you give it to Magister Julian, he will give you a key to a chest in the barracks with some nice content. He will then ask you to kill Lohar and bring his head (sub-quest No Small Mercies). Killing Lohar grants 5000 EXP, and his corpse has good loot in addition to the head. Bringing the head to Magister Julian yields an additional 9000 EXP and some nice (Epic) items, and closes the quest.

Warning: This path makes enemies out of everyone in the Undertavern, which means you will lose access to a few merchants.

  • As a third option, you can talk to Lohar first, but refuse to give him the letter. He will attack you. After killing him (and any henchmen that notice the fight) you can then give Magister Julian the letter and the head to close the quest and collect all of your rewards. This avoids the problem above. 

Caution: If you eat Lohar's head before giving Magister Julian the letter, it will not stop the quest from closing, and you still get the chest key, but Magister Julian will be displeased with you and you will not get the extra EXP and additional items.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you use the third option, you will receive 35k exp in total if you also kill Magister Reimond.
  • Note that having Beast as a (recruited) party member, when threatening to cut off Lohar's head, Beast threatens to leave the party unless you spare him.

If you go to the Driftwood Fishery, there is a hidden hatch leading to a cellar, located where the dog is. The cellar is booby-trapped, and has decent loot. At the end of the cellar (which is the other side of the door), there is a Marked Barrel with Soulforged weapons for you to loot. Opening the crate will reveal that the dwarves have been transporting contraband. You can teleport the key to you to skip the traps. There is also a locked chest containing a Voidwoken Fish Exchange scroll.

Looting the weapons will spawn many Voidlings, so be sure to have your entire party with you. Luckily, the Voidlings are extremely weak to fire, and there are plenty of barrels around, so feel free to ignite the entire area for an easy AoE wipe. The Voidlings all drop really nice loot, making the fight totally worth it.

Bug: If you killed Mordus and obtained his amulet, you will be unable to give the note to Lohar as the Shadow over Driftwood quest will take precedence and prevent you from seeing the option to give Lohar the note. If you tell Lohar to deal with the Deathfog himself, he will leave, making this quest impossible to complete except by handing the note over to Magister Julian, who will only tell you to find and kill Lohar. Instead of telling Lohar to deal with the issue himself, you must offer to go to Arx and correct the issue for him, or else he will depart after you give him Mordus's amulet and you will be unable to give him the note. *This seems to have been fixed in the Definitive edition (you just have to talk to him again after giving the amulet and the dialogue option about the note will appear). However, Option 3 above no longer works and all the characters in the Undertavern will turn hostile on you.

Bug 2: There have been many reports that it is easy to lose the note because it is not designated as a quest item (and therefore not immune to alteration), so be sure to complete this quest as soon as possible in order to avoid that situation.

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    • Anonymous

      22 Jun 2021 07:41  

      DE - refusing to give Lohar the letter turns the entire underground hostile, including Murge (who seems to have revived...), so third option doesn't work

      • Anonymous

        21 Apr 2021 01:25  

        The third option is still available; once all those hostile in the immediate vicinity are killed, the rest of the tavern returns to non-hostility, UNLESS you engage someone outside of Lohar's party.

        • Anonymous

          12 Jan 2021 00:18  

          There is so much confusing, outdated and wrong info here its making my head hurt. So, here is a summary for both "Law of the Order" and "Shadows over Driftwood" on DE(!)
          1. Make sure you have "Letter from the Dwarven Queen" and "Letter to Mordus"
          2. Go to Lohar, and hand in the "Letter to Mordus" (2000XP)
          3. Confirm you have killed Mordus and hand over Mordus' amulet (2800XP)
          4. Exhaust all dialog options about Deathfog and Source teachers. DO NOT give him the Letter from the Dwarven Queen
          5. Head over to Magister Julian but leave one of your characters in the room with Lohar to prevent the guards to wander of. Hand over the Letter from the Dwarven Queen to Julian. He will ask for Lohar's head.
          6. Go back to Lohar. If you have Beast in your group unchain him and leave him somewhere out of sight.
          7. Lohar will automatically give you a dialog option to start a fight with him "I know you betrayed me yaddah yaddah...)
          8. Kill Lohar and his guards. (8000XP from 3 guards and 1 prisoner; 5000XP for finishing Lohar) Make sure that no aggressive action happens outside the room (i.e. do not range attack the guard at the door). The rest of Undertavern will turn hostile but will not engage as long as all the action happens inside Lohar's room. (Note: There is a comment somewhere that states that killing Lohar yields 5000 + 6000 XP but I have never been able to replicate the additional 6000XP)
          9. Get Lohar's head. And don't forget there is a safe behind the painting with more loot.
          10. If you have not done so already, make sure you have the quest "Fishy Business" and have found the source weapons in the basement of the fishery.
          11. Back to Julian. Do not mention the smuggled source weapons and just hand in Lohar's head (12000XP). If you haven't found the source weapons yet or mentioned the source weapons to Julian you will only get 9000XP at this point.

