The Merchant

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood
Suggested Level 9
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The Merchant is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Baran Levere (A lone wolf named Callo in disguise)
  • Spirit of Baran Levere



The Merchant Objectives

  1. Kill the imposter or consume the spirit of Baran Levere



The Merchant Walkthrough


  • After you learned the Spirit Vision, cast it inside the Tavern close to the two chests, and you can find the spirit of Baran Levere.
  • Kill the imposter of Baran Levere.
  • Report to the spirit.




Tips & Tricks

  • Ifan will instantly recognize Callo in conversation, subsequently revealing that you are a godwoken will cause him to attack.

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    • Anonymous

      10 Sep 2020 13:03  

      I only discovered this quest at nearly the end of the chapter when I had done most of the stuff and I would wholeheartedly recommend leaving this quest as one of the last ones in this chapter since the merchant has varied gear for sale throughout the chapter.

      Your thievery is probably higher by that point also, which means you can steal more before killing him.

      • Anonymous

        20 Jul 2020 01:17  

        If you pickpocket the imposter of Baran Levere at the Tarvern in the start, there is a lot of items you can steal from him. There randomly generated unique items that you can get from him.

        • Anonymous

          28 Jun 2020 07:29  

          6/27/20: DE on PC. Talk to ghost. Talk to Baran. EXP: Kill Baran: 2k. Kill 2 guards: 4k. Talk to ghost: 1.4k. Total: 7.4k. Not sure where previous report of 12k is coming from.

          • Anonymous

            25 Jun 2019 00:15  

            Just a question: I ended up here searching if I should kill Baran for the loot. Then I read about using Spirits. How's the "normal" way to get this quest? Seems really random!

            • Anonymous

              12 Jan 2018 02:58  

              He mentions he is an traveler and is heading for arx.
              Will you be able to meet up with him later and are killing an potential merchant?

              • Anonymous

                12 Dec 2017 01:15  

                Killing the Baran:
                -EXP from killing (4000+4000+4000)
                -Loot: Guardsmen not anything
                Baran- Lone Wolf Mark (unique amulet), Baran’s Electrifying Dagger (unique dagger), Baran’s Burning Dagger (unique dagger), Fancy Key (likely to chest nearby), Mysterious Note, and a few good random leveled pieces of loot (part of the barter able stock).
                -Chests nearby contain random minimal loot, and the Baran’s Bartering Ring (+movement and Chicken Claw)
                -Reading Mysterious note updates “A Rare Prey”
                -Talk to Ghost, no exp, no rewards, just closes quest.

                Agreed to stop the Ghost:
                -Consumed spirit of ghost, no rewards, quest completed.

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