The Merchant

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood
Suggested Level 9
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The Merchant is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Baran Levere (A lone wolf named Callo in disguise)
  • Spirit of Baran Levere



The Merchant Objectives

  1. Kill the imposter or consume the spirit of Baran Levere



The Merchant Walkthrough


  • After you learned the Spirit Vision, cast it inside the Tavern close to the two chests, and you can find the spirit of Baran Levere.
  • Kill the imposter of Baran Levere.
  • Report to the spirit.




Tips & Tricks

  • Ifan will instantly recognize Callo in conversation, subsequently revealing that you are a godwoken will cause him to attack.

    • Anonymous

      25 Jun 2019 00:15  

      Just a question: I ended up here searching if I should kill Baran for the loot. Then I read about using Spirits. How's the "normal" way to get this quest? Seems really random!

      • Anonymous

        12 Jan 2018 02:58  

        He mentions he is an traveler and is heading for arx.
        Will you be able to meet up with him later and are killing an potential merchant?

        • Anonymous

          12 Dec 2017 01:15  

          Killing the Baran:
          -EXP from killing (4000+4000+4000)
          -Loot: Guardsmen not anything
          Baran- Lone Wolf Mark (unique amulet), Baran’s Electrifying Dagger (unique dagger), Baran’s Burning Dagger (unique dagger), Fancy Key (likely to chest nearby), Mysterious Note, and a few good random leveled pieces of loot (part of the barter able stock).
          -Chests nearby contain random minimal loot, and the Baran’s Bartering Ring (+movement and Chicken Claw)
          -Reading Mysterious note updates “A Rare Prey”
          -Talk to Ghost, no exp, no rewards, just closes quest.

          Agreed to stop the Ghost:
          -Consumed spirit of ghost, no rewards, quest completed.

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