          • Anonymous

            28 Dec 2020 01:04  

            You can also kill Lohar with trap skills without talking to him. This way the Undertavern NPCs won't turn hostile.

            • 29 Nov 2020 17:40  

              There is a way to avoid first bug by initiating conversations with Lohar and Julian (preferably by Beast) at the same time - it prevents Lohar from being hostile and taking the letter.
              Just speak to him one more time after you get the quest from Julian, kill him, speak to Julian (Beast again, he is already there), get all rewards and XP.

              Quick and clean.

              All in Undertavern turn hostile, but they're OK after you kill Lohar and his henchmen.

              • Anonymous

                18 Nov 2020 03:19  

                also if you have beast in your party and you are confident enough to take on 4 vs 3 you can put beast outside of the cave and you wont get dialogue for him to leave you can just kill lohar and add him back in your party

                • Anonymous

                  07 Nov 2020 02:14  

                  You can exhaust all options with the Queen's Letter by first giving Mordus' amulet to Lohar (don't choose the option to show him the letter) and receive your reward. At this point, have your teammates talk to the two guards by Marla so they won't leave the area if you want to fight them along with Lohar for the extra experience. Then give the Queen's letter to Magister Julian and buy it back from him. Head back to Lohar and give him the letter for a reward. Then choose the option to fight and you can bring back his head to Magister Julian (unless you have Beast in your party).

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Aug 2020 05:13  

                    I have Lohar’s head in my inventory, and the quest log still says to give the head to Magister Julian, but the only speech option I get is to ask him to remind me of my mission. Does anyone know how to give him the head??

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Aug 2020 04:13  

                      Cleared the whole cave with Mordor in it(my party never got separated into 4)1st. Used the back way hole to fight him instead of the front. Went to Underground, pickpocketed who I could(only 1 character with theivery) Blocked Lohars room door with the two crates below 1st henchman while I had party in room. Everyone turned red but the other people didn't attack or use a turn(1st time I tryed they did,was a b@$#h!) Got the level 9 reward(I was 12)for Mordus kill from Lohar. Then I wouldn't give him letter, kicked a$$(turn to chicken works great) Went to Magistrate with his head after. Killed Magistrate cause there a cancer. Quest done...

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Jul 2020 00:00  

                        this entire area of the game just got awful. the first island was great but i'm finding myself completely frustrated at this second island especially this quest and i'm thiiiiiiiiiiis close to deleting it and turning it in for something else

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Jun 2020 19:02  

                          PC Definitive Edition, did some testing, best sequence of actions for "The Law of the Order" and "Shadow Over Driftwood" that i found is as following: (1) Start both quests ("The Law of the Order" and "Shadow Over Driftwood") - Go to Mordus safehouse, acquire "Letter to Mordus" from cellar/underground cave. Keep this letter on you for now, dont talk to Lohar or Julian for now. (2) After fully exploring Driftwood, doing all quests that i could do locally like Missing Magisters, Hide & Seek, cleared the way from Driftwood till Wreckers cave, all this got me to level 11 (or close to it?) (3) Went to Wreckers Cave, killed everything there on the right side portion of the cave, where you get separated (after this you should be lvl 11 for sure). (4) Proceeded to left portion of the cave where you encounter Mordus right away, dealt with him (make sure to kill all adds first or you miss out on XP if you kill Mordus first) (5) Acquire "Letter from Dwarven Queen" in the room ahead (Don't miss on the closed hatch in this room, it leads to a cave thats gonna trigger a fight with a shark + 4 crabs that each give good XP aswell, kill the crabs first. Step on the traps in the water to trigger this fight, i'm not sure how i proc'ed the ecounter myself, just walk around in the water after you looted the dead body.) (6) Now we should have both "Letter to Mordus" and "Letter from Dwarven Queen" in inventory. (7) Before you talk to Lohar, drop "Letter to Mordus" on the ground. (8) Talk to him and choose the option that sayd "You've bested Mordus", DO NOT choose the option that gives gives him the "Letter from Dwarven Queen" (you can exhaust his dialogue about the deathfog shipment, how you have to go after it in Arx, and you can also ask him about whereabouts of source teachers, just don't mention Queens letter) (9) "Shadow Over Driftwood" should complete and you get to choose your reward, plus he gives you Lohars unique hammer, great 2 hand weapon (this weapon scales with your level, if you want to delay all this part till you're level 16/17 right before you're leaving act 2, it also works) (10) Now before you go talk to Julian, split your party and keep at least 1 guy in Lohar's room, if you don't do this, next time you go back to that room his prisoner and 2 other of his thugs will have left the room, so you'll get less XP from the fight (~6000 less, the prisoner also gives XP), so keep at least 1 of your guys there and this won't happen (11) Take "Letter to Mordus" from the ground and, with your party split, send someone to talk to Julian, he'll take both Queen and Mordus letters and ask you to kill Lohar (12) Regroup in Lohars room, talk to Lohar and choose the dialogue option that aggros him (that you're there to kill him or something) (before you talk to him spread your guys on each corner of the room, makes fight much easier), kill him and his guys, keep the fight inside the room (do not use any fear effects or polymorph chicken, those will cause enemies to run out of the room and alert the whole Undertavern. When you finish Lohar you should also see bonus XP pop up (5000 XP for killing him and 6000 XP for quest bonus i think) (13) Loot everything, take his head to Julian and get epic items reward + 12000 XP Total XP = 33.800 (14) All in all you get both choosable epic item rewards from both quests, the unique hammer, Mordus amulet looted back from Lohars corpse and the 12k XP from Julian. Delivering Letter to Mordus to Lohar only rewards 2000 XP, and after doing that, bringing his head to Julian won't net you any XP. So you lose 10k XP doing that.

                          • Anonymous

                            26 May 2020 15:48  

                            Playing DE on PC. Can no longer aggro Lohar AT ALL without entirety of Undertavern turning hostile. Imagine trusting this page before saving. smh.

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Apr 2020 10:38  

                              I killed Mordus before turning in the Shadow Over Driftwood note, and was still able to turn both in to Lohar, as well as the Wrecked Caravan quest (got 6000 xp for the last one). This is in the Definitive Edition.

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Mar 2020 17:40  

                                In DE ( You can have Beast in team and kill Lohar. 1. Kill Mordus and take the amulet. 2. Talk to Lohar and give him the amulet. Tell the detail story and the deathfog stuff. You will get EXP and Lohar's hammer. 3. Terminate the talk and talk to him again. This time you show the queen's letter but do not give it to him. 4. You will enter the fight but Beast is still in your side. Everyone outside the room become hostile but it doesn't matter. 5. Try to keep the fight within the room. The people outside become friendly again after you finish the battle. 6. Beast won't complain anything about killing Lohar. 7. Give Julian the letter and Lohar's head. He will give you the key and huge EXP (12000).

                                • Anonymous

                                  01 Mar 2020 00:51  

                                  I killed mordus and took the amulet, then went to lohar and he gave me the axe and the update for the dwarf queen quest, then I spoke to Julian gave him the letter and he told me to bring him lohar's head, but that didn't updated any quest. I killed him but there was no head in the loot and now when I talk to Julian he says is satisfied with the letter. Did I bugged something? I know bout the thing with the amulet but when the guy asked me his head I thought I was goin to make it

                                  • Anonymous

                                    04 Jan 2020 22:14  

                                    I...ate his head after killing him. Went to report it to the magister, he said "no evidence, no reward", and called me a filthy barbaric elf. no reward but priceless reaction haha

                                    • Anonymous

                                      11 Dec 2019 20:55  

                                      I did the quest today, I think I got 3k XP for killing Lohar. Not 18k like ppl wrote here in previous comments. I guess they changed it in the DE.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        02 Dec 2019 01:19  

                                        If you want to get the amulett back after you finished the quest, simply use Telekinesis out of sneak on a chest and throw it on marla to kill her and run away. When you return you should be able to pickpocket Lothar without getting caught.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          05 Nov 2019 21:18  

                                          In addition of my post just now 05-11-19 21:12, answer all Julians questions with that you're not sure Lohar's quilty, he will have made up his mind, but you will be kept out of the loop to deliver his (Lohar's) head to Julian.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            05 Nov 2019 21:12  

                                            If you do it in the correct order you can get all the rewards.... 1. Hand the letter to Julian, get reward, get quest to investigate, complete, return to Julian 2A. Have your best thief/pickpocketer/sneaker stand behind Julian (for me my main char, Fane), and make sure he's loose from the group. 2B. Give the void-weapons to Julian, do NOT end conversation (with another character offcourse) 2C. Teleport the heck out of there with your thief after pickpocketing him blind, taking all the spoils (incl. the letter of the queen). 2D. Julian will notice he got robbed, allow the search (again, make sure your thief is seperated!), and he will grumble something about the town, yet giving you the rewards. 3. Return to Lohar, give the letter to him, and you will get +20 approval, and a pop-up with some*****ty gear. Most importantly, you will have completed all the trust from all parties, and closed "the law of the order" with all parties friendly, and all objectives achieved. (quadruple-counter-double-agent-style ;)) Worked for me on Tactician Mode (Regular) at lvl13.

